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Peer Pressure

That is the only thing I can call it. Peer Pressure. Plain and Simple.
I decided that I should skip Carnival this year. I had lines to learn for the Derek Walcott Play, "Beef, No Chicken" and I know that I needed some time to get a handle of them. Well …we all know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions and boy am I  cruising along that road.
Friday  (February 24th 2006)
I finished work a bit early and met up with my friends Cindy and Karen. Karen is visiting from London and it was great to see her looking so relaxed and at ease. There is notihng like Trinidad to make English folk just seem mellow (too bad I am just as uptight here as I am anywhere else in the world). 
We had a late lunch at TGIF in Price Plaza Chaguanas and reminisced on old times and recent dramatic events in our lives. Hanging outwith them is always good. I seem to lose myself within their stories (especially Cindy’s) and forget about the little things that seem to nag you on daily basis. 
We got some food for Cindy’s Sister and returned to cindy’s home in Chaguanas and just hung out there. It was only when my sister called to remind me about the "Party" they were having for my Dad did i remember where I actually  was supposed to be. So I rush off at around 9pm and get ot my Dad’s at 10pm and make a mental note that I am only staying  for an hour as I am supposed to go out with Friends at midnight and i need to rest a bit (yeah right).  Of course while there, I had to endure the comments on either how fat I have gotten or what i am doing with me life now. After resonding for the millionth time onwhat I am doing with my life and why there is no wife or girlfriend in the mix at present, i started to plan my escape. (Don’t you just love gatherings where Old People make you believe that your life isn’t fulfilling because you are not married with children etc? Too bad I know differently.)  While I know that being in a relationship may bring stability yadda yadda yadda steups…but I am happy how things are right now..So Sod off whoever thinks differently.
Anyway, after listening to old people and their stories for an hour, i departed to get ready to go out with Mike and Clint. Hmmp let’s just say that I never thought a party could be so bad. Was it me or was the music a bit off, the guest artistes a bit dated and the drinks non-exsistant. Apart from the various forms of eye-candy on display, there  was nothing that warranted me not being in bed instead of being here. Serves me right for ditching my Dad’s party. Karma is a bitch.
Saturday February 25th 2006
Hmm Let’s see I got home at 5:30am from dropping Clint and Mike off and slept ’til 2:30pm. I got up and did nothing for the rest of the afternoon until I had to go to Jeunille’s to get ready to go to Insomnia which starts at midnight.
Sunday February 26th 2006
Yup you guess it. Nothing happened until about 2am that morning when Jeunille, her cousin Damien and myself headed to Insomnia at MOBS2. There was traffic for days going to the venue and as a result, we arrived in the party at 4am. Yes folks, almost two hours in traffic and when we get in to the VIP Section of the party, I find out that only non-alcoholic drinks are free and my food choices are Doubles, Hot Wings and Corn Soup. Hmm Did I tell someone that I was on a diet? Hmmp Let’s leave that alone for now. Where was the real food? Non- Alcoholic Drinks???? I want the option of alcohol. VODKA At least……..Anyway, why am I complaining, I didn’t pay for the ticket. LOL Thanks Jeu.
The big event of the night was Jeunille, Makula, Denise and her Husband (Can’t spell his name) deciding that we should go up to the front of the stage (right up front) in order to see and experience Machel’s performance. Ah the folly of the bourgeoisie.  I tried to explain to them that there is a different type of crowd at these type of parties than at the "All Inclusives" they are accustomed to attending. Needlesstosay, we made our way to the front, saw all sorts of unsavory characters, dodged a few fat girls who tried to embrace me and settled in what i call "The drinking Sweat" Section.  Now, I am not a snob, but I saw no need for us to be among this group of people. I was doing fine in  the VIP Section which was a safe distance away from this melee. 
Within one minute of Machel  starting to sing (at 6:00am), we saw the women in the group being flung from left to right and Jeunille’s height was being altered every few seconds. The crowd was possessed and they just couldn’t get control of themselves while Machel was there. On my way to a hasty exit, i felt hands grabbing me as everyone sought to be rescused from the mosh pit activity occuring. LOL It was funny. Hmmm when will people learn that i know what I am tlaking about?? Always….
