08 May

Monday May 08, 2006
Weight: 225lbs Current)
Target: 190lbs
Height: 6 feet
BMI Reading: Overweight (Clinically)
My Reading: Big boned (Just a little Pudgy)
So it begins today. My new weight loss program is off and running. While it has taken me 8 days into May to begin, I am happy to start today. Today will be my first day in the gym, my first day in attempting not to eat any complex carbs or carbs in general and today is the first day to a slimmer, trimmer and much leaner me. YEAHHHHHH
So how am i doing? I am miserable. Had Oatmeal this morning and now I am hungry as ever. There is no "in between" snacking, so I am drinking water to curb the stomach rumblings. Result: I have the bladder capacity of a 5 year old, so I keep running every 10-20 minutes to the bathroom.  Anyway, today is just a start and i am committed to this fight and control over my weight. No longer will calls of "chubby" or "fat boy" be met with polite stares and imaginary clubbings of the commentor but with the calm and collected response of "where are they?"
One promise to myself is that I will get "abs" during this process. A goal that has alluded me for many years( two decades to be precise). A gigantic task I must admit but it is time i take control of my body and the shame I feel when others comment on my weight.  While I admit that I will never be able to please the masses,I will have a sense of accomplishment in the face of all the stresses of this world. I am taking on my fears one at a time and ready to conquer them. Actually agreeing to join the gym is a big step as i detest the sight and sound of these places and the element it attracts. I will resist the urge to hit someone with a barbell (if I can lift it) should i hear them groan during their work out. 
Strength and Patience is all I ask, LORD. All That I Ask of Thee.
I was thinking of getting a Personal Trainer to help the process be more effective, but on window shopping I realise that I can’t afford them. $800.00 A month?? Are these people mad?? I am not paying someone $800.00 a month to abuse me three times a week (my tennis coach does that for less than half that price). They better be washing my car daily as well if I am going to pay them that kind of money.  The nerve of some people.
So i pray you wish me luck on my quest. Hopefully I will send you pictures of the before and after shots. No it won’t be like the Celebrity Fit Club pics but close. LOL
Onwards to better health and a killer bod.
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One response to “Physical

  1. Matthew

    May 11, 2006 at 00:59

    good luck and resist the urge–if possible- not to clobber all the silly self-ass kissing, not-half-as-hot-as-they-think gym bunnies and gym queens (you know exactly what I mean 🙂


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