The Workout Plan….

11 May

has gone to POT!!!!! Yes, already.  After a valiant attempt by me in joining the gym, I haven’t been back to it since then. Did I ever mention that gyms intimidate me? They do and therefore I find it hard to stay in them. Every piece of gym equipment I approach seems to be complicated. Me, yes me , who actually knows how to bypass a firewall, can’t seem to get a handle on gym equipment.  I always end up staring at it until i see someone actually use it.
I think my problem with Monday was that I chose the wrong time of the day to go to the gym. People in my office told me that i chose the “posers period” to go to the gym. The “Posers period” is the time of the day when all the people who know that they are hot and have the seriously hot bodies, come to the gym to workout.  They have absolutely no need to be there but they come at this time to check each other out and size up their competition. Alas no one was checking me out. The body I presented to them belonged to that of a pregnant woman in her second trimester (this is where she is now starting to show a stomach and looking a bit chubby).
I spent 30 minutes on the stationary bike building up the courage to go to another part of the facilities. When I finally got off my lower torso felt firm from the workout. Too bad it had me walking like a penguin for a least five minutes.  I then worked my way over to an area called “The Circuit” and stayed there for 30-40 minutes using every machine in intervals. This portion wasn’t bad until a crew of loud women decided that they needed to jump on any machine they liked and continue to talk with each other. I explained to one of them that i was using the circuit system and that she was interrupting my flow. She eyed me up and down and steupsed (sucked her teeth). I then asked her if her education level prevented her from being civil. With this remark she got up, called me some name i couldn’t decipher (enunciation didn’t seem to be her strong suitat all) and walked across to another one of her friends. I then thanked her for allowing me to use the machine, finished up my set and then ran out of there before the cast of “The Parkers” came after me.  Overall, it was a good workout.
Since then, I haven’t been back to the gym. Tuesday I saw MI-3 (Good Movie despite my dislike of Tom Cruise). Yesterday, there was a football match on in the stadium and so i opted to go home and rest (What??? You thought that I actually attended the match??? Dream On!) Today is Thursday and i don’t think that i am going today either. I have a meeting all day tomorrow in Tobago and so I was hoping to get a haircut before then (which only leaves today to do it). I really should venture back to that unholy place of terror but I just lack the will power to do such.  I know that I must return (to pick up my membership card) but i need to pace myself and hopefully avoid a potential beat down
Hopefully the weekend will bring a renewal of my efforts plus it is a fact that less people use gyms on weekends, so it will be relatively empty.
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One response to “The Workout Plan….

  1. Michael

    May 16, 2006 at 16:15

    Hey Stefan. Which gym did you join? Is it that fancy on in the BP building? Doesn\’t that come with trainers?

    You have my fullest support in this quest but you have to give me something to encourage you in old boy. Haul your butt into the gym, kick ass as you did the last time and have good workouts. I found the May editions of Men\’s Health and Esquire to have had some good articles on health and fitness.

    Keep it up!!


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