The rest of the morning was spent back in the VIP area dodging the water hose that is a fixture at this event. They apparently hose down the crowd as soon as the sun rises.  We left the party at 9:30am and boy was I knackered. I slept until 2pm
Then began a tirade of text messages from mike trying to convince me to go out  that night. My answer was a definite NO. Well until 10pm when i just caved in . This was all in the hope of meeting this girl who i had spoken to last week and who was going to be at this party. She was cool but turned out to be a wee bit of a prima donna. Not that that is a bad thing, but I just didnt feel like working so hard on Carnival night to hang out iwth someone. I still had a great time though. I made my way around the party and just behaved like the "jamette" i am. Just a more reserved type of jammette. LOL I left the party at 5:30am, got home at 7pm. Slept ’til one.
Monday 26th February 2006
Today is Monday and I haven’t learnt a line from the script and I am thinking of going out tonight. Jeez, I better hope that cramming pays off in learning lines as well.
Hunger is calling and there is some Banana Bread and peanut butter that are callng my name rather loudly.
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For The Love of Music

Some people call my obsession with music very unhealthy. The reason for this remark is that they are continually amazed at my very eclectic collection and the fact that they can’t seem to pin down my musical tastes. Take for example last week. Last week, I purchased or received the following CDs:
Be – Common
The Girl In the Other Room – Diana Krall
The Best of Ron Kenoly – Ron Kenoly
In My Mind – Heather Headley
Switch – INXS
Ultimate Collection – Patti Austin
So within the CDs above you find Rock, Gospel. Hip Hop, R&B & Jazz. Nothing wrong with that combination. Is there?
An inspection of my 700+ CD collection (Yeah it is a tad small) will reveal that I am more of an "R&B" Junkie than anything esle, but I am so not a big fan of R&B. My R&B collection is made up of artistes that I fell in love with in the late 80s and early 90s and as a result their music will be staples in my collection. Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton are artistes in which once a CD is produced, it will be purchased.  My friend Matthew made me understand the need to worship at the Temple of Mariah and just how wonderful a diety she is. Whitney, on the other hand, well..I pay my tithes but no longer fellowship there. I am however a devout and fanatical member of the Church of Janet (may Her name never be used in vain). As many know, Janet (May Her Name Be Lifted Up) is my life and her music plays a key role in every aspect of my life. Plus we are both going through a little wieght problem right now, so she understands my struggle.
Other than these staple female singers, I have found that the classic female voices of old are among my favorites as well. Natlaie Cole, Patti La Belle, Joan Amatrading,Chaka Khan, Phyllis Hyman and Aretha Franklin.  Trust me when i say that there are a lot of other female R&B singers’ music in my colelction but these gals just stand out in my mind.
Yes, yes, I also have some favorite male singers, although they are hard to appreciate considering that most have the fatal flaw of making music most people can’t relate to.  However, the exceptions to the rule are STING, Stevie Wonder, Marc Anthony (best voice round), George Michael (in a league of his own), James Ingram (i prayed nights that God would grant me a voice like this),  Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban. As you can see, my musical tastes jumps across all genres.
You however won’t find any large collection of Reggae or Dancehall but as every true music fan will know, you must possess a Bob Marley Album (Mine is "Legend") if you are to consider your collection complete in any way.  Sly & Robbie, Lady Saw (A Greatest Hits Album), Beres Hammond and Patra  all have made their way into my collection.  Thanks to the introduction of MP3s, i can now collect the songs and forget buying an entire album which i may not like. BTW try Damian "Junior Gong" Marley’s Cd,Welcome to Jamrock, it is surprisingly catchy and his collaboration with Bobby Brown called Beautiful  isn’t half bad.  This coming from someone who can’t stand to her Dancehall for any lengthy period.
Then there’s Melissa Etheridge (My Sweet Melissa). This is my lesbian for all times. Her writing and musical style just jumps out at you and pulls you in. Ever since bieng introduced to her via her "Yes I Am" album, I have been hooked. Hooked on her sweet, sweet love. What can i do with this feeling? ha ha ha ha ha (most of you reading tihs won’t get that joke). This woman writes with passion and takes a piece of her soul and places it on each album. You must hear her cover of the Janis Joplin song to appreciate the raw and pure intensity of her raspy but soothing voice. Melissa, Melissa, Melissa…thank you for the music. Your Greatest Hits labum disappointed me a bit but my love for you will never change.
