Peer Pressure

27 Feb

That is the only thing I can call it. Peer Pressure. Plain and Simple.
I decided that I should skip Carnival this year. I had lines to learn for the Derek Walcott Play, "Beef, No Chicken" and I know that I needed some time to get a handle of them. Well …we all know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions and boy am I  cruising along that road.
Friday  (February 24th 2006)
I finished work a bit early and met up with my friends Cindy and Karen. Karen is visiting from London and it was great to see her looking so relaxed and at ease. There is notihng like Trinidad to make English folk just seem mellow (too bad I am just as uptight here as I am anywhere else in the world). 
We had a late lunch at TGIF in Price Plaza Chaguanas and reminisced on old times and recent dramatic events in our lives. Hanging outwith them is always good. I seem to lose myself within their stories (especially Cindy’s) and forget about the little things that seem to nag you on daily basis. 
We got some food for Cindy’s Sister and returned to cindy’s home in Chaguanas and just hung out there. It was only when my sister called to remind me about the "Party" they were having for my Dad did i remember where I actually  was supposed to be. So I rush off at around 9pm and get ot my Dad’s at 10pm and make a mental note that I am only staying  for an hour as I am supposed to go out with Friends at midnight and i need to rest a bit (yeah right).  Of course while there, I had to endure the comments on either how fat I have gotten or what i am doing with me life now. After resonding for the millionth time onwhat I am doing with my life and why there is no wife or girlfriend in the mix at present, i started to plan my escape. (Don’t you just love gatherings where Old People make you believe that your life isn’t fulfilling because you are not married with children etc? Too bad I know differently.)  While I know that being in a relationship may bring stability yadda yadda yadda steups…but I am happy how things are right now..So Sod off whoever thinks differently.
Anyway, after listening to old people and their stories for an hour, i departed to get ready to go out with Mike and Clint. Hmmp let’s just say that I never thought a party could be so bad. Was it me or was the music a bit off, the guest artistes a bit dated and the drinks non-exsistant. Apart from the various forms of eye-candy on display, there  was nothing that warranted me not being in bed instead of being here. Serves me right for ditching my Dad’s party. Karma is a bitch.
Saturday February 25th 2006
Hmm Let’s see I got home at 5:30am from dropping Clint and Mike off and slept ’til 2:30pm. I got up and did nothing for the rest of the afternoon until I had to go to Jeunille’s to get ready to go to Insomnia which starts at midnight.
Sunday February 26th 2006
Yup you guess it. Nothing happened until about 2am that morning when Jeunille, her cousin Damien and myself headed to Insomnia at MOBS2. There was traffic for days going to the venue and as a result, we arrived in the party at 4am. Yes folks, almost two hours in traffic and when we get in to the VIP Section of the party, I find out that only non-alcoholic drinks are free and my food choices are Doubles, Hot Wings and Corn Soup. Hmm Did I tell someone that I was on a diet? Hmmp Let’s leave that alone for now. Where was the real food? Non- Alcoholic Drinks???? I want the option of alcohol. VODKA At least……..Anyway, why am I complaining, I didn’t pay for the ticket. LOL Thanks Jeu.
The big event of the night was Jeunille, Makula, Denise and her Husband (Can’t spell his name) deciding that we should go up to the front of the stage (right up front) in order to see and experience Machel’s performance. Ah the folly of the bourgeoisie.  I tried to explain to them that there is a different type of crowd at these type of parties than at the "All Inclusives" they are accustomed to attending. Needlesstosay, we made our way to the front, saw all sorts of unsavory characters, dodged a few fat girls who tried to embrace me and settled in what i call "The drinking Sweat" Section.  Now, I am not a snob, but I saw no need for us to be among this group of people. I was doing fine in  the VIP Section which was a safe distance away from this melee. 
Within one minute of Machel  starting to sing (at 6:00am), we saw the women in the group being flung from left to right and Jeunille’s height was being altered every few seconds. The crowd was possessed and they just couldn’t get control of themselves while Machel was there. On my way to a hasty exit, i felt hands grabbing me as everyone sought to be rescused from the mosh pit activity occuring. LOL It was funny. Hmmm when will people learn that i know what I am tlaking about?? Always….
The rest of the morning was spent back in the VIP area dodging the water hose that is a fixture at this event. They apparently hose down the crowd as soon as the sun rises.  We left the party at 9:30am and boy was I knackered. I slept until 2pm
Then began a tirade of text messages from mike trying to convince me to go out  that night. My answer was a definite NO. Well until 10pm when i just caved in . This was all in the hope of meeting this girl who i had spoken to last week and who was going to be at this party. She was cool but turned out to be a wee bit of a prima donna. Not that that is a bad thing, but I just didnt feel like working so hard on Carnival night to hang out iwth someone. I still had a great time though. I made my way around the party and just behaved like the "jamette" i am. Just a more reserved type of jammette. LOL I left the party at 5:30am, got home at 7pm. Slept ’til one.
Monday 26th February 2006
Today is Monday and I haven’t learnt a line from the script and I am thinking of going out tonight. Jeez, I better hope that cramming pays off in learning lines as well.
Hunger is calling and there is some Banana Bread and peanut butter that are callng my name rather loudly.
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One response to “Peer Pressure

  1. Matthew

    March 6, 2006 at 19:22

    I never thought i would see the day when DMB is trying to get you..stefan simmons…to go to a fete…Carnival sounded wonderful this year…


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