Greetings From Aruba

02 Feb

Life is getting good.
This is my second day in Aruba and apart from the little scare yesterday when the pilot told us that an engine is giving trouble (you heard me correctly), I have had a really good time.
Aruba is beautiful and the hotels are amazing. I am staying at the Aruba Marriott and WHOA…luxury and expense.thy name is Marriott. I have been going to alot of meetings but today I managed to go down to the beach at the hotel and "Holy Moley" , it is gorgeous. I thought Barbados was nice but i stand corrected and boy have I been corrected. The sand, the sea, the clarity of the ocean and the people on the beach????? Hello!!!  Loving the hot tanned and ripped bodies in thin strapped bikinis and hmmm wait…this one is topless…er er er get up, get up get up now……
Sigh, I think i need to clean up the dribble. LOL
Anyway,let me get back to yesterday. So I leave Trinidad for Aruba via Puerto Rico and all is going well until the pilot of the flight to Aruba from Puerto Rico announces that something is wrong with the left engine. Before you panic and start worrying for my soul and vowing never to fly again, the flight never left the ground. The pilot figured out the problem before we taxied and therefore all was well. A one hour flight took an hour and a half to leave Puerto Rico and while i was supposed to reach Aruba at 2:30, I actually arrived at 4:30. I arrived drained , tired and hungry like a wolf. Plus the flight movie was Corpse Bride (Tim Burton needs to talk with Jesus about his animation style and imagination. He definitely has issues that are not being dealt with).
So I get  to the Hotel and i start looking around like a "newbie" to travel and then i get to my room and it looks like the ones I have stayed in in Grand Barbados, Hilton and Accra (I was a little diappointed). Then i saw how big the bathroom was and steupsed. How am i going to steam this large thing up? Anyway, I went to dinner at 7pm at La Vista (which was downstairs near the pool) and they had BBQ night Buffet.  Hear nah, Ribs, Chicken, Steak, Steam fried Vegetables, Desserts for ten people and just enough meat to make a country bookie smile. LOL I made my name with the food and guess what? I had to take a walk afterwards cause i felt like i was in my last trimester after all that food.
Good times are happening so far despite all the meetings i am having.
Will tell you more if anything else happens tonight. LOL
BTW, I got a script to read before I hopped my flight from Trinidad. There may be the slight possibility that I will act in a play later on this year. It is a Derrick Walcott Play called "Beef, No Chicken". Will keep you updated on developments.
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