19 May

Weight: 225lbs Current)
Previous Weight: 228lbs
Target: 190lbs
Height: 6 feet
BMI Reading: Overweight (Clinically)
My Reading: Big boned (Just a little Pudgy)
Mood:  Yuh have to ask????
Well, life is just not fair. After trying on three scales in different sports stores and using the one at the home of my friend Jeunille…it is official…I have gained three pounds. How is this possible????  I have been a good boy. I HAVE been eating OATMEAL for goodness sake. Where did I go wrong? My meal portions are smaller, my water intake is up and I am sweating everyday like a whore in Mecca or like Whitney Houston in Concert (only a few ppl will get that one) and still I GAINED THREE POUNDS!!!!!
OK OK I am breathing and not really that upset but i am going to make an effort next week and then will i decide whether or not to sod it all and just do liposuction when I turn 35 (Yes, a Nip and Tuck). I don’t understand it. While in London, I lost weight easily and there was no exercise happening then.  i can only assume that my weight loss then had to do with the fact that i was studying at the time  and therefore was too preoccupied to bother with it. WAIT!! Does that mean I am going to have start studying again in order to lose this weight????? There must be an easier way.
Right now my knees are sore from playing tennis last night and other parts of my body still ache from earlier this week and I still gained weight?????
While i am not going to go all postal on anyone, i needto point out that my first instinct is to buy a CD to deal with the sad stat of affairs and not to run to Donut Boys or a Doubles Vendor to relieve my stress. This is not i my nature. alas i can’t even buy a CD as i think i have bought enough for the past two weeks already. Here is a list of the CDs bought in the last two weeks:
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – Stadium Arcadium – 7/10
  • Jamie Cullum – Catching Tales  – 8.5/10
  • Lalah Hathway – Outrun The Sky – 6/10
  • Various Artistes – Killer Queen: A Tribute To Queen – 7/10
 I am also doing pretty well in curbing my CD buying habit. To date only 34 CDS have been purchased for the year with an entire 33 day period with no Cd purchases being recorded.
So I guess small victories can be claimed despite my pending endorsement as the new Pillsbury Dough Boy. Jeez, just had one of those flashbacks where some said to me that I shouldn’t lose weight because I would no longer be cuddly. Cuddly???? At the time of that statement, I remember smiling to the person and saying the "Our Father" in head. Somehow that memory got surpressed, just like portions of my teenage years. Too bad they seep out sometimes and force you to install a tougher security system in your head to prevent any further moments like those.
Nothing much to say otherwise. Will head to cinema this weekend to view "The Da Vinci Code" and see if the critics are correct or full of bovine excreta as they normally are.
Safe journeys til then.
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