Mercy On Me

27 Sep

Despite my prolonged absence from church, I still call upon the Man of Steel for assistance in my hour of need and these days I seem to be relying on Him constantly for support.
In case I haven’t informed you, the musical that was postponed, is back on with an Opening date of October 11th 2006 at Queen’s Hall. With the minor break we took, some people got a bit sick and the rest of us seemed to have lost some weight in the process (Not me though). Now we are moving at Lightening speed and i find myself talking to God asking for extra hours in the day so that I may sleep a bit more.
Look at my typical weekday:
5:45am   – Arise and get act together so as to avoid traffic
6:00am   – I roll out of bed and try to fix something for breakfast
6:25am   – Leave Home to avoid traffic
7:00am   – I arrive at work despite living 15 minutes away from it (Damn West Traffic)
7:30am   – Log on and start answering emails through out the day
8:30am   – Someone must have a meeting this early
9:30am   – Back at desk with coffee wondering why I just went to the last meeting
9:45am   – Another Pointless meeting that could have been settled by email
9:50am   – Nod off in meeting (almost hit head)
10:30am – I am assigned some hard task due to my failure to stay awake at meeting
11:15am – On the phone with Group risk answering questions that were covered in the extensive report they got.
12:00pm – LUNCH (Bond with fellow Staffers and listen to them expound on sexual prowess)
12:30pm – Excuse myself from lunch table before I speak my mind
1:15pm:  – Return from walk into town so that i don’t fall asleep in evening meetings
2:00pm   – How the hell do I calculate this thing? 
2:15pm   – Hmmph i thought google was there to help you?
2:30pm   – (On toilet seat praying) Lord how did i get this job again?
3:00pm   – Another meeting
4:00pm   – Still working on report calculations. Still not making sense.
5:00pm   – Give up and Head to the gym with Richard ( my gym buddy)
5:30pm   – Arrive at gym…Use stationary bike as every woman is on the threadmill
6:00pm   – Begin workout
6;45pm   – Do crunches then head for home
7:15pm   – At home. Run into shower
7:40pm   – Leave home for Rehearsal
8:15pm   – Bought dinner at Subway (took two bites)
8:30pm   – Rush into rehearsal (Movement warm up has begun)
9:00pm   – This man ain’t realise yet that I can’t bend like that? 
9:30pm   – Vocal warm up
10:30pm – Blocking of and rehearsal of scenes to be tackled
12:00am – Leave Rehearsal to head home
12:30am – Get home (had to drop off two cast members on my way home)
1:00am   – Fall asleep you IDIOT!!!!
5:45am   – Alarm goes off…………………………..
Weekends are a bit better as rehearsal is now 11am to 7pm, so i get the night off to sleep somewhat. The chance of having a life in between this is proving difficult but I believe that when i am fitter and skinnier, it will all be worth it. (Boy not even I can believe that line!)
Apart from that i have been befriending a girl who still sleeps with her Ex (Yes Soap Opera Drama) in the hopes of luring her away. The other day she said that I was..get this…"Partially Her Type"
Partially Her Type???? What the HELL does that mean? Am I too fat? Too Tall? What? What? What?
Hmmmph I spoke to God on this and His take is that I keep going after things that are:
  1. Not necessarily good for me on any scale, form or fashion
  2. Emotionally unavailable to me
  3. Trouble

I concur with his assessment and vow to devote all my free time to sleep instead of pursuing "The Teaser". Plus she is on her way out of my life as we speak due to the demands of the play. Jeez, i seem to attract women that just love to play games.

SIDENOTE: Cindy, do not call me to ask about her. I will not discuss it. I know you will be supportive (as us always are) but this is a situation that will sort itself out. OKAY???? (Why do I bother she is probably dialling the phone now to scold me anyway)

Anyways…I am writing this in work right now as i got in early and did some stuff ahead of time. No meeting has been called this morning so I can breathe a sigh of relief til i hear that I may have to travel and then I will wonder how do I tell the director about me having to travel. Or even worse yet, how do I tell my new boss about the musical that I am in when he needs me to travel to some island on business during the month of October? is he going to accept me being in a musical as a valid excuse not to do the bank’s business?

So do you all see my dilemma? Apart from asking God to remove the evil troll called "The Teaser" out of my life and trying to juggle all this work, i keep thanking him for my good health and for travelling mercies everytime I drive in Trinidad. Too many accidents on the road and my Renault is only 9 months old. I can’t have my baby or me hurt in anyway.

Oh did i tell you that one of the pompeks in my landlady’s arsenal bit me? Oh yes, through my jeans. i have sworn to have the dog eliminated. The strange thing is that it doesn’t bark at me when i enter the yard, only when i am opening the gate to drive out. My landlady goes for her morning walk at 7am everyday and so if death or dismemberment comes to the pompek it will be between 7am and 8am. I know all you animal lovers are gasping but the critters are evil and must be stopped. i almost tripped over a few of them that gathered round my feet one afternoon while walking to close the garage gate. They are evil i tell you. EVIL!!!

Ok got to get back to work. i only ask that i am in your prayers as you all are in mine. Well i pray for my msn contact list. God and I know who you are and we always appreciate donations. LOL


  • Justin Timeberlake: FutureSex/Love Sounds – 3.5/5 (NOt as good as the frist but still a good listen)
  • Janet: 20 Y.O.- 3/5 (it hurts to put that rating but it is a nice album but i only like one song "Enjoy")
  • Natalie Cole: Leavin’ – 1.5/5 (this is One Hot MESS. Karaoke at its worst. Why she covered some of these songs I will never know)


  • Quincy Jones: Q’s Jook Joint -4.5/5 (Brilliant album)
  • Eric Benet: Hurricane – 4.5/5 (Tortured Soul Exposed – Amazing Album)


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One response to “Mercy On Me

  1. Matthew

    September 28, 2006 at 03:51

    You only take 25 minutes between getting out of bed and leaving for work?????
    ….and death to the teaser…off with her head (and her little dog too….)


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