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Girl Two – a mini sequel

Well, yesterday was just filled with work. I was really busy at the office and therefore my threshold for crap or stupid matters was near zero. Who alone but S would chose to call today and bother me. Well I did send her the following text so I guess she wanted toa dd her two cents. Here is the Text
My Text to S:
You really  have some nerve. Why bother being nice to me at all when you knew you wanted to end our friendship so long ago. S, please don’t respond, just have a good life free from the stress of ME.
Text 2: (My bitching needed more space—LOL
If you expected me to fight for our friendship, well sorry but I don’t play those types of games and I thought neither did you.
I thought this was effective enough. She has been moaning about how she can never read me and I guess that she has reached her limit. (PLEASE know this, that I was not romantically involved with tihs person).
Anyway, a few calls from her work phone and a few attempts on her cell were all met by me avoiding or just plainly rejecting the call. In the end she left a message telling me that if based upon the text above she realises that I have the reason all wrong for why she wants to end the friendship and that we are not connecting and that if I really want to know the reason, I should call her.  CONNECTING???? Hello Sprint??? Can You Hear Me Now??? Good!!
(YEAH RIGHT my stubborn ass will rather lie in a pit of ants then hear her stupid reason).
So I sent this text:
What email?? I listed no reasons nor do i care to to know yours. Don’t know what you want and at this point, i don’t care. I am stressing you out by not connecting with you? Goodbye. Forget My Number.
As you can see from the above message, I no longer have a centre of peace nor an equilibrium,
Well another call was made and this time she says that i sounded violent in that email and therefore she is glad that she is ending it. She did however volunteer to still enlighten but then bMobile cut off the rest of the message. 8snicker*snicker* (At least bMobile was good for something..LOL)
So I sent this final text to her:
Please stop calling. I guess my violent self will just have to live with not knowing. How will I ever survive?
I found that text rather appropriate and not too sarcastic as in my mind somebody is assuming a WHOLE heap of importance in my life.  LOL Me violent???  Women can be sooo overdramatic when it suits them. 
I must admit. This discourse with S had me disturbed as I didn’t picture her for this type of woman. I always  saw her as being grounded. I really thought that her experiences in Jamaica has made her a realist but I guess we see in others who we want to see and never the real person or the spirit that inhabits them
She sent me this text in response to mine:
My first reaction was one of anger but then i realised that that is exactly what she was looking for. It was an effective text but sad in a way. It is strange how easily she can be confrontational to me but not at the office when it counts. Somehow people get a measure of a spine but never at the right time.
I never responded to the text nor do i plan to as the act of responding means that I am interested in some type of conversation.  Many theories are twirking around in my head on the matter but none seem to make sense exceptofr the fact that we had a really heated arguement after we saw the movie,RENT and i guess things were never the same (well for her).
In the words of Whitney Houston from the Album "My Love Is Your Love":
I decline to take the pain
I resign the masquerade
I Bow Out (I won’t be staying around baby)

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My Weird Weekend (or How Women Can Try To Ruin It)

