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I had a really cool Saturday this weekend. Nothing much happened except the fact that I took my adopted nephew to see Disney’s "Cars" as well as going to a Violin Recital Called" Strings with Song" at Queens Hall later that night. At the end of it all I wasn’t at all tired just a bit hungry. Why??? Well let me explain.
Dillon, my adopted nephew had been bugging me for weeks to take him to see "Cars". My rants about being tired and too busy were ignored and it culminated in me going to the 1:30pm showing of it at Cinema’s 8 (Not my favorite cinema but it will do). We arrived there at 1pm and i got the tickets while he (Dillon) kept darting into a nearby Video arcade called "Galactica". He kept saying saying that after the movie we would be going to the arcade to play some games. My response: "No, Uncle Stefan has to go out for 5pm this afternoon so that is not possible."  He sighed and said that we will make time. I ignored the comment.
Now being a nice person I made sure that I treated Dillon with whatever snacks he wanted so that he would forget about the arcade after the movie. He had only asked for a small Popcorn and a drink when we were in the concession line but as we got closer he said to me, "Guess what I haven’t had in a long time?".  With this he points to the candy display directly in front of us. I know that he is no big fan of chocolate so i say, "Skittles". He beams and says "Wow, how did you guess that on your first try?". I reply, "I can read your mind." (BIG Mistake.)  With that thought planted in his head, he then proceeds to ask me every ten seconds what he is thinking now. I ignore once again.
In the end, I got him the Skittles, a small bag of Popcorn and a small 7up. For me??? Well a Hot and a Large Cine Combo (large popcorn and large soft drink – Peardrax). NOTE: Leave me alone, I was hungry. 
We settle in for the movie and he complains for a little while that there are too many commercials before the movie. That I can agree with and we also have a short conversation (five minutes long) on why I can’t read his mind and why only his mommy can, but even she gets it wrong sometimes. Bless his heart. The boy however devours most of my hot dog as well as a good portion of my popcorn as he finished his during the commercials.(This boy obviously has a tape worm)
When the movie starts , all is well, he is eating and drinking and laughing at the screen. I , on the other hand, can’t seem to hear much with some guy talking on his cell phone behind me who assumes he is whispering. (Friends have told me for years that I cannot  whisper, guess his friends failed him in this regard.)
Anyway, 75% of the movie has passed and all of a sudden Dillon annouces that he needs to use the bathroom. (No problem, I predicted this. After all the stuff he devoured, this  I expect). We head to the bathroom and all he does is urinate and we wash his hands and then he races me back to the theatre. All is well. We settle in for the rest of the show as now i am hooked as to the ending of this movie (Not Pixar’s best but cool anyway). Less than five minutes later, I notice that he is really fidgety but I decide to ignore it. He turns to me a second later and says in a very soft voice, "Uncle Stefan, I need to tootoo". My initial reaction was not that of a good parent. "What?? You just went to the bathroom!!  He says softly" I know, but i can’t hold it anymore". "FINE!!!"  So  we get up to a brigade of sighs from the people in our row (we are in the corner-he chose the spot).
We get to the toilet and the boy seems to be in slow motion now. He goes in the cubicle and I hold the door from outside. He then starts up a conversation with me." I can see your fingers". I can see your face " "Ha Ha" Can You see Me".  Sigh.  Now anyone that knows me, knows that I don’t speak when I am in toilets. No conversations can be had during serious business.  Well he did not know and so i humored him. I reached my limit when a gentleman went into the stall next to him and he wanted to know who was that in the next stall. I calmly (lie) told him to hurry up ’cause we were missing the movie. All of a sudden he remembered the movie and I heard toilet paper rolling out for someone with serious bowel movements.  He exits the stall  and tries to elave without washing his hands. He gets an "Ay" from me and he detours straight to the sink.
Alas we get back in time for the end of the movie  and he then says that it was boring. He leaves me while we walk out so he can rush to the arcade. He returns sheepishly when he realises that he still had no money for the games. A woman then comments that i have my son well trained. I thank her and move along just in case she is looking for a husband (you can never be too careful). We play video games until 4:45pm and I rush home to get ready to meet Nisha to go to the recital which starts at 7pm but she wants to meet for dinner at around 6pm. I had to buy KFC for him to keep the pouting at bay.
Seeing that I live Arima and a drive to town takes 30 minutes (at my speed, 45 minutes if one adhered to the speed limit), I arrive in perfect time to go for dinner. I am starving. I get to her house, we chat for a while and then we leave and she suggests tha we have Gyros since the recital starts at 7pm and we don’t want to be late. Being the gentleman i am I only order one chicken gyro so as not to look like the pig I really am. That gyro went down so fast and proved to make me even hungrier but I was a good boy. I sucked on the ice from my drink and made do.
The Recital was amazing. Something I thought would be boring turned out to really enrich my soul and feed the need to perform again. Of course, in the face of these professionals, i felt like someone who did skits for the church concert. Anyway, the violinist, Oliver Lewis was phenomenal and his rendition of "Flight of the Bumblebee" was superb. Natalia Dopwell was the soprano that he sometimes dueted with during the night and she had a stellar voice. The one song that caught my attention was a song from Schubert’s Opera "Faust". The song is called Gretchen am Spinnrade (Gretchen and the Spinning Wheel". The chorus of the song caught me offguard. It was in German and the translation sort of slayed me.
Meine Ruh ist stille. (My peace is gone)
Meine Herz is schwer. (My heart is heavy)
Ich finde sie nimmer. (I can never find it)
Und nimmermehr. (and nevermore)
 Of course the song is about Gretchen’s longing for Faust after he took her virginity but that is not why it moved me. The words just spoke to me. So unlike the last artistic thing I did which freaked the hell out of me. You know "Don’t mess with the cow…". 
Anyway, the night ended with me driving to Church’s Chicken and ordering a three peice chicken dinner and devouring it on my way home.  After that day, I vowed to try and feed my soul in some artistic way. Whether it be me trying to write a song or two or actually finding a Guitar teacher to finally learn how to play an instrument. No longer will I sit idly by and let the world go pass me.
I slept all day Sunday.

