Girl Two – a mini sequel

31 Jan

Well, yesterday was just filled with work. I was really busy at the office and therefore my threshold for crap or stupid matters was near zero. Who alone but S would chose to call today and bother me. Well I did send her the following text so I guess she wanted toa dd her two cents. Here is the Text
My Text to S:
You really  have some nerve. Why bother being nice to me at all when you knew you wanted to end our friendship so long ago. S, please don’t respond, just have a good life free from the stress of ME.
Text 2: (My bitching needed more space—LOL
If you expected me to fight for our friendship, well sorry but I don’t play those types of games and I thought neither did you.
I thought this was effective enough. She has been moaning about how she can never read me and I guess that she has reached her limit. (PLEASE know this, that I was not romantically involved with tihs person).
Anyway, a few calls from her work phone and a few attempts on her cell were all met by me avoiding or just plainly rejecting the call. In the end she left a message telling me that if based upon the text above she realises that I have the reason all wrong for why she wants to end the friendship and that we are not connecting and that if I really want to know the reason, I should call her.  CONNECTING???? Hello Sprint??? Can You Hear Me Now??? Good!!
(YEAH RIGHT my stubborn ass will rather lie in a pit of ants then hear her stupid reason).
So I sent this text:
What email?? I listed no reasons nor do i care to to know yours. Don’t know what you want and at this point, i don’t care. I am stressing you out by not connecting with you? Goodbye. Forget My Number.
As you can see from the above message, I no longer have a centre of peace nor an equilibrium,
Well another call was made and this time she says that i sounded violent in that email and therefore she is glad that she is ending it. She did however volunteer to still enlighten but then bMobile cut off the rest of the message. 8snicker*snicker* (At least bMobile was good for something..LOL)
So I sent this final text to her:
Please stop calling. I guess my violent self will just have to live with not knowing. How will I ever survive?
I found that text rather appropriate and not too sarcastic as in my mind somebody is assuming a WHOLE heap of importance in my life.  LOL Me violent???  Women can be sooo overdramatic when it suits them. 
I must admit. This discourse with S had me disturbed as I didn’t picture her for this type of woman. I always  saw her as being grounded. I really thought that her experiences in Jamaica has made her a realist but I guess we see in others who we want to see and never the real person or the spirit that inhabits them
She sent me this text in response to mine:
My first reaction was one of anger but then i realised that that is exactly what she was looking for. It was an effective text but sad in a way. It is strange how easily she can be confrontational to me but not at the office when it counts. Somehow people get a measure of a spine but never at the right time.
I never responded to the text nor do i plan to as the act of responding means that I am interested in some type of conversation.  Many theories are twirking around in my head on the matter but none seem to make sense exceptofr the fact that we had a really heated arguement after we saw the movie,RENT and i guess things were never the same (well for her).
In the words of Whitney Houston from the Album "My Love Is Your Love":
I decline to take the pain
I resign the masquerade
I Bow Out (I won’t be staying around baby)

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