I had a very good weekend. Not a GREAT Weekend but a rather good one.  It was the weekend of my birthday, yes my 33rd birthday was on Saturday 28th January. Whoa, i am really old now but still  loving every minute of my life.
I did alot of stuff this weekend that I really wanted to do, but then there came the women. Not all of them, just a few who felt that they must be the focus of attention instead of me. One weekend, one weekend and you think that they could be selfless for ONE Weekend…48 hours… steups. Mind you, I am not romantically involved with any of them and therefore this makes their decisions all the more puzzling to me. Let me give you examples of the women that made me want to go up into the mountains and never come down.
Girl Number One:
Another friend of mine (also a girl) planned a sort of surprise birthday dinner for me at Jenny’s On the Boulevard. I found the idea really cool and was eagerly anticiapting the meeting even though i was told to pretend that I knoew nothing about the event. (BTW, I detest surprises.).  Then two hours before the event takes place, Girl Number one calls (let’s call her G). G infomrs me that she will not be attending tonight and she hopes that I have a good time. Huh?? Wasn’t it suppose to be a surprise? Why is she doing this? Hmmmm.  SO i call the party planning friend to inform her of this conversation. Steups……She tells me that she will tell me the whole drama after my birthday and not before.  Needlesstosay, after five minutes of me prompting and prodding, she tells me that G apparently wanted to have a party for me but "Party Planning Girl" beat her to it. SO instead of being the mature and educated person that I know her to be, she decides to sabotage the night by calling me before it and by also encouraging some others not to attend. 
Amm Uhh Hmmmm. Wasn’t this night supposed to be about me? Couldn’t she bury the hachet for one evening? Why couldn’t they come together? Am I being too simplistic here? Did the night have to be about all that drama? Am I taking sides? I am also upset with the party planner but not as much and i appreciate the dinner as i had a really nice time.
Girl Number Two
Let’s call her S.  Steups Steups Steups……..She will be the death of me. S has a boyfriend and is allegedly happy in the relationship.( He is a really good guy. I met him and he is the sort of force that is good for her.) So when S tells me on sunday afternoon that she wants to end our almost 15 year friendship (and yes it was a friendhsip) because she can’t handle it anymore, I just go silent.  What can’t she handle? I don’t know if all of this was brought on because of a fight we had after seeing RENT last month or the fact that she couldn’t get hold of me this weekend, but it just reeks of "Pod People" type behaviour. WAIT!!! Could she have found religion? Or could it be that Dr. Phil, Oprah and whatever "psuedo-motivational I need the moneytype person" has boggled her mind to the extent where she is unable to function without a self-help book nearby?
We had agreed to meet up on Saturday morning after my tennis match.(Yes, i played tennis..well actually just knocked around a few balls with my friend Antonio. it was my first workout in months. This i will continue doing). Anyway, S told me that she would be in class so that I  was to text her when i arrived on the campus and she would give me my present. No problem. Plan seems flawless. She also said that I needed to hurry up as the cake might melt. Cake??? I didn’t ask her for a cake? I specifically told her what i wanted for my birthday and she bought me a cake? Sigh Sigh…At least she still thought highly of me to buy me something.
Right. I arrive on Campus to find that classes had been suspended due to some alarm short circuit. "Strange" Why didn’t S call me and tell me? She MUST be still on campus. So i call S. She is in town and has no reason for not calling me. Why didnt she call? What about the melting cake? Steups.. I tell S to drop the cake home at my mom’s later on because i will be at Bishop’s Fete having a good time. BTW Bishops Was REAL GOOD. FOOD galore and Eye Candy to give you instant diabetes.
So Sunday monring she calls to inquire as to why I am not home. I tell her that I slept over by another friend of mine (female but platonic). She becomes silent on the phone with me. She says that she will drop the cake at my mom’s today. WAIT!!!! Wasn’t she supposed to have done that yesterday? Jeez. Anyways she called again later that day and because i still wasn’t available or nearby she said that she wanted to end this friendship.
At 33, I don’t have time nor the patience nor the energy for any dramatic "Young and th Restless" type scenario. Alas, i needed to have a good exit plan. So I did an OC-type dramatic exit and remained silent for a few seconds, then uttered the word "Fine" in a very non-chalant but biting tone and then hung up the phone. It felt effective and I was proud of myself. (Sick isn’t it)
I will keep you updated as to how that turns out, but as far as i am concerned…if 15 years of friendship means nothing to her then why am i still caring.



Stacey I missed you on my birthday. Bring back the sanity my friend.

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Do I talk too much?

