14 Feb

Yes you read correctly. HAPPY VD. No I don’t have an STI (STD for the Western Hemisphere) . I am just expressing my disgust at this bogus celebration of all things superficial and pretentious.  It is bad enough that single people have to struggle through Christmas and every bloody wedding they are invited to, but because of Big Business (aka THE MAN) one must suffer through this day and the endless perkiness associated with it.
Insufferable men and women walkng around grinning foolishly with flowers and chocolates on their desk and passing by my work station and asking," How come your desk is so bare?". Translated : "you poor fool, no one loves you, want a chocolate?".  My response to the untranslated statement is this: "Well some of us actually use the space on our desks for work and not for decoration" Inner Monologue Comment: C U Nest Tuesday.
Trust me, I have no objection to actual people in love expressing their affection on this day but it is the stupid ones with the boyfriend they got just last week or the ones who seem to be calling very flower shop at the 99th hour to get them to deliver roses to his special someone. And always the flower shop can’t deliver during this time and well hmm let me see,,,oh yes ROSES sold out.  Steups Steups…Why fake the sentiment? All to get booty later on (Which isn’t guaranteed. Trust me on that one. Trust Me)
So to all those who think that i regard them as being really special in my life and who assume I will send them something. In the words of Color Me Badd….. " Dream On, Dream Away"   If I haven’t shown you how much you mean to me all year, then take a hint. My friendship is not about occassions. It never was and never will be.
So to all those people who mean the world to me and know it. Thanks for being in my life. I love you dearly
Take Care. Have a Great Day.
BTW: This message is  for the female dog (Beeyatch) who broke off our friendship the day after my birthday: I found an appropriate song to express the occassion.  It is called "The Letter" and it is sung by Heather Headley on her new album, "In My Mind" (BUY IT).  No, I will not reprint the lyrics for you to see. Google it if you are so lazy or too cheap to buy it.
My Songs for the Day:
The Last Time by Eric Benet (Album: Hurricane)
Touch By Seal. (Album: SeaL IV)
Dreaming Wide Awake by Lizz Wright (Album: Dreaming Wide Awake)
Please get the Lizz Wright Album, "Dreaming Wide Awake".It is the right one for a night like tonight or any night where you want to dim the lights and just unwind.
Hi Miss. Gomes, it was great seeing you at Pan semis on Sunday. You still look amazing. I think I told you that on Sunday.
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