Alanis, Fiona Apple (Tidal is a brilliant Album), Sarah Maclachlan and the voice herself Annie Lennox, all have aplce in my collection. So do bands like No Doubt, Fleetwood Mac (Tango in the Night is sweet), Incubus, Fall Out Boy, Keane,Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Creed and even Limp Bizkit (LOL). Of course to most this list reeks of the Pop 100 and therefore some may question my tastes as being totally mainstream with no ties to the underground. i look like a punk rocker or some hippie?
My Favourite Genre these days is Jazz, well more Vocal jazz than anything else. Ever since picking up a copy of Rachelle Ferrell’s Individuality, (Can I Be Me?) in Virgin MegaStore time Square in December 2000, I have been hooked on her voice and hence my new found love and appreciation for Vocal jazz. i had the standard Sarah Vaughn, Lalah Hathaway, Ella Fitzgerald CDs, but Rachelle took me to new heights. Then I met Nnenna Freelon, Dianne Reeves and my new best friend Lizz Wright. These women made me know everything is alright in the world once a jazz album is near. Thoguh not considered Jazz but R&B, I always lump  Will Downing into this category because of his soothing voice. He doesn’t belong in the shallow and sometimes holow world of R&B. He is a lcassic bartone voice that can take a standard and really make it his own.
Soundtracks and Musicals are the last two categories of CDs that I own. Any true music fan should have at least one of the following in their collection of Soundtrack Music:
  1. Love Jones : The Music
  2. My Bestfriend’s Wedding (The Best Julia Roberts Movie Soundtrack)
  3. Kill Bill: Volume One
  4. Living Out Loud (Queen Latifah shocks you with her vocals)
I know that many may consider my collection defunct and just plainly lacking in substance but this is all about me and not you. You are welcome to comment and give me tips on some music or album that I should own. Trust me there are scores of stuff that I have not mentioned but you get the gist of my obsession.
Comments?? Anyone??? Matthew??? 
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Yes you read correctly. HAPPY VD. No I don’t have an STI (STD for the Western Hemisphere) . I am just expressing my disgust at this bogus celebration of all things superficial and pretentious.  It is bad enough that single people have to struggle through Christmas and every bloody wedding they are invited to, but because of Big Business (aka THE MAN) one must suffer through this day and the endless perkiness associated with it.
Insufferable men and women walkng around grinning foolishly with flowers and chocolates on their desk and passing by my work station and asking," How come your desk is so bare?". Translated : "you poor fool, no one loves you, want a chocolate?".  My response to the untranslated statement is this: "Well some of us actually use the space on our desks for work and not for decoration" Inner Monologue Comment: C U Nest Tuesday.
Trust me, I have no objection to actual people in love expressing their affection on this day but it is the stupid ones with the boyfriend they got just last week or the ones who seem to be calling very flower shop at the 99th hour to get them to deliver roses to his special someone. And always the flower shop can’t deliver during this time and well hmm let me see,,,oh yes ROSES sold out.  Steups Steups…Why fake the sentiment? All to get booty later on (Which isn’t guaranteed. Trust me on that one. Trust Me)
So to all those who think that i regard them as being really special in my life and who assume I will send them something. In the words of Color Me Badd….. " Dream On, Dream Away"   If I haven’t shown you how much you mean to me all year, then take a hint. My friendship is not about occassions. It never was and never will be.
So to all those people who mean the world to me and know it. Thanks for being in my life. I love you dearly
Take Care. Have a Great Day.
BTW: This message is  for the female dog (Beeyatch) who broke off our friendship the day after my birthday: I found an appropriate song to express the occassion.  It is called "The Letter" and it is sung by Heather Headley on her new album, "In My Mind" (BUY IT).  No, I will not reprint the lyrics for you to see. Google it if you are so lazy or too cheap to buy it.