So I ask the age old question today. Do i talk too much?  These days I find myself asking it alot. I keep recallng situations in my mind and thoughts I have had within recent times that seem to question if there really is any way in which I can shut up. Why have I been thinking about this?
Well..hmmmm. In a bout of verbal diarrhea one evening chatting with two friends in San Juan, it suddenly dawned on me.  "Oh my goodness..they haven’t spoken in over an hour and yet they haven’t left the room as yet…you need to shut up now NOW….nah if they were bored they would say so. "
The strange thing is. They didn’t say a word. I apologised like a day later for being so verbose and they thought nothing of it. Have I become that monster that needs to hear his own voice and be the centre of attention? Hmm i am sure i haven’t done this before.. er er well. actually it happened on January 3rd at my friend Gerard’s home.
Let me just sum up this evening by saying that i made the entire conversation in the get together all about me and my lack of companionship. The oral dissertation went on for about two to three hours in different areas of the house but all eyes were focused on me yapping about bad relationships or lack thereof etc.  Everyone in the room was sort of glued or just plainly laughing away at the stories I told. 
Hmm my guess is that I like an audience. You know to be the centre of attention..the top dog..NAPOLEON…
Then the question pops up. If I am so verbose, why is it no one has told me about it to date? I doubt if all these people are scared of me (well they’d better be  if they think it..LOL) or if I am that funny. Am I? Am I that funny? I guess I am.
Anyway, this message is more about therapy for me than to let you into my dysfunctional environment.

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Friday’s Fumblings

TGIF TGIF That is what I was saying yesterday when i awoke…..and then the day began. Hmmp…An email demanding a long list of things that will take more than a day to  complete followed by other emails demanding other stuff from different sources littered the day.  Is this how work is supposed to be? Is this is all life is? I think and hope not.
I suffered through the day and tried to cheer myself up by buying two bootleg CDs (Sorry Corporate Music Giants) and not even that provided a lift.
Then came Citibank’s All-Inclusive Fete on that afternoon. It wasn’t the greatest fete ever but it just hit the spot which was to be a nice wind down. Surprisingly i knew alot of the performers at the event and even some of their songs (having been away from Trinidad for three years,one loses touch . I mean i come home and everyone knows some girl named Faye Ann Lyons and i am lost as to who she is. Then there is this red boy called Kees or Kes whatever it is….Since when soca have red people? Steups..things real change in this country) But i digress…hmm what what i talking about?
Yeah the fete was good. Nice music and enough food to sustain a boderline fat boy (LOL). 
In the food department,well on arriving i got three chits: one for Bake and Shark, another for Wings and another for Wantons. It took me half the night but i managed to negotiate away the wantons and bake and shark for two other wings chits (heh heh heh). If you are wondering why i traded the Bake and shark  chit…well let’s put it this way..anything my mother forced me to eat as i child, i no longer consume. Fish is the number one on that list next to Liver.  Anyways, food food food, then i discovered the free doubles vendor on the other side of the food stall. Hello best friend with slight pepper..sigh..sigh….what a perfect meal. Doubles Doubles Doubles..i ate my hand weight in it for anyone who wanted to know (and boy is my hand heavy).
The highlight of the night, besides the doubles, was Denise Belfon’s performance. This woman has a greatest hits collection in her waist alone. She can intimidate any man but she is definitely a great performer. She sang her hits, embarassed a few men along the way and did the impossible…made me fall for a plus size woman. No No no she isnt fat but like me , she needs to spend some quality time at the gym whether doing aerobics or just simple treadmills.  She is flexible beyond compare and as a man..i aint never going there.. i not ready to even touch that bottom.  Well she was really good and to top it all off, I saw some primo hotties that night and soem good old friends.
But alas, the night ended and here i am again.on a saturday thinking about work and the stuff that needs to be done..steups….I need to find a more fulfilling job or just take a chill pill.  Can’t decide right now
Anyway, that was my night in the most PG way possible.
Oh oh I may be starting tennis i am happy about that. 
My birthday is now one week away and i have no plans but only to enjoy it….I think that is a good plan.
Any comments?
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Week’s Worth of Ramblings???

