17 Aug

I want to thank everyone for the positive feedback I got on my poem. While many thought it was wrought with pain, the thing is…when it was written the assocaited pain had been dead for at least two years. LOL  A particular incident put the lyrics in my head and it just seemed to flow. Nothng has everflowed so easily.  I guess it was something that needed to come out of me.  Overall, the feeling has been great. Out of all the insecurities that can plague you on a day to day basis, somethings stick to you and some just seemed to slide off.
This week I had my friend Stacey (My Muse, My BESTEST FRIEND and Liming Partner) scold me for not believing in my abilities and for doubting the fact that I am the master of my own destiny. (Yes, Stacey can come across as one of those self help gurus). Anyway, She made me do a list on myself. It came from this website:  The Website talked about doing a list on :
1. What I Don’t Like About Myself
2. What I am Grateful for
Needless to say One side was infintely longer than the other, but in the end I began to realise that the things i am insecure about are some of things i am grateful for. This is because some of my insecurities have shped me into someone that at most times i admire. It is within this vein that the song below came into my head. It is a classic song from Sesame Street and as most of those songs do, they try and put a smile on your face and make you believe in yourself. So here is my song for the hour.
It is entitled "Me"
Me! Everything I am is me!

The best thing I can be is

Me in my mirror

Me in my bed!

Me in the pictures I make in my head

Oh me!

What a thing to be is me

Utterly delicous!

And since there’s no choice I am sure I and me agree!

There’s nobody better, smarter, nicer, sweeter …

Don’t you see … than me!!

Don’t you agree?
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One response to “Me

  1. Trini

    August 18, 2006 at 14:06

    Quite a "classic" indeed Stefan.  Quite a "classic"  🙂


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