What Do I Say

02 Jun

Hey folks…It’s been awhile since I last wrote anything on tihs blog and it isn’t for the lack of adventure in my life but just that I haven’t had time to do anything about it. So whats up with me? Well I have realised that in my quest to be more independent and incident-free that I have neglected old friends. Now we all know that there are some old friends that we out grow and some we just grow apart from. It is the latter that I am talking about.
I had a great friend called Racheal and over the years we just grew distant. When she got a boyfriend in UWI (whom she later married), there was no need for me. There was no need to have big brother Stefan around to protect her or jsut talk rubbish with. I had been replaced in her TV Show. Yes my character was being written out and to an extent that was true.
While I don’t blame her entirely for our distance, it came as a shock to me when years later i heard from her and it seemed as if she wondered what happened between us and why i didn’t come over as often or "check" for her as much. In my mind, my role was over. We took different paths in life. There was no resentment or anything, we jsut grew apart. Now she wants to talk and I just don’t know what to do. What do we talk about that doesn’t involve her accusing me of abandoning her to get a life of my own? What do I say? I just don’t know. Her birthday is on June 10, so I am planning to make some measure of an effort to see her around then. I am so at a loss for words. 
It is not that I am a different person (still the same saracastic Stefan as i ever was). I just think that when you close off things in your mind and they seem to be reopened unexpectedly, you are just unprepared.  I guess I will go in, apologise for not being a friend and try to make sport of all the disasters that have befallen me in the years we have been apart. LOL  I guess that my work.
Phew,..ok not that this out……..What the hell is this thing called jogging?
I decided on Monday to take a break from the routine of the gym and go jogging around the Savannah. So, with the support of my gym buddy, we ventured to do the "bourg" thing in Trinidad. That is, be seen running aorund the Savannah. While I try to shy away from the spotlight (It just happens to follow me), I decided that it couldn’t hurt to try it.
Well after about two false starts  we began and it became immediately apparent that I was keeping my friend Richard back. He had to keep doubling back ever so often or had to go at a much slower pace than he expected we would be at. Reason??? I have old bones and there were squeaking, begging for oil.  Plus when it comes to the hard surface of the track around the savannah, my knees scream for help. I could do the easy thing and run of the grass but the surface is uneven and given the ease with which i topple over during normal things… i decided not to attempt that one.  Plus while jogging we saw a woman who was running on the grass fall over and rise back up in quick succession, pretending that nothing had happened. Too bad her sneaker came off and so she had to go back to the scene of the crime to retrieve it. Everything was in slow motion when she fell but her recovery was still excellent. If it wasn’t for the sneaker, she would have gotten 8.5 for the landing and dismount.
Anyway, so after 45 minutes of intermittent jogging and power walking, we left and i made up my mind that this ain’t happening again. It was confirmed the following morning when I awoke and felt like Rocky Baboa after his bouts with Apollo Creed. What? Reference lost on you? Ok, I felt like Tina Turner after the car fight with Ike. Better? All over my body was aching  including my chest and I just couldn’t understand why. My guess is that I got a far better aerobic workout than I thought. Damn It!!! That means the jogging was good for me. Phooey!!!!
Played two hours of tennis on Wednesday and also moved a washing machine all by myself. I moved it from the Verandah area into the laundry room.It took 30 painstaking minutes to do it. Next Morning? Well seems like Mike Tyson had his way with me or the cast of the Musical STOMP practised on my body for a rehearsal. Whoa, would you believe that it is Friiday and I still feel pangs of dull pain from Wednesday? How would have thunk it? LOL
All in all I am happy with my level of exercise and despite the fact that the scales seem to say differently i feel fitter and much leaner. It helps that I don’t look into mirrors too often as then i only see a fat boy when i do. Sad isn’t it.
Alas, let me get back to work. They are annoucing bonuses shortly and I am psychic enough to know that I am not getting any but I do know that for the rest of the organisation, work grinds to a halt. LOL
Take Care for now.
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