Man In The Mirror

02 Aug

So yesterday on Dreevay (Gayelle TV) they showed the hike that i went on and all i have to say is that …."the camera adds ten pounds".
In my case, the camera added much more than i cared to know about myself. In watching the footage i kept looking at the person who was supposed to be me and just not recognising them. I knew what i wore on the day and I can recall certain instances that were shown but to look at myself from that angle (or any camera angle) just wasn’t flattering.  First, i realised that I need to lose more weight and also that i look rather clumsy in my form. I looked like a black shrek who was totally uncoordinated and who seemed only to be on the hike as an enforcer.
I know that one can be highly critical of ones appearance, but i just didn’t like any angle of me that was presented. Anyone seeing the show would think that the guy in the red T-shirt didn’t look too bright and I would concur.  It was a sad day for me. The episode was funny but it acted as a wake up call in my frustrated efforts to get slimmer.  Even the space betwen my teeth that i normally consider cute looked like a gaping hole where an actual tooth resided. Alas, age what a terrible friend you are sometimes…..
Sigh….Does anyone know the number for Jenny Craig? If not her then someone call Nicole Richie for me.
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