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Justify My Love

No other songs brings to smile to my face like this one. REASON????

While at St. Mary’s College, a girl whom I had escorted to her Graduation the year before, handed me a note in the street and walked briskly off. On opening the note, there I saw the lyrics for this song but somehow they had a local flair to them. I was touched by the note but being young and foolish, i shared it with all and sundry and it became a standard joke for a while. I can’t remember what i did with that note after that, but the memory is still fresh as ever and positive.  Secondary school is always filled iwth images and situations we all wish to forget, I’m glad I am able to recall such a good experience.


Although I was a right "git" for showing it off, she never hated me for it and we laughed about it later on. Now below is the same song with my alterations attached to it. Only the first two lines belong to my Convent friend as they are the only lines that are etched in my head.  It was a beautiful sentiment. Hopefully my version will bring joy to whomever I decide to stalk and show attention to (LOL). Right now it is purely for your amusement.





JUSTIFY MY LOVE (Somewhat Altered)


I wanna kiss you in Cascade

I wanna hold your hand in La Horquettta

I wanna see you run naked in a rainstorm (or just naked will do)

Make love in a maxi cross-country

You put this in me

So now what, so now what?


Wanting, needing, waiting

For you to justify my love

Hoping, praying

For you to justify my love


I want to know you

Not like that (Yuh Tink?)

I don’t wanna be your mammee

I don’t wanna be your brother either

I just wanna be your dou dou

I wanna be your daddy too

Kiss me, that’s right, kiss me


Wanting, needing, waiting

For you to justify my love

Hoping, praying (like a whore in Mecca)

For you to justify my love

Yearning, burning (Not the ointment type)

For you to justify my love


What are you gonna do?

What are you gonna do?

Talk to me — tell me your dreams

Am I in them? (No?)

Tell me your fears

Am I still in them? (I Bet)

Tell me your stories ( The good ones)

I’m not afraid of a restraining order

We can fly!