Ok..Ok It has been a while since I have written anything here so here goes some of my thoughts over the past week.
Jan 11th 2006 – Jill Scott
I saw Jill Scott in concert and it was GREAT!!. She has an amazing voice and as a poet and song writer she is still sooo gifted. I wish I could write music like that. Too bad her session was only 90 minutes and she didn’t sing "GIMME" which is my favorite track from her.
I think I heard Rihanna’s album everyday that I was on the island. I honestly don’t need to hear ‘Pon de Replay’ ever ever again. LOL  By the way, the album is very good. I hope she releases more music from it.
Lionel Richie had a concert on Friday 13th Jan 2006 at US$100.00. I did not attend.  i have absolutely no desire so sit through a concert where someone could possibly sing "Dancing on the Ceiling".
Harbour Lights..Friday Night…Free Drinks…BDS$40.00……WHOA. I was dancing like a mad man  (only because I was a wee bit intoxicated). The music was ON, the lime was sweet and the drinks were flowing…..i couldn’t have asked for a better party that night. I heard music from Fall Out Boy to Rihanna (LOL) to Destra to 50 Cent. Great mix of music. The DJ was brilliant.  Did I mention the music was great?
Farley Hill – Sunday 15 – Boney James, Cuban Jazz All Stars. Cool Day. Nice breeze..good people. So so music wise.  I guess I needed to hear a vocal performance or two instead of pure instrumental. Otherwise very good day.
Monday 16th – Flight back to Trinidad
BW 901 Seat 20K
Well i acutally sat in Seat 20H as the person in my seat was a bit unkept beardwise and had a dreadlocks. I had aboslutely no desire to disrupt his flow or groove. He was shorter than I but I had a flashback to being 10 years old and picking on a short guy named Nwadiki Blanc and him throuncing me in front of the entire class.  History will not repeat itself today.
Also I am still waiting for the damn flight attendants to answer my call button so i could give them my request for water. They ignored it completely and never bothered to turn off my call button when they were checking seats before landing.  I can think of many a disparaging remark on flight attendants but I think we all know them. Steups.. glorified maids…..Ok there i said it.. they better know CPR and have life saving ‘ cause the lot of them seem a bit chunky to be good swimmers.  Hmmp!!!
Can’t believe I left my CD Case in Barbados….oh well guess that means another trip back, LOL
Tuesday 17th Jan – Back to Work.
I can’t beleive that nothing was done in my absence. It seems as if my follow-up list was just an email box filler. Now the demons want to rush me to have things done.. Hell no!!!! I am easing into matters. If they waited this long to do it, then it wasn’t that important in the first place.
They hired a Trainee while i was away. She is a bit stuck up but then again so  was i when i first got out of university. Hopefully she will calm down. Yeah right!!!!!!
Anyway, let me get back to work before Massa has a fit. LOL
Stay tuned…more thoughts on my mind. Hopefully I will write them down before the day’s end.
Random Thought
I really should think seriously about trying my hand at songwriting.
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Weekend in Recap

Ok ok, I am only writing this after I saw my best friend’s blog and thought..hmmmm.. What a great way to keep the demons in my head at bay. Let me just write them out.


So let me start with my brief recap of the Holiday Weekend


December 31, 2005

Just a day, just another ordinary day (I will pay the royalties later Ms Branch). I am presently house-sitting for a friend of my mom and it is going great. Jeez it is such a relief to have your own space, if only temporarily. 


Anyway, I got up pack up my dirty clothes and the cable box and headed to Arima so that I could get more clothes for the coming week. Nothing much happened in between that except I remembered that I had the wedding of Resha Yacub to attend so I ran in Trincity Mall and bought a blue suit for it.  Alas, I always seem to have buyer’s remorse after every purchase and now I find the suit a bit too blue so I never wore it.


