01 Jan

This is my only resolution for 2007. I try not to do resolutions for the New Year as i fail miserably at them, but I must say that 2006 was a really interesting year and my desire to lose weight was to some extent actually achieved. Yup I did lose some weight and as a result i feel really good. While my clothing may fit a bit differently, I still however don’t  have a six pack, but then again…."if wishes were horses, beggars might ride".
As I remember 2006, I can only smile. For the first time in a long time the year wasn’t filled with lots of disappointment.  I encountered loads of strange people along the way, recorded my experiences in most cases and hopefully made alot of people laugh and break the monotony of their lives. New Music was discovered, i acted in a play, had a small scene in a TV movie and rehearsed one to death that never came off. Hmmm it really was that bad.  I remember fondly going on a hike that aired on TV and that made me look like Shrek’s dark brother; Going a  Performance piece that still  creeps me out when I think about it and even travelling to different countries. All in all, Life was good to me depsite my ranting all through the year.
A long time ago I came up with this concept that my life is a big TV show where the producers, writers and directors dictate my fate and that of the characters in my show. So there would be those with recurring roles, guest spots and new characters. Of course for some periods my show has abysmal ratngs due to me being very boring but then sometimes I can beat back or rival the best dramatic or comedy series on Television. The only input I think I have in the show is its soundtrack. I seem to find or stumble on some interesting music all thru the year. My friend Matthew introduces me to some as well but then again I think he has a rival show in another country so I won’t give his show much airtime (unless it is a cross over episode).
As I look back on 2006, my show has introduced new characters, gotten rid of some and changed my storylines. I changed jobs internally within the bank i work for and totally took myself out of my comfort zone.  I even tried my hand at dating or actually being set up on blind dates. (Of course, we will not have a repeat of those in 2007). At the end of it, I have made some new friends, strengthened some friendships and gotten rid of those that I either didn’t care for or in one instant I was gotten rid of. LOL!! But through it all, I have managed to have some fun. Some of the characters of old have passed on Byron Williams (Blair’s dad) and Leroy(Ian’s Step dad), some have gotten married (Blair) , produced offsprings (Blair again, Paul Leacock, Rachel Armorer-singh and Mark Hernandez) and some have completed theirs Masters with a Distinction (YEAH!!!!  STACEY LEIGH). Overall, it has been good.
There are so many instances I can recall; people’s names that i’d love to mention  but that would all be too much info for my readers at this point.  I learnt alot of valuable lessons in 2006 even in my old age. I still realise that I am a walk-over for certain people while others regard me as "The Devil" . Yet i am still to understand why treating someone bad attracts them to you more than actually showing them kindness. S&M tendencies anyone?…LOL 
I rang in the New Year at my apartment reading a book called "Eldest" by Christopher Paolini. So far it’s going good (the chapter and a half that i’ve read).  I always chose a laid back opening to the New Year so that I have money for the carnival All Inclusive fetes to come and also because I don’t like wasting money all for a one second change in time that is supposed to herald an immediate change in a person’s life or attitude. What a load of crock that is!!
Anyway, I just want to wish everyone a HAPPY 2007 and i pray we all make time for  family and to ensure that we continue to enjoy our lives and not let stuff get us down.
I leave you with the chorus from Janet Jackson’s song "Enjoy". I think it signifies exactly how I hope to be this year:
I Just enjoy and celebrate
Enjoy the love we meet
Enjoy appreciateEenjoy
Just keepon doin it
til my hearts content
And enjoy when someone smiles
So just enjoy the simple things
Enjoy the joy life brings
Enjoy when someone sings
Just keep doin it til your hearts content
And enjoy the gift of life
 P.S: I still do not tolerate Janet Jackson quirks, jokes, insults etc. So I will still cut you or run you over if you make them in my presence. If you persist, know that you will be visited upon by a vagrant hurdling faeces at you. (it’s all i can afford for $20).

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2 responses to “ENJOY……………

  1. Matthew

    January 1, 2007 at 11:01

    Happy 2007. May both of our shows continue to top the ratings because of quality storylines and quality characters…may we continue to get top billing, write and executive produce our shows hence allowing us to kill off any characters we dont like, bring back any from the dead we chose, have \’very special episodes\’ every month and win Golden Globes in both the comedic and dramatic categories.


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