Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am not a violent person. I actually try to avoid violence at every turn. I am however not opposed to a good tongue lashing or "cussout" if the need arises.  I however prefer to avoid physical contact with others that may result in me being bruised or worse yet cut in some way. Don’t get me wrong, I will fight if need be but i chose to be a pacifist. Yesterday afternoon was ..well…you be the judge.
It was raining heavily yesterday afternoon when a colleague and I decided to move our cars from the Henry Street Car Park to the RBTT Car Park (just to make life easier as we were going to be working late). We are trying to pass near Y De Lima (on the corner or Broadway & South Quay) but a host of commuters are blocking us with their umbrellas and no one is moving. Being the patient person that I am, I raised my umbrella and tried to make my way through the crowd. On the corner, up against the wall of Y De Lima, a vendor was plying her trade of "sweeties" etc. She (yes i said "she") was arguing with everyone for getting her product wet as they passed. What did she expect? It’s raining and everyone is using their umbrellas, plus she is not supposed to be touting, but that matter is for another forum.
As I make my way passed her tray of stuff, I feel something hit me hard at the side of my torso. I look around and there she is shouting in general for people to move and waving this black plastic pag in her hand that i tihnk she just used to hit me. I look at her and say, "What the Hell??" and she just says."Move Nah". Well, being a man that respests his elders I decide that I will move on but not before I tilt my umbrella over her Tray and empty all the water from my umbrella into it.  Feeling satisfied I continued on my journey to the car.
Not more than three strides later, I turn around to see the woman hot on my trail with that black bag and this time she cussing like the wind. I turn to her and ask, "Where you going with that?"
Woman: Yuh jus wet up meh sweetie and them. Mine I aint buss yuh ass
Me: Well if you didn’t hit me with that thing, maybe it wouldn’t be so wet now
Woman: Yuh tink i fraid yuh? Yuh mudder ass go get it
Me: When? You should not be there and you should not have hit me.
And with that I walked off. Somewhere in the distance, she was still there cussing and she even advanced a few more steps threatening me further. My colleague laughed so hard and kept going on and on about how I almost became a statistic for some wet "sweeties". Looking back it is a tad amusing but I could really do wthout this drama.
After getting my car i had to pass near to her again and she noticed me in the distance and utter something about "Repairing my vagina?" Loosely translated she said that I she will fix my "Cee yoU Next Tuesday".  Ah the language of the masses…what would we do without it?
In other news, I moved into an apartment in Diamond Vale, Diego Martin this weekend. Yes, yes I  know what you are saying. He sell out. He’s a West Boy finally. Well all I have to say to that is…"steups".  If it wasn’t for my aunt’s diligent house hunting strategies and the fact that this apartment came fully furnished including a washer and dryer, I would have not even considered the area. When I was heading to view the apartment, I was only thinking that Diego Martin is a one-road in and out scenario that I prefer not to be in. Then the landlady spoke about the washer and dryer in the place and I didn’t hear another word she said.
So now it take sme like ten minutes to get to work and 30-45 minutes to get home due to the traffic situation in this area. Not ideal I know but at the end of the day, peace of mind is a hell of thing to argue with.
My first night in the apartment saw me put some Eric Benet on and I was just rearranging stuff to my liking. This experience just took me back to my days pre-Europe when I lived in Curepe and had the landlady from hell who raised my rent from $1500 to $1800 all because Benny Hinn came to Trinidad and she wanted to send him $300 each month. Talk about self sacrifice on her part.
I haven’t slept all that well in the new place as yet since I keep hearing all sorts of noises and I am still getting acquainted to the bed. All in all I welcome this new experience and I hope it continues to be a source of good vibrations and positive things to come.
BTW, did I mention that the apartment is a fully furnished two bedroom, two bathroom unit inclusive of a Washer and Dryer? Just say it with me…WASHER and DRYER. Sigh. So beautiful when said together. WASHER & DRYER.  I think I’m in love.
So long for now………….

One thought on “Hit Me With Your Best Shot

  1. Stefan
    congrats on the new apartment…when is the housewarming…and even more important ..who will be the first honoured guest to \’stay the niiiiiiight\’

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