Got home after that and threw the clothes into the laundry basket, only to realize that my mom won’t be doing the laundry that day as she has completed it already. Sigh…steups…going to have to do it myself.


I left my clothes in mid-cycle (hoping mom would take over. fat chance) and went to a car wash not too far away. I was being lazy and decided that it would be too much work to wash my car.  Alas, after I commissioned the guy to wash it, I see him load BREEZE detergent into a bucket to begin the car wash. I was 2 seconds away from objecting when I told myself to forget it. This will be the first and last time I actually got here to wash the car. While he washed it he was prattling on about my car and it being his first new car etc etc. I tuned out  mid-sentence thinking that I need to change the CDs on rotation in the car.


After this, I returned home , finished the washing and then visited my friend, Samantha in Arima. I had some wicked pastelles that her mom makes and we chatted for what seemed like hours about nothing.  Her new obsession is Law and Order CI. I don’t understand the obsession with this show. Vincent Donoffrio is a bit too creepy for my liking and I keep asking myself. "If this guy is so intelligent, why is not with the CIA or FBI?  Obviously he is a mental case and only the police would have him" On the other hand, I wish we had cops like him at home (jeez I watch way too much TV).


All in all I ended up not going to Resha’s wedding and I regret that now, but after leaving Sam’s , I decided that I needed to spend a quiet night in to ring in the New Year. I spend way too much time catering to everyone’s whim and fancy and I decided that despite all the offers and invites to church, parties and house gatherings that I would just stay in and relax.


I ended up being on the net for most of the night chatting with strangers on msn but I stopped that around 10pm and started watching movies. I put on the Brother’s Grimm (well the DVD that was in their case) only to discover that I was watching porn LOL… Butt man’s Brazil Party or something like that. After being disgusted (after watching it in fast forward for 30 minutes) I went in search of the actual DVD I wanted to view. Found it and settled in for the night. It was an OK movie. Lot of plot holes but still entertaining.


Midnight struck in between the movie and I texted a few ppl wishing them the best and anyone that called got the impression that I was still in church. (Sorry for lying). Went to bed after the movie and promised to be more open with others on what I want. (Whatever that means)



New Years Day – January 1st 2006

Nothing much but went to a Wedding with my friend Stacey and we left during the reception when we discovered that the food was being brought in white buckets..LOL..


I think a man tried to hit on me at that wedding. He said he knew me along time ago and that he taught me in Sunday School. Ok whatever can’t remember back that far. The weird thing was that he would only come over and ask me stuff when Stacey wasn’t around. Hmmmm suspicious. As soon as Stacey would appear he would dart off as if we were having some illicit conversation…. People are just too weird.


We darted off and I visited my friend Ian Chinapoo in Maraval. Jeez it has been 3 years since I saw him last and he hasn’t changed except for the fact that he has two beautiful daughters and looks unbelievably happy. His wife is still as stunning as ever and to watch their interaction with the children was amazing.

I long for my pickneys one day. 


January 2nd 2006

Steups..I go kill Stacey. Once again my ass has to leave the house around 3pm to attend another wedding. This wedding however, at least I am familiar with the Bride and Groom. The last one, I knew no one and a Hobbit type man tried to pick me up. (LOL).


So the wedding of Christiane Hudson and Basil Lai was really nice. Apart from the obviously bitter bridesmaids, everyone else seemed to be happy for the couple. Basil gave a moving speech about people coming into his life for a reason, a season and a lifetime.  I found it very profound and it touched my usually cold heart.


The food was on, the music was good and the company entertaining. Apart from the fact that Stacey was the Reception’s MC and that the woman next to me kept making references to the fact that I should be married to was a good time.


We left the wedding at around 10:30pm and I dropped Stacey off in Santa Cruz. We hugged as I may not see her after this (She returns to London on Thursday).  Drove home (well to Barataria) and settled in for a short night of sleep since I have work in the morning.  Where the HELL did the weekend go????



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