My Lenten Vows

01 Mar

I was never big on New Year’s Resolutions. I was never truely into such pagan rituals. I am a more spiritual being.  Excuse me, I need some time to stop laughing before I continue with this….. LOL Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaa
OK. Back now. In the past, I have been an unstructed individual prone to attending to every whim and fancy that my salary could manage (and it can manage alot…LOL). But about five to six years ago, I went on a "No Meat" Abstinence period for 40 days over Lent. While it was extremely hard coming up with dishes that I can consume that didnt contain meat, it resulted in a 10 pound weight loss over the period. More weight than I had ever lost since high school. It then dawned on me that I had caught onto something bigger than myself.
Now the whole purpose of Lent is for reflection on life and in the midst of that reflection, one is supposed to give up ones vices and try ot live without them at least for 40 days. The 40 day reference is "I think" in relation to the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness being constantly tempted by the Devil and in which he ate nothing and jsut communed with GOD. NOw we all know the christians in these times do not have the stamina or fortitude for such an outing, so during this period one abstains from something that you crave, desire and think you can’t live without. In the end, if all goes well, an important lessson is learnt in terms of controlling addiction and the joy of self sacrifice.. BLah BLah BlaH. It is a chance for me to lose weight without breaking too much of a sweat , so here goes…..
My Lenten Vows (My Personal Sacrifice for 40 days – until April 9th)
  • Meat: This includes fish as I hate this with a passion. A purely vegeatable diet is always interesting as it forces you to be creative in your food choices. No Tofu or Soya will be used (I consider that trying to cheat my stomach, plus I hate how they taste). Getting the right nutrients on this diet will involve vitamins as veggies are not rich in iron.
  • Sex: While my love life has always been like my Grandmama’s teeth (few and far between), I give up the thing I crave and seek continuously. A little self control should go a long way in me realising my worth and hopefully result in some measure of a relationship whereby i am not trying to jump her bones within seconds of meeting. My chant for this will be "SERENITY NOW!!"
  • CDS: My Love, my life, my obsession. During the week prior to thinking about this, i had ordered about 12 CDs from BMG? Am I crazy? Do I need all that music right away? The answer is No. The weird thing is that in ordering from BMG, I still find time to purchase other CDs that they may not have in their collection. This period should bring clarity to my addiction and hopefully result in some CDS being resurrected from my collection for a second or even third listen. LOL

That about covers it. Wish me luck in my 40 days  of self actualisation and empowerment and harnessing my inner chi …Yeah right………Let’s see how  long it takes me to break (literally and figuratively). *Snicker* *Snicker*


Let my journey begin……SERENITY NOW!!!!!!!!!!

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One response to “My Lenten Vows

  1. Michael

    March 1, 2006 at 12:30

    Inner chi!!!  Serentity now!!!  Nice attempts at new age branding. 
    Jocularity aside, I applaud the underlying intention of the self commune. I wish you the very best in this endeavour.  I therefore commend you to weight loss, abstinence from intercourse with the CD stores and the suspension of sexual congress until 9 April .  Not portending ill, even if any or all of these fail, I hope the attempt allows you to see what many of us already do – an intelligent, humourous, engaging and successful man who once he accepts these as his reality has the world for his oyster.


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