My Weird Weekend (or How Women Can Try To Ruin It)

30 Jan

I had a very good weekend. Not a GREAT Weekend but a rather good one.  It was the weekend of my birthday, yes my 33rd birthday was on Saturday 28th January. Whoa, i am really old now but still  loving every minute of my life.
I did alot of stuff this weekend that I really wanted to do, but then there came the women. Not all of them, just a few who felt that they must be the focus of attention instead of me. One weekend, one weekend and you think that they could be selfless for ONE Weekend…48 hours… steups. Mind you, I am not romantically involved with any of them and therefore this makes their decisions all the more puzzling to me. Let me give you examples of the women that made me want to go up into the mountains and never come down.
Girl Number One:
Another friend of mine (also a girl) planned a sort of surprise birthday dinner for me at Jenny’s On the Boulevard. I found the idea really cool and was eagerly anticiapting the meeting even though i was told to pretend that I knoew nothing about the event. (BTW, I detest surprises.).  Then two hours before the event takes place, Girl Number one calls (let’s call her G). G infomrs me that she will not be attending tonight and she hopes that I have a good time. Huh?? Wasn’t it suppose to be a surprise? Why is she doing this? Hmmmm.  SO i call the party planning friend to inform her of this conversation. Steups……She tells me that she will tell me the whole drama after my birthday and not before.  Needlesstosay, after five minutes of me prompting and prodding, she tells me that G apparently wanted to have a party for me but "Party Planning Girl" beat her to it. SO instead of being the mature and educated person that I know her to be, she decides to sabotage the night by calling me before it and by also encouraging some others not to attend. 
Amm Uhh Hmmmm. Wasn’t this night supposed to be about me? Couldn’t she bury the hachet for one evening? Why couldn’t they come together? Am I being too simplistic here? Did the night have to be about all that drama? Am I taking sides? I am also upset with the party planner but not as much and i appreciate the dinner as i had a really nice time.
Girl Number Two
Let’s call her S.  Steups Steups Steups……..She will be the death of me. S has a boyfriend and is allegedly happy in the relationship.( He is a really good guy. I met him and he is the sort of force that is good for her.) So when S tells me on sunday afternoon that she wants to end our almost 15 year friendship (and yes it was a friendhsip) because she can’t handle it anymore, I just go silent.  What can’t she handle? I don’t know if all of this was brought on because of a fight we had after seeing RENT last month or the fact that she couldn’t get hold of me this weekend, but it just reeks of "Pod People" type behaviour. WAIT!!! Could she have found religion? Or could it be that Dr. Phil, Oprah and whatever "psuedo-motivational I need the moneytype person" has boggled her mind to the extent where she is unable to function without a self-help book nearby?
We had agreed to meet up on Saturday morning after my tennis match.(Yes, i played tennis..well actually just knocked around a few balls with my friend Antonio. it was my first workout in months. This i will continue doing). Anyway, S told me that she would be in class so that I  was to text her when i arrived on the campus and she would give me my present. No problem. Plan seems flawless. She also said that I needed to hurry up as the cake might melt. Cake??? I didn’t ask her for a cake? I specifically told her what i wanted for my birthday and she bought me a cake? Sigh Sigh…At least she still thought highly of me to buy me something.
Right. I arrive on Campus to find that classes had been suspended due to some alarm short circuit. "Strange" Why didn’t S call me and tell me? She MUST be still on campus. So i call S. She is in town and has no reason for not calling me. Why didnt she call? What about the melting cake? Steups.. I tell S to drop the cake home at my mom’s later on because i will be at Bishop’s Fete having a good time. BTW Bishops Was REAL GOOD. FOOD galore and Eye Candy to give you instant diabetes.
So Sunday monring she calls to inquire as to why I am not home. I tell her that I slept over by another friend of mine (female but platonic). She becomes silent on the phone with me. She says that she will drop the cake at my mom’s today. WAIT!!!! Wasn’t she supposed to have done that yesterday? Jeez. Anyways she called again later that day and because i still wasn’t available or nearby she said that she wanted to end this friendship.
At 33, I don’t have time nor the patience nor the energy for any dramatic "Young and th Restless" type scenario. Alas, i needed to have a good exit plan. So I did an OC-type dramatic exit and remained silent for a few seconds, then uttered the word "Fine" in a very non-chalant but biting tone and then hung up the phone. It felt effective and I was proud of myself. (Sick isn’t it)
I will keep you updated as to how that turns out, but as far as i am concerned…if 15 years of friendship means nothing to her then why am i still caring.



Stacey I missed you on my birthday. Bring back the sanity my friend.

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One response to “My Weird Weekend (or How Women Can Try To Ruin It)

  1. Sherry

    June 21, 2011 at 09:06

    Yup buddy us chicks appearently don’t get better with age…in fact we get worse…what a chilling fact!!
    Why didn’t I get the x and y chromysone!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Story’s hilarious…hahahahaha!


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