Friday’s Fumblings

TGIF TGIF That is what I was saying yesterday when i awoke…..and then the day began. Hmmp…An email demanding a long list of things that will take more than a day to  complete followed by other emails demanding other stuff from different sources littered the day.  Is this how work is supposed to be? Is this is all life is? I think and hope not.
I suffered through the day and tried to cheer myself up by buying two bootleg CDs (Sorry Corporate Music Giants) and not even that provided a lift.
Then came Citibank’s All-Inclusive Fete on that afternoon. It wasn’t the greatest fete ever but it just hit the spot which was to be a nice wind down. Surprisingly i knew alot of the performers at the event and even some of their songs (having been away from Trinidad for three years,one loses touch . I mean i come home and everyone knows some girl named Faye Ann Lyons and i am lost as to who she is. Then there is this red boy called Kees or Kes whatever it is….Since when soca have red people? Steups..things real change in this country) But i digress…hmm what what i talking about?
Yeah the fete was good. Nice music and enough food to sustain a boderline fat boy (LOL). 
In the food department,well on arriving i got three chits: one for Bake and Shark, another for Wings and another for Wantons. It took me half the night but i managed to negotiate away the wantons and bake and shark for two other wings chits (heh heh heh). If you are wondering why i traded the Bake and shark  chit…well let’s put it this way..anything my mother forced me to eat as i child, i no longer consume. Fish is the number one on that list next to Liver.  Anyways, food food food, then i discovered the free doubles vendor on the other side of the food stall. Hello best friend with slight pepper..sigh..sigh….what a perfect meal. Doubles Doubles Doubles..i ate my hand weight in it for anyone who wanted to know (and boy is my hand heavy).
The highlight of the night, besides the doubles, was Denise Belfon’s performance. This woman has a greatest hits collection in her waist alone. She can intimidate any man but she is definitely a great performer. She sang her hits, embarassed a few men along the way and did the impossible…made me fall for a plus size woman. No No no she isnt fat but like me , she needs to spend some quality time at the gym whether doing aerobics or just simple treadmills.  She is flexible beyond compare and as a man..i aint never going there.. i not ready to even touch that bottom.  Well she was really good and to top it all off, I saw some primo hotties that night and soem good old friends.
But alas, the night ended and here i am again.on a saturday thinking about work and the stuff that needs to be done..steups….I need to find a more fulfilling job or just take a chill pill.  Can’t decide right now
Anyway, that was my night in the most PG way possible.
Oh oh I may be starting tennis i am happy about that. 
My birthday is now one week away and i have no plans but only to enjoy it….I think that is a good plan.
Any comments?

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