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Yes, yes..I know that I haven’t devoted any time to updating my page but i have been so busy that I only discovered last night that the cheese on my fridge is now a different color.

 Alot has happened to me over this month and even as I sit here to write this,  I have an email due to a client I have to see in Jamaica this week (oh yeah the new job has me traveling but it still brings no joy). Let me just list some of the stuff that has happened this month and if time permits, I will elaborate on each one….Somehow I think that is not going to happen.

 "Stress" The Musical

This thing has become the main source of my stress as the producers of the show keep pushing back the show dates for it. On Friday 26th October, i was pulled aside by the Stage Manager and told that the show may be in December. Needless to say i could no longer contain my frustration. this Damn thing was supposed to start next week  and now it isn’t. Do they know how much sleep i am getting?

I get up at 5:45am, go to work, leave probably at 5pm or 6pm depending upon if i am able ot go to the gym. I then go to rehearsal for 8pm which then finishes at 12 midnight. I don’t fall asleep most times til 1:30 or 2am and lo and behold…..5:45am arrives so quickly. 

 This scenario compounded by the fact that my new job is so different form what i am accustomed to and therefore requires my concentration like never before. So imagine me trying to concentrate on less than 4 hours of sleep and thinking that it will soon be over. Guess I am "The King of Wishful Thinking". LOL By the way, don’t forget that i haven’t told my boss as yet that I am in a musical and if he continues to schedule trips for us to take, whenever this play finally happens, i am going to have to explain to him why i cannot travel for at least two weeks. (Plus I ain’t taking my vacation to do this…no eh…that cyah wuk).

 The Speeding Ticket

Yes folks it finally happened. The long arm of the law caught me while speeding up the Churchill Roosevelt Highway (Near to FT FARFAN). I was doing about 125km/hr but according to the ticket it says that i was doing 100km/hr. (Yuh think I was complaining?) I took the ticket and drove on.  i paid the $200 fine on Friday and discovered that I had to enter the Port of Spain Magistrate’s Court and stand in a line that other people were using to either pay for bail or child maintenance (or at least so I thought).

 The man of East Indian Decent in from of me in the line was obviously using the famous Eau de toilette called "White Oak Rum" and he sought to speak to me to pass the time. I was shocked to discover that he has also used the cologne as a Mouth Wash but then again he could have had the whole Accessory Pack. Still was not aware of White Oak’s expanding product line but since I am not a drinker, I guess I am not up to speed with these products. While I managed to understand parts of his slurred speech and rants about the state of the country ( or was it the state of Caroni?? I gave up trying to decipher), the guy directly in front of him was not amused at his speech nor at the loud manner in which he was discussing his topics.

 The guy in front was a tall skinny guy with alot of uncombed hair on his head. I won’t call it an afro because you might get the idea that it was combed in some manner. Anyway, he told my indian friend to keep quiet otherwise he will deal with him. (I took two steps back at this time).  The indian man told him that he was dutty..something something (I am not sure if he was cussing but the amount of spit that was accumulating at the side of his mouth really wasn’t helping)….and that he (the tall guy) should know that indians running the country and it is only a matter of time before all we (again not able to make out word) would be gone.  The tall guy then turns and tells him that he is here to pay bail for his attempted murder charge and he don’t mind adding an assault charge to this. (At this time, I had taken like ten steps back and was thinking of leaving and paying this ticket at another time. Then I thought that i really don’t want to be back here on any other day). 

 Apparently, this little episode caused the good people of the public service to open another window and so the lines moved rather quickly with my Indian friend still grumbling about a puja and a visit to his pundit. (Don’t ask me what this meant, my Hindi (irdu) is not up to scratch (apparently neither is my English).  By the time i got to a window, the tall guy was standing next to me, as apparently it wasn’t bail he had to pay but a fine for malicious wounding and he was ten days late in making the payment. So he was waiting for someone to see him on what was his next step (apparently he didn’t have all the money either). He kept staring at me while i paid my $200 fine and then he spoke

 Tall Guy: "Yeah Fadda, help a brudder out nah" Leh meh get a two hundred from you to add to this? YOu look like u have money.

Me: Er Er (Jesus Help Me!!!). I brokes boy. I borrow this money from meh girlfriend and now I have to go by her mother with her for the weekend. Sorry.

Tall Guy: (Laughs out loud) No Scene fadda. No scene.

 I cannot translate that last statement but I do believe that he was offering his sympathies to me on my predicament. Am I correct?

 Anyway, on leaving the cashier and exiting the Court House, i saw my Indian friend talking with a police officer and he was pointing back to the area that i just left.  Jeez, there is never a dull day in Sweet TnT.

