For The Love of Music

16 Feb

Some people call my obsession with music very unhealthy. The reason for this remark is that they are continually amazed at my very eclectic collection and the fact that they can’t seem to pin down my musical tastes. Take for example last week. Last week, I purchased or received the following CDs:
Be – Common
The Girl In the Other Room – Diana Krall
The Best of Ron Kenoly – Ron Kenoly
In My Mind – Heather Headley
Switch – INXS
Ultimate Collection – Patti Austin
So within the CDs above you find Rock, Gospel. Hip Hop, R&B & Jazz. Nothing wrong with that combination. Is there?
An inspection of my 700+ CD collection (Yeah it is a tad small) will reveal that I am more of an "R&B" Junkie than anything esle, but I am so not a big fan of R&B. My R&B collection is made up of artistes that I fell in love with in the late 80s and early 90s and as a result their music will be staples in my collection. Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton are artistes in which once a CD is produced, it will be purchased.  My friend Matthew made me understand the need to worship at the Temple of Mariah and just how wonderful a diety she is. Whitney, on the other hand, well..I pay my tithes but no longer fellowship there. I am however a devout and fanatical member of the Church of Janet (may Her name never be used in vain). As many know, Janet (May Her Name Be Lifted Up) is my life and her music plays a key role in every aspect of my life. Plus we are both going through a little wieght problem right now, so she understands my struggle.
Other than these staple female singers, I have found that the classic female voices of old are among my favorites as well. Natlaie Cole, Patti La Belle, Joan Amatrading,Chaka Khan, Phyllis Hyman and Aretha Franklin.  Trust me when i say that there are a lot of other female R&B singers’ music in my colelction but these gals just stand out in my mind.
Yes, yes, I also have some favorite male singers, although they are hard to appreciate considering that most have the fatal flaw of making music most people can’t relate to.  However, the exceptions to the rule are STING, Stevie Wonder, Marc Anthony (best voice round), George Michael (in a league of his own), James Ingram (i prayed nights that God would grant me a voice like this),  Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban. As you can see, my musical tastes jumps across all genres.
You however won’t find any large collection of Reggae or Dancehall but as every true music fan will know, you must possess a Bob Marley Album (Mine is "Legend") if you are to consider your collection complete in any way.  Sly & Robbie, Lady Saw (A Greatest Hits Album), Beres Hammond and Patra  all have made their way into my collection.  Thanks to the introduction of MP3s, i can now collect the songs and forget buying an entire album which i may not like. BTW try Damian "Junior Gong" Marley’s Cd,Welcome to Jamrock, it is surprisingly catchy and his collaboration with Bobby Brown called Beautiful  isn’t half bad.  This coming from someone who can’t stand to her Dancehall for any lengthy period.
Then there’s Melissa Etheridge (My Sweet Melissa). This is my lesbian for all times. Her writing and musical style just jumps out at you and pulls you in. Ever since bieng introduced to her via her "Yes I Am" album, I have been hooked. Hooked on her sweet, sweet love. What can i do with this feeling? ha ha ha ha ha (most of you reading tihs won’t get that joke). This woman writes with passion and takes a piece of her soul and places it on each album. You must hear her cover of the Janis Joplin song to appreciate the raw and pure intensity of her raspy but soothing voice. Melissa, Melissa, Melissa…thank you for the music. Your Greatest Hits labum disappointed me a bit but my love for you will never change.
Alanis, Fiona Apple (Tidal is a brilliant Album), Sarah Maclachlan and the voice herself Annie Lennox, all have aplce in my collection. So do bands like No Doubt, Fleetwood Mac (Tango in the Night is sweet), Incubus, Fall Out Boy, Keane,Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Creed and even Limp Bizkit (LOL). Of course to most this list reeks of the Pop 100 and therefore some may question my tastes as being totally mainstream with no ties to the underground. i look like a punk rocker or some hippie?
My Favourite Genre these days is Jazz, well more Vocal jazz than anything else. Ever since picking up a copy of Rachelle Ferrell’s Individuality, (Can I Be Me?) in Virgin MegaStore time Square in December 2000, I have been hooked on her voice and hence my new found love and appreciation for Vocal jazz. i had the standard Sarah Vaughn, Lalah Hathaway, Ella Fitzgerald CDs, but Rachelle took me to new heights. Then I met Nnenna Freelon, Dianne Reeves and my new best friend Lizz Wright. These women made me know everything is alright in the world once a jazz album is near. Thoguh not considered Jazz but R&B, I always lump  Will Downing into this category because of his soothing voice. He doesn’t belong in the shallow and sometimes holow world of R&B. He is a lcassic bartone voice that can take a standard and really make it his own.
Soundtracks and Musicals are the last two categories of CDs that I own. Any true music fan should have at least one of the following in their collection of Soundtrack Music:
  1. Love Jones : The Music
  2. My Bestfriend’s Wedding (The Best Julia Roberts Movie Soundtrack)
  3. Kill Bill: Volume One
  4. Living Out Loud (Queen Latifah shocks you with her vocals)
I know that many may consider my collection defunct and just plainly lacking in substance but this is all about me and not you. You are welcome to comment and give me tips on some music or album that I should own. Trust me there are scores of stuff that I have not mentioned but you get the gist of my obsession.
Comments?? Anyone??? Matthew??? 
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Posted by on February 16, 2006 in Music


One response to “For The Love of Music

  1. Matthew

    February 18, 2006 at 13:42

    I can attest…. that after me of of course(modest as always)..Stefan is one of the few truly passionate music fans I have ever come across. Unlike me however his muscial tastes are backed up my an underestimated musical talent.
    Yes….we have both bowed to the magic of the Divas of old and new (Mariah!!!!) and we appreciate the beauty of a whisper and the devastation of a powerful lyric.
    Stefan\’s music collection reflects his persona…mostly classy..sometimes trashy….often head scratching…and always an unpredicatable blend of slow burn and flame throwing.
    Try the soundtrack to \’Goodnight and Goodluck\’ and Ella\’s Jukebox classics Vol. 1


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