One Wish

11 Sep

So I know that I haven’t written anything in a while but there has been so much going on in my life that i just haven’t found the time to write much or much less process all that has been happening.
First of all, I am supposed to be changing departments from Risk Management to Syndication. While this initially brought excitement to me, it is now a source of stress that not even I am ready to speak about. You know that there are some topics that not even the most vocal person is willing to speak on or even voice? Well, in my quest to be a better person, I find myself in that position and while my non-vocal stance has not caused me an ulcer nor the loss of any sleep, i would appreciate if it could sort itself out and quickly. I am now saddled with two jobs that are demanding my time equally and none is showing any indication of letting up. Strangely enough, this isn’t the problem as i welcome work. I LOVE being busy.
In the vein of busy..the weekend of September 2 and 3rd particularly September 3rd, saw me shooting a scene for a local movie called "The Ghost of Hing King Estate". Don’t ask me what the movie is really about as i got the call to go to an audition on Friday 1st September and then was told to be on set on Sunday dressed like a lawyer. I had a total of three lines and along with the other characters that were in the Court Room scene with me, we had a good time. The cool thing was that both the director and writer were on set and liked my work (well they didn’t complain or ask for three or four takes of the scene). So i take it that my acting was at least on par. The movie is to be aired on TV6 (a local channel) later this year and I am hoping that my scenes don’t end up on the cutting room floor.
To top things off, I am also in a Musical due to open at Queen’s Hall on October 6th. It is called "Once On This Island" and it was first put on on Broadway a long time ago. I first heard of this musical while in Hamburg and my friend Keith bought the CD for me when he went to New York on his vacation. So i have been loving the music since then. To be chosen to do it is still surreal to me but i am embracing it for all that God has decided to bless me with.  I still have insecurities about my singing and acting but i guess what performer doesn’t have issues. The play is based upon a book called "My Love, My Love" by Rosa Guy. I play the character called Agwe. He is the God Of Water. I am also lucky that my role doesn’t involve me dancing too much cause my two left feet would definitely do me in.  Rehearsals for this musical run from Mon-Friday from 8-11pm and on weekends from 11 am to 5pm.  This means that the process is extremely intensive. 6 weeks to get a musical up and running? Whoa…Stefan somebody obviously beat you with a "wuk stick"…
Then in the midst of all this, I had to Run to New York for two days of meetings. The meetings were like 12 hour marathon sessions with food being provided. My time in New York was defintely not about site seeing but work so it hurt that Virgin Megastore (The Mothership for a CD freak like me) was having a $10 CD/DVd sale and I couldn’t partake whatsoever.  "Life is soooo unfair". The only thing that was a little cool about the trip is that my hotel, Mariott Financial Center was located a stones throw away from Ground Zero. I tried to take some pics of it but the wire fencing around it was not helping at all. I will post the pics online as soon as I finish the roll. (Yes i am in the Stone Age, when it comes to cameras.)  Hopefully i will upgrade soon.
And that’s my update for now. My one wish is for sleep and a long nights so that i dont doze off during the day. LOL
Take Care folks……. ciao

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2 responses to “One Wish

  1. Matthew

    September 16, 2006 at 09:03

    wow…i just wanted to add my voice….congratulations on continuing to live your dream…next up we will be seeing you as Deena…
    (you did not even tell me you were in NY……)

  2. Stefan

    September 18, 2006 at 07:12

    Deena??? More like Effie (if you know what i mean)


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