Weekend in Recap

Ok ok, I am only writing this after I saw my best friend’s blog and thought..hmmmm.. What a great way to keep the demons in my head at bay. Let me just write them out.


So let me start with my brief recap of the Holiday Weekend


December 31, 2005

Just a day, just another ordinary day (I will pay the royalties later Ms Branch). I am presently house-sitting for a friend of my mom and it is going great. Jeez it is such a relief to have your own space, if only temporarily. 


Anyway, I got up pack up my dirty clothes and the cable box and headed to Arima so that I could get more clothes for the coming week. Nothing much happened in between that except I remembered that I had the wedding of Resha Yacub to attend so I ran in Trincity Mall and bought a blue suit for it.  Alas, I always seem to have buyer’s remorse after every purchase and now I find the suit a bit too blue so I never wore it.


Got home after that and threw the clothes into the laundry basket, only to realize that my mom won’t be doing the laundry that day as she has completed it already. Sigh…steups…going to have to do it myself.


I left my clothes in mid-cycle (hoping mom would take over. fat chance) and went to a car wash not too far away. I was being lazy and decided that it would be too much work to wash my car.  Alas, after I commissioned the guy to wash it, I see him load BREEZE detergent into a bucket to begin the car wash. I was 2 seconds away from objecting when I told myself to forget it. This will be the first and last time I actually got here to wash the car. While he washed it he was prattling on about my car and it being his first new car etc etc. I tuned out  mid-sentence thinking that I need to change the CDs on rotation in the car.


After this, I returned home , finished the washing and then visited my friend, Samantha in Arima. I had some wicked pastelles that her mom makes and we chatted for what seemed like hours about nothing.  Her new obsession is Law and Order CI. I don’t understand the obsession with this show. Vincent Donoffrio is a bit too creepy for my liking and I keep asking myself. "If this guy is so intelligent, why is not with the CIA or FBI?  Obviously he is a mental case and only the police would have him" On the other hand, I wish we had cops like him at home (jeez I watch way too much TV).


All in all I ended up not going to Resha’s wedding and I regret that now, but after leaving Sam’s , I decided that I needed to spend a quiet night in to ring in the New Year. I spend way too much time catering to everyone’s whim and fancy and I decided that despite all the offers and invites to church, parties and house gatherings that I would just stay in and relax.


I ended up being on the net for most of the night chatting with strangers on msn but I stopped that around 10pm and started watching movies. I put on the Brother’s Grimm (well the DVD that was in their case) only to discover that I was watching porn LOL… Butt man’s Brazil Party or something like that. After being disgusted (after watching it in fast forward for 30 minutes) I went in search of the actual DVD I wanted to view. Found it and settled in for the night. It was an OK movie. Lot of plot holes but still entertaining.


Midnight struck in between the movie and I texted a few ppl wishing them the best and anyone that called got the impression that I was still in church. (Sorry for lying). Went to bed after the movie and promised to be more open with others on what I want. (Whatever that means)



New Years Day – January 1st 2006

Nothing much but went to a Wedding with my friend Stacey and we left during the reception when we discovered that the food was being brought in white buckets..LOL..


I think a man tried to hit on me at that wedding. He said he knew me along time ago and that he taught me in Sunday School. Ok whatever can’t remember back that far. The weird thing was that he would only come over and ask me stuff when Stacey wasn’t around. Hmmmm suspicious. As soon as Stacey would appear he would dart off as if we were having some illicit conversation…. People are just too weird.


We darted off and I visited my friend Ian Chinapoo in Maraval. Jeez it has been 3 years since I saw him last and he hasn’t changed except for the fact that he has two beautiful daughters and looks unbelievably happy. His wife is still as stunning as ever and to watch their interaction with the children was amazing.

I long for my pickneys one day. 


January 2nd 2006

Steups..I go kill Stacey. Once again my ass has to leave the house around 3pm to attend another wedding. This wedding however, at least I am familiar with the Bride and Groom. The last one, I knew no one and a Hobbit type man tried to pick me up. (LOL).


So the wedding of Christiane Hudson and Basil Lai was really nice. Apart from the obviously bitter bridesmaids, everyone else seemed to be happy for the couple. Basil gave a moving speech about people coming into his life for a reason, a season and a lifetime.  I found it very profound and it touched my usually cold heart.


The food was on, the music was good and the company entertaining. Apart from the fact that Stacey was the Reception’s MC and that the woman next to me kept making references to the fact that I should be married to Stacey..it was a good time.


We left the wedding at around 10:30pm and I dropped Stacey off in Santa Cruz. We hugged as I may not see her after this (She returns to London on Thursday).  Drove home (well to Barataria) and settled in for a short night of sleep since I have work in the morning.  Where the HELL did the weekend go????



One thought on “Weekend in Recap

  1. i shudder at the thought of that \’too blue suit\’. Good god man how many weddings did you go to!!!Prepare yourself for Jill Scott, partying and illicit business when you come to Bados next week

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