My Songs for the Day:
The Last Time by Eric Benet (Album: Hurricane)
Touch By Seal. (Album: SeaL IV)
Dreaming Wide Awake by Lizz Wright (Album: Dreaming Wide Awake)
Please get the Lizz Wright Album, "Dreaming Wide Awake".It is the right one for a night like tonight or any night where you want to dim the lights and just unwind.
Hi Miss. Gomes, it was great seeing you at Pan semis on Sunday. You still look amazing. I think I told you that on Sunday.
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Janet Jackson, Where Were You?????

The reason for my title has to do with the fact that in most of the profound or cathartic periods of my life, there has always been a Janet Jackson song to go along with it or to soothe the savage beast of over-analysis. Let me give you some examples:
Let’s Wait Awhile (Control -1986):
Hmmm I wonder why that song. Let’s just say she wasn’t ready to be my girlfriend at the time. No, it had nothing to do with sex, she just preferred to be friends ( apparent curse during part of my teenage years).
Someday Is Tonight (Rhythm Nation 1814 – 1989):
It finally happened. I lost my virginity in not the most romantic of situations but it was good all the same.She cried after it and said that she was happy. Of course that freaked me out at first…er actually it still freaks me out, but it was a really nice time.
Again (Janet -1993):
The person I would have considered as the prime and only candidate for “Soul Mate” status arrives back in Trinidad on vacation with her Husband and baby in tow. Cue animation sequence with a hammer striking my ego and heart. Tried talking to her on the phone , just to say “hi” and her husband came on and blocked me. Then I see them at Club cocnuts a few nights later and I was all torn up inside. I handled it well though. I don’t think anybody noticed or even realised that at the time I still harboured strong feelings for her. Sigh…This song from the album “Janet” hit the spot and was on rotation for months.
Everytime (Velvet Rope -1997) & Special
This song just summarised my feelings at that point since my lack of relationship prospects were jsut getting me down. Dating is so overrated and gets really tired after a while.
Better Days (All for You – 2000)
My rebuilding process. I was emerging out of the doldrums and becoming a more confident and bolder person.. plus sentimental crap was still mving me at the time. Plus I kept on with this anthem when i moved to Germany for the Lion King. It was great.
Well since then other events have occured but none that warranted a Janet song.  Hmmm then came this weekend.
Venue: CIC ALL Inclusive Fete
Place: St. Mary’s College Courtyard
Time: 7:15pm
Event: My “Soul Mate” (well former) greets me  unexpectedly.
Hear nah, if i had a weak heart, that would have been the end of me. She greeted me with the words, “you are supposed to be in aruba”. I laughed at it. Apparently she had to come to Trinidad suddenly to see an ailing relative. I saw her and didn’t know what to say. I just kept repeating the words “It is great to see you.. wow”.
Well that went on for awhile and so for another hour and a half we sat talking about her family, her life in Canada and about my life since then. During the conversation, I kept thinking of a song to describe this feeling or to make sense of the event. The only blinking song that came to mind was so inappropriate and nonsensical.  Deja Vu by Dionne Warrick was first at bat and it just wasn’t leaving my brain. Nothing esle seemed to come to me. (Great now that crappy Dionne Warrick song is back in my head).  Before entering the party, i was listening to Heather Headley’s New CD in the car (It’s good but can get monotonous) and her CD only fit my recent experience with S, so i was at a loss once again.
As the night wore on i gave up trying to find a song and just enjoyed the Fete. I left her with some of her old school chums from University of Waterloo and went on having a good time. It was most obvious that we (her and I) are at different life stages – She hosts Children’s Bible Games with her husband, while the last time i went to church..hmm well let’s not get into that. I was a bit jealous of her. Jealous of her happiness and obvious glow. She was settled, in a happy mariage and had the most adorable children (Yes she had pics of everyone on her Ipod Nano). As for me, well, I was still searching. I however do not knock in anyway my accomplishments to date but i always wonder….
Take me back in time maybe I can forget. Turn a Different Corner….”  
Going down memory lane can be a bitch but after all it is the past and we need to move on. I didn’t try anything on her nor did I have the inkling to. She also looked non-chalant about meeting me anyway. It was obvious that we grew up and for the most part, I think that a friendship is all that is left. Not a close one but a respectful one.  She will always be someone dear to my heart but the feelings of yore are no longer there.
