Week’s Worth of Ramblings???

18 Jan

Ok..Ok It has been a while since I have written anything here so here goes some of my thoughts over the past week.
Jan 11th 2006 – Jill Scott
I saw Jill Scott in concert and it was GREAT!!. She has an amazing voice and as a poet and song writer she is still sooo gifted. I wish I could write music like that. Too bad her session was only 90 minutes and she didn’t sing "GIMME" which is my favorite track from her.
I think I heard Rihanna’s album everyday that I was on the island. I honestly don’t need to hear ‘Pon de Replay’ ever ever again. LOL  By the way, the album is very good. I hope she releases more music from it.
Lionel Richie had a concert on Friday 13th Jan 2006 at US$100.00. I did not attend.  i have absolutely no desire so sit through a concert where someone could possibly sing "Dancing on the Ceiling".
Harbour Lights..Friday Night…Free Drinks…BDS$40.00……WHOA. I was dancing like a mad man  (only because I was a wee bit intoxicated). The music was ON, the lime was sweet and the drinks were flowing…..i couldn’t have asked for a better party that night. I heard music from Fall Out Boy to Rihanna (LOL) to Destra to 50 Cent. Great mix of music. The DJ was brilliant.  Did I mention the music was great?
Farley Hill – Sunday 15 – Boney James, Cuban Jazz All Stars. Cool Day. Nice breeze..good people. So so music wise.  I guess I needed to hear a vocal performance or two instead of pure instrumental. Otherwise very good day.
Monday 16th – Flight back to Trinidad
BW 901 Seat 20K
Well i acutally sat in Seat 20H as the person in my seat was a bit unkept beardwise and had a dreadlocks. I had aboslutely no desire to disrupt his flow or groove. He was shorter than I but I had a flashback to being 10 years old and picking on a short guy named Nwadiki Blanc and him throuncing me in front of the entire class.  History will not repeat itself today.
Also I am still waiting for the damn flight attendants to answer my call button so i could give them my request for water. They ignored it completely and never bothered to turn off my call button when they were checking seats before landing.  I can think of many a disparaging remark on flight attendants but I think we all know them. Steups.. glorified maids…..Ok there i said it.. they better know CPR and have life saving ‘ cause the lot of them seem a bit chunky to be good swimmers.  Hmmp!!!
Can’t believe I left my CD Case in Barbados….oh well guess that means another trip back, LOL
Tuesday 17th Jan – Back to Work.
I can’t beleive that nothing was done in my absence. It seems as if my follow-up list was just an email box filler. Now the demons want to rush me to have things done.. Hell no!!!! I am easing into matters. If they waited this long to do it, then it wasn’t that important in the first place.
They hired a Trainee while i was away. She is a bit stuck up but then again so  was i when i first got out of university. Hopefully she will calm down. Yeah right!!!!!!
Anyway, let me get back to work before Massa has a fit. LOL
Stay tuned…more thoughts on my mind. Hopefully I will write them down before the day’s end.
Random Thought
I really should think seriously about trying my hand at songwriting.
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One response to “Week’s Worth of Ramblings???

  1. Matthew

    January 18, 2006 at 15:00

    you paid BDS 40 for Harbour Lights…..i thought you guys paid 30BDS like me…you wuz robbed…great to hang out with you in Bados though…too bad I am keeping the cd case..


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