Poor is the man

Whose pleasures depend

On the permission of another

Love me, that’s right, love me

I wanna be your doolahin


Wanting, needing, waiting

For you to justify my love

Hoping, praying (like ten pundits)

For you to justify my love

I’m open and ready (well not that wide)

For you to justify my love

To justify my love

Wanting, to justify

Waiting, to justify my love

Praying, to justify (not left or right)

To justify my love

I’m open, to justify my love


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What Do I Say

Hey folks…It’s been awhile since I last wrote anything on tihs blog and it isn’t for the lack of adventure in my life but just that I haven’t had time to do anything about it. So whats up with me? Well I have realised that in my quest to be more independent and incident-free that I have neglected old friends. Now we all know that there are some old friends that we out grow and some we just grow apart from. It is the latter that I am talking about.
I had a great friend called Racheal and over the years we just grew distant. When she got a boyfriend in UWI (whom she later married), there was no need for me. There was no need to have big brother Stefan around to protect her or jsut talk rubbish with. I had been replaced in her TV Show. Yes my character was being written out and to an extent that was true.
While I don’t blame her entirely for our distance, it came as a shock to me when years later i heard from her and it seemed as if she wondered what happened between us and why i didn’t come over as often or "check" for her as much. In my mind, my role was over. We took different paths in life. There was no resentment or anything, we jsut grew apart. Now she wants to talk and I just don’t know what to do. What do we talk about that doesn’t involve her accusing me of abandoning her to get a life of my own? What do I say? I just don’t know. Her birthday is on June 10, so I am planning to make some measure of an effort to see her around then. I am so at a loss for words. 
It is not that I am a different person (still the same saracastic Stefan as i ever was). I just think that when you close off things in your mind and they seem to be reopened unexpectedly, you are just unprepared.  I guess I will go in, apologise for not being a friend and try to make sport of all the disasters that have befallen me in the years we have been apart. LOL  I guess that my work.
Phew,..ok not that this out……..What the hell is this thing called jogging?
I decided on Monday to take a break from the routine of the gym and go jogging around the Savannah. So, with the support of my gym buddy, we ventured to do the "bourg" thing in Trinidad. That is, be seen running aorund the Savannah. While I try to shy away from the spotlight (It just happens to follow me), I decided that it couldn’t hurt to try it.
Well after about two false starts  we began and it became immediately apparent that I was keeping my friend Richard back. He had to keep doubling back ever so often or had to go at a much slower pace than he expected we would be at. Reason??? I have old bones and there were squeaking, begging for oil.  Plus when it comes to the hard surface of the track around the savannah, my knees scream for help. I could do the easy thing and run of the grass but the surface is uneven and given the ease with which i topple over during normal things… i decided not to attempt that one.  Plus while jogging we saw a woman who was running on the grass fall over and rise back up in quick succession, pretending that nothing had happened. Too bad her sneaker came off and so she had to go back to the scene of the crime to retrieve it. Everything was in slow motion when she fell but her recovery was still excellent. If it wasn’t for the sneaker, she would have gotten 8.5 for the landing and dismount.
Anyway, so after 45 minutes of intermittent jogging and power walking, we left and i made up my mind that this ain’t happening again. It was confirmed the following morning when I awoke and felt like Rocky Baboa after his bouts with Apollo Creed. What? Reference lost on you? Ok, I felt like Tina Turner after the car fight with Ike. Better? All over my body was aching  including my chest and I just couldn’t understand why. My guess is that I got a far better aerobic workout than I thought. Damn It!!! That means the jogging was good for me. Phooey!!!!
Played two hours of tennis on Wednesday and also moved a washing machine all by myself. I moved it from the Verandah area into the laundry room.It took 30 painstaking minutes to do it. Next Morning? Well seems like Mike Tyson had his way with me or the cast of the Musical STOMP practised on my body for a rehearsal. Whoa, would you believe that it is Friiday and I still feel pangs of dull pain from Wednesday? How would have thunk it? LOL
All in all I am happy with my level of exercise and despite the fact that the scales seem to say differently i feel fitter and much leaner. It helps that I don’t look into mirrors too often as then i only see a fat boy when i do. Sad isn’t it.
Alas, let me get back to work. They are annoucing bonuses shortly and I am psychic enough to know that I am not getting any but I do know that for the rest of the organisation, work grinds to a halt. LOL
Take Care for now.
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