An Addendum – Aruba

03 Feb

Ok, I don’t know if what I saw yesterday was a fluke, but today on the beach was ABSOLUTELY just not what my eyes were ready for. It was either a retirement home on vacation or they were filming the third installment of COCOON. It was a sea of old people. Some famous look-a-likes were there as well: Clint Eastwood, Jessica Tandy, Bea Arthur with botox and Dame Judi Dench in a bikini ( two piece and a wrap). My senses were being slaughtered. I ran from the beach as fast as I could back to the front desk where a co-worker of mine was checking out (I checked out earlier).  Oh Monique and Sally Struthers were hanging out together and taking pics of each other and i think Wendy, the Snapple lady, or some incarnation of it, was winking at me. Eww eww eww.  It is going to take a miracle for my senses to get back to some degree of normalcy.
I just thought that I would share. Hopefully this would help in alleviating the visual onslaught. Somehow I doubt.
anyway, off to the airport.
OH Went to HOOTERS last night for dinner with some clients (They had eaten already and therefore wanted to drink). All the girls were either Colombian or Dutch. That was really interesting but as I understand there are alot of Colombians on the island. Hmmm Colombian women…….Take me to your leader……ok not your leader but the hottest of them all. LOL
Gotta run for now. See you back home.
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One response to “An Addendum – Aruba

  1. Matthew

    February 4, 2006 at 07:47

    Sally Struthers and Bea Arthur???!!!!! Hilarious…
    glad u had a good time…but did you go gambling?  and keep us all posted on the play…\’chicken no beef\’….


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