Do I talk too much?

So I ask the age old question today. Do i talk too much?  These days I find myself asking it alot. I keep recallng situations in my mind and thoughts I have had within recent times that seem to question if there really is any way in which I can shut up. Why have I been thinking about this?
Well..hmmmm. In a bout of verbal diarrhea one evening chatting with two friends in San Juan, it suddenly dawned on me.  "Oh my goodness..they haven’t spoken in over an hour and yet they haven’t left the room as yet…you need to shut up now NOW….nah if they were bored they would say so. "
The strange thing is. They didn’t say a word. I apologised like a day later for being so verbose and they thought nothing of it. Have I become that monster that needs to hear his own voice and be the centre of attention? Hmm i am sure i haven’t done this before.. er er well. actually it happened on January 3rd at my friend Gerard’s home.
Let me just sum up this evening by saying that i made the entire conversation in the get together all about me and my lack of companionship. The oral dissertation went on for about two to three hours in different areas of the house but all eyes were focused on me yapping about bad relationships or lack thereof etc.  Everyone in the room was sort of glued or just plainly laughing away at the stories I told. 
Hmm my guess is that I like an audience. You know to be the centre of attention..the top dog..NAPOLEON…
Then the question pops up. If I am so verbose, why is it no one has told me about it to date? I doubt if all these people are scared of me (well they’d better be  if they think it..LOL) or if I am that funny. Am I? Am I that funny? I guess I am.
Anyway, this message is more about therapy for me than to let you into my dysfunctional environment.

2 thoughts on “Do I talk too much?

  1. You talk too much and are too verbose…there…i said it….Matthew has said that you like to be the centre of attention too much…now..can you really take THAT seriously??!!!!

  2. Stefan, it may very well be that you do talk too much. That as always remains a matter of perspective. Everything in life however requires balance abd that "skill" may be and is useful when faced with those who don\’t engage and don\’t express nearly as freely as you do. From my perspective, if you talked too much rest assured you would have been told. I enjoy our chats and appreciate the insights, humour and questions I get from them.

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