Great another song pops into my head (more appropriate than Dionne Warrick)
Though you’re someone in this world that I’ll always choose to love.
From now on you’re only someone that I used to love
Wow, Natalie Cole hit the spot ,but jeez how old is this song?
So Janet, if you are reading this, I really needed a song to express the strange feeling a seeing an old love after a long time and the added emotion of knowing that things have changed.  I await the new album to address this discrepancy and to fill the void that resulted in the musical soundtrack of my life.

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An Addendum – Aruba

Ok, I don’t know if what I saw yesterday was a fluke, but today on the beach was ABSOLUTELY just not what my eyes were ready for. It was either a retirement home on vacation or they were filming the third installment of COCOON. It was a sea of old people. Some famous look-a-likes were there as well: Clint Eastwood, Jessica Tandy, Bea Arthur with botox and Dame Judi Dench in a bikini ( two piece and a wrap). My senses were being slaughtered. I ran from the beach as fast as I could back to the front desk where a co-worker of mine was checking out (I checked out earlier).  Oh Monique and Sally Struthers were hanging out together and taking pics of each other and i think Wendy, the Snapple lady, or some incarnation of it, was winking at me. Eww eww eww.  It is going to take a miracle for my senses to get back to some degree of normalcy.
I just thought that I would share. Hopefully this would help in alleviating the visual onslaught. Somehow I doubt.
anyway, off to the airport.
OH Went to HOOTERS last night for dinner with some clients (They had eaten already and therefore wanted to drink). All the girls were either Colombian or Dutch. That was really interesting but as I understand there are alot of Colombians on the island. Hmmm Colombian women…….Take me to your leader……ok not your leader but the hottest of them all. LOL
Gotta run for now. See you back home.
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Greetings From Aruba

Life is getting good.
This is my second day in Aruba and apart from the little scare yesterday when the pilot told us that an engine is giving trouble (you heard me correctly), I have had a really good time.
Aruba is beautiful and the hotels are amazing. I am staying at the Aruba Marriott and WHOA…luxury and expense.thy name is Marriott. I have been going to alot of meetings but today I managed to go down to the beach at the hotel and "Holy Moley" , it is gorgeous. I thought Barbados was nice but i stand corrected and boy have I been corrected. The sand, the sea, the clarity of the ocean and the people on the beach????? Hello!!!  Loving the hot tanned and ripped bodies in thin strapped bikinis and hmmm wait…this one is topless…er er er get up, get up get up now……
Sigh, I think i need to clean up the dribble. LOL
Anyway,let me get back to yesterday. So I leave Trinidad for Aruba via Puerto Rico and all is going well until the pilot of the flight to Aruba from Puerto Rico announces that something is wrong with the left engine. Before you panic and start worrying for my soul and vowing never to fly again, the flight never left the ground. The pilot figured out the problem before we taxied and therefore all was well. A one hour flight took an hour and a half to leave Puerto Rico and while i was supposed to reach Aruba at 2:30, I actually arrived at 4:30. I arrived drained , tired and hungry like a wolf. Plus the flight movie was Corpse Bride (Tim Burton needs to talk with Jesus about his animation style and imagination. He definitely has issues that are not being dealt with).
So I get  to the Hotel and i start looking around like a "newbie" to travel and then i get to my room and it looks like the ones I have stayed in in Grand Barbados, Hilton and Accra (I was a little diappointed). Then i saw how big the bathroom was and steupsed. How am i going to steam this large thing up? Anyway, I went to dinner at 7pm at La Vista (which was downstairs near the pool) and they had BBQ night Buffet.  Hear nah, Ribs, Chicken, Steak, Steam fried Vegetables, Desserts for ten people and just enough meat to make a country bookie smile. LOL I made my name with the food and guess what? I had to take a walk afterwards cause i felt like i was in my last trimester after all that food.
Good times are happening so far despite all the meetings i am having.
Will tell you more if anything else happens tonight. LOL
BTW, I got a script to read before I hopped my flight from Trinidad. There may be the slight possibility that I will act in a play later on this year. It is a Derrick Walcott Play called "Beef, No Chicken". Will keep you updated on developments.
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