 The Rest—–

Apart from this. I realised that, with the musical and work, I haven’t been a good friend to many people. i have stopped calling those I used to call and well the ones that would hear from me occasionally ..hmm well (pick up the phone and call ME now nah!!). So to all those who think that I have abandoned them, yes I have and I am sorry.  i am honestly trying to put my life into some semblance of order as we speak  while i am also contemplating fleeing this country. For some reason or another, Trinidad represents a source of stress and the re-establishment of every insecurity that I thought I had gotten rid of.  it is just weird but I blame it all on family and the people whose opinions I seem to let affect me in spite of me knowing better.

 My friend Stacey thinks that I will only be able to leave Trinidad for good when I have made peace with all these issues I have surrounding Trinidad. (Yes she is very Oprah-esque and more Oracle than anything else).  At the rate i am going, i will be here for a LONG time.  But all of this is for another blog. Let me go and send that email and then run home for some shut-eye before rehearsal this evening.



Oh and by the way….to the person who told me that I have a lisp and to whom I contemplated actual murder by strangulation. Watch Yuh Back….I ain’t forget yuh.  Imagine that…after 33 years on this planet, someone comes along and tells me that my voice will not be good for commercials because Ihave a lisp. A Lisp??? A LISP!!!! They mad???? I have NEVER had a speech impediment in my LIFE!!!  What does happen is that one may hear a hissing sound from me during speech as air passes thru the gigantic space in my top front teeth but I DO NOT and have NEVER had a LISP……… Do you think that person meant to be mean? I honestly don’t think so but jeez….A MF LISP??????


 Anyway I’m off…….


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Shake Your Thang

Well Friday was a particularly interesting day in Trinidad & Tobago. More so for Trinidad as we experienced a serious earthquake (well in our minds) that caused structural damage to some buildings and mainly to the elevators within them. This experience left me a little traumatized as I was on the top floor of the RBTT Independence Square Branch and that thing shook the black off me for the ten seconds or more it occurred.


The strange thing is that I was in a fellow co-worker’s office going over some figures with my laptop in hand when the earthquake started up. The building started to shake and his desk (a very heavy one) started to move. The building seems to be swaying and everything just seemed to be on the verge of cracking (well just in my eyes). On feeling the strong vibrations I ran to the doorway to stand and I was quickly followed by my co-worker and then by another one who happened to be passing in the hallway. In the midst of the shake I commented to the last arrival to the doorway:


Me: Hear nah, three hard back men cannot be sheltering under one doorway. Find another doorway to stand under please.


Of course he ignored me and only moved when the tremors stopped.


I must confess, I think I weed a bit during the tremors and I know for sure I called out for my mother ever so quietly and briefly. I know no one heard but it was still a traumatic experience for me.


Would you believe that after the quake, all the bank I work for, sought to do was send out an email informing us of “Procedures in the Event of An earthquake”. Can you believe that? No one called to inquire to as to emotional stability etc. I was in a mess and found it a bit hard to concentrate after that. In order to calm my nerves, I headed out of the bank and to see if I could find a CD to purchase. Alas none were found. A few DVDs tempted me but since I want to go to Margarita for the Chinese Holiday weekend, I opted not to spend money on it.


I decline to offer up where I was when the second tremor occurred. Needless to say, I never returned to the office and had to come in the next morning to close up my office. The next tremor shook me worse than the first and all I kept thinking is that if I was in the office I would have had to run in town to buy a change of underwear. Rumor has it that the Deputy MD told his Assistant that he needs to keep spare underwear in his office form now on.


Stories are still flying around as to what other people did during these tremors but all I know is that if I wasn’t one with a good heart or mind, I would have been on the other end of a bottle of tequila or vodka by the end of that day. I have watched too many movies and TV shows not to panic a bit on experiencing an earthquake, particularly at such a height off the ground. I am not willing to endure it again.


I am sitting in the office right now hoping not to feel a tremor. I already had to climb 16 flights of stairs to my office this morning as the elevators aren’t working. If it is not fixed by the lunch time, bet your bottom dollar that KFC will have to deliver food to my ass way up here. If I am forced to walk down those stairs for lunch, I will definitely be working from home for the rest of the day.


I had a good weekend though. Got assaulted from my friend Cindy at her birthday party on Saturday, all because she says that I broke off some lime with her to go out with another woman and wrote it on my blog. Cindy, I want proof of such an act. Proof!!!


Anyway, all is well and I am thinking of going to Margarita from October 12 to 15 with some friends. I also think that I am spending too much money but that is another issue to sort out later on.


Have a good week everyone in case you don’t hear from me again.


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