The Premiere & The Aftermath

20 Mar

Well If I were to say that the premiere of the play went off without a hitch…well I would be a big fat liar. First, try dealing with the fact that the costumes you thought were yours from dress rehearsal are switched and the fact that some cast members were fitting into their costumes for the first time that night. I see you that debacle and then raise you lighitng and sound difficulties due to passing cars and at one point a hovering helicopter (Yes a joke).  All in all it was a magical night. YEAH RIGHT!!!!!
The biggest mishap of the night however belonged to one of the seasoned actors in the cast and his apparent memory loss during more than one scene. In one particular scene, his amnesia resulted in two pages of dialogue bieng lost and in the process confusing the audience totally as to the ultimate plot of the story. Baring this…I was brilliant…LOL my performance was fine. No major mishaps.
On an egotistical front, I realised only that night at the premiere that my role is that of a straight man to everyone’s comedic performance. In other words, my lines got no laughs and therefore i felt really weird. Try being in a comedy and being one of the few people in the cast that gets no laughs at all. There are no accolades from audience at curtain bows nor after when they see you in the crowd for the party. Hmmm a blow to my ego (after all….it’s all ABOUT ME????). I am however begrudgingly resigned to the fact that no laughs will come my way and as a result,  I am not enjoying the role anymore) How selfish is that????
The show continued for the rest of the weekend with that particular actor missing less and less lines each night. I think at the end of our 25 performance run, he would finally remember all his lines. Audience reception has also been very good as some scenes get such a raucous laughter that it delays continuation for sometime. (a good thing in my book). The only thing that puzzles me is that the cast doesn’t seem to be having much fun. Well at least in my eyes. There is no playfulness or even silly jokes being brandied about during backstage periods.  I must be having flashbacks from "The Lion King" and therefore judging this experience too harshly. Could Be. Maybe, Probably. Exactly!!!!. I think that is it. I really shouldn’t be comparing apples ot watermelons but i guess I am and in the end the only person that seems to be dissapointed is me.
On a positive note, i think the director wants me for another project he is doing later on in the year, so obviously he is satisfied with my work. Plus there is also the possibility that I may be in another local soap opera. NOthing definite but I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Overall I am cool with my role and the play. (I just want to be the one making the crowd laugh – yes i want to be the buffoon). Ah well, they do say that actors are some of the most insecure people you will ever met. Guess I am not proving anybody wrong.
The show is on a break for Monday and Tuesday (thnak goodness) , so i can finally get to bed before midnight and hopefully feel well rested the next day.(Yeah Right).
I didn’t have tennis this weekend as my coach is in Austrailia with the National Tennis Team for The Commonwealth Games and despite that fact, I got very little rest since we had to come in early to rehearse scenes given the degree of forgetfulness that had occured at the premiere. Now tihs week we are putting in two understudies into roles so that means extra rehearsals for us and shows at night. How Beautiful. At least in Germany I got paid extra for coming in early. No such arrangement exists for this.
Trust me that I am not doing this for free but financial constriants of the TTW have made contract payments specific to performances only (which i can agreewith from an cost cutting viewpoint).
A review of the play came out on Sunday and it wasn’t bad. Given that the reviewer saw the show on its Premiere Night where two pages of script were inadvertently lost by an actor, she found the play highly enjoyable. My name was mentioned in the paper (The Sunday Guardian) but no critique of my perfomance etc was done. I could live with that.  (Smiling because my name was mentioned in the paper… pathetic is that??)
 Life goes on and so must I. Off to do my day job and harass the masses.
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