Arbitrary Jottings

18 Apr

  • Why is there no Low-Fat Barra for "Doubles" Lovers? A Niche market not being exploed
  • On asking my father his thoughts on seeing my play, his response?  "Theatre is Theatre" –
  • Why did I ever waste so much time in my life listening to the opinions of an obvious idiot? "Steups"
  • Is it too late to divorce family? Ignoring them is still not enough. A Restraining Order would say "I care"
  • Apart from my whoring ways, and propensity towards laziness, am I really related to this person?
  • No I don’t need therapy for this.
  • Why is it that my car can never stay clean for more than a day?
  • Is it because I said that I won’t get attached to it? My heart will always belong to PBD 5029 My Navy Blue Honda Civic.
  • How cool was the intro music to Spike Lee’s "Inside Man"?
  • At least this movie was miles better than "She Hate Me"
  • What is so speical about Richard’s "Shark & Bake" that people drive miles for it?
  • How come "Doubles" is not available in Maracas? Everything else is.
  • How bad is MTV programming these days? Date My Mom? Call to Greatness? Yo Momma? Parental Control?????
  • Why was "Flavor of Love" on VH1 my secret guilty pleasure for its run?
  • When am I going to see a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy? This is ridiculous now.
  • Is it me or is CSI Miami bordering on ricdiculous now? Why is Horatio Cane such a good cop but stuck working in the Crime Lab? Why would anybody be afraid of a nerd working in a sicence lab?
  • is a great website. Watch the MADtv clip of Whitney singing the National Anthem?
  • Saw The Trinidad Production of Jesus Christ Superstar.  Boy, Jesus needed help with those high notes. Divine Intevention was more like it.
  • Do you think if I concentrate hard enough,the guy that is babbling over my cubicle will disappear?
  • Do I really want to hear his views on gay people when he wears flat front pants and a voice higher than my sisters’ ? Hmmmm Metrosexual my ass……
  • To the woman in the ugly coloured  Mazda who cut me off in traffic this morning…….sigh………..God Bless You.
  • SERENITY NOW!!!!!!!
  • When will my Rocket get here?
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