Bad Day

08 Jan

Had a Bad Day? Well hmmmm I had a weird first week of January 2007.


After proclaiming in my blog that I will "ENJOY" 2007 and all the stuff I have to do in it, up comes Week 1 of 2007 and makes me wonder if God is teaching me a lesson or do I still have bad karma waiting to strike. But I kept saying no…I have been really good last year and I truly did not offend or insult or belittle anyone during the year (well those that didn’t deserve it). I just couldn’t understand the reasoning behind the following events that occurred.


Tuesday January 2:

The first day of worka nd I’m all pumped and ready for it. i am even singing loudly in the car going to work and having a grand old time. Then as i get into Port of Spain, all I hear is Pfooossssssst followed by ssssssssssssssssssssssss. Would you believe that a tire has blown? I am determined not to get out  in the middle of town to fix it and since i was not too far from the Bank’s parking lot I decided to ride the tire til then. Of course, every passerby needed to tell me that my tyre was flat but strangely enough no one offered to help (not even the homeless or the insane).  So I get to the parking lot and the Bank’s Car Park attendant comes to me and asks if i need help changing the tyre. I smile at this and say yes (after all i am in full work clothes and I really didn’t want to get too sweaty).  So as I began to take all the stuff out for the tyre change, the car park attendant suddenly says that he can’t bend as he has a bad back. (So what the hell you here for then? I say to myself).

Would you believe he just stands there while I change the tyre and is even giving me directions as to what to do? I was on the verge of cussing but it is a new year and love must be spread all around. Now anybody that has a European car know that it takes almost an hour to change the bloody tyre since you have to find the wheel lock, pull out the spare (that comes with its own nuts) and crank up the heavy car with a jack that was obviously designed to be used by muscle men. It is easy to say I was sweating like a whore at a Church revival.


A co-worker passed by and saw what was going on and he also added commentary to my tyre change without even offering any assistance. (Trinis are a gem). In the end I was wet, my hands were extremely dirty and I hadn’t had breakfast yet so I was not in a very good mood. I contemplated going back home but I opted to suck it up and go to work and make the most of the day.


The day never got better nor did it get any worse. It just hovered over me and made simple operations difficult. I spoke to the Managing Director of the Merchant Bank that day and told him of the bad morning I had. His response: “At least no one in your family is dying of cancer or something so it’s all relative”.


Sigh……no sympathy from anyone. Hmmph I wonder when was the last time I’m sure he had to change a tyre?


Wednesday January 3:

I won’t get into specifics but I was unable to get the tyre repaired on yesterday and when I went to  get it done, I was told that I needed a new tyre as the old one could not be fixed. Jeez, that meant I would have to buy 4 brand new tyres as the tyres were due for changing in about a month. This meant the expenditure of $4000 that I had not planned on spending for the month of January which we all know is the most difficult time of month with regards to cash flow.. Not a good day


Thursday January 4:

My Motorola Razr cell phone’s screen goes blank. The phone is still operational otherwise but I can’t read text messages nor can I know who is calling me. My attempts to find a place to repair it yielded individuals giving an estimated repair time of 4 to 5 days or the classic one “I cyah fix this, yuh go need to get a new phone. We have these for sale over here”.


In the end I bought a $250 Nokia phone to get me through this period while the phone is repaired. Another unforeseen expense. The phone costs $250 to repair and it only started to work well again on Sunday.


Friday January 5:

I ask three friends to accompany me to an Irish Pub called J. Malone’s to celebrate the end of a bad work week. I just needed to have non-stressful people around who would not ask me anything about my bad day but just appreciate my love for a burger this pub makes. The J. Malone Burger is wickedly tasty and my mouth is watering just thinking about it.  One friend was being dodgy about his estimated time of arrival to the event but as I have learnt with people, you just ignore them. If they turn up they turn up. He turns up with two girls on his arm and says that he just met them.


Out loud I smile and welcome them to the table but internally I wanted to cuss the boy as I really wasn’t in a mood to be sociable to two obviously daft young ladies who kept giggling at everything that was said. But I promised to be nice and make jokes with them.


Then it happens, my friend who brought the two girls disappears for ten minutes on returning ends up spilling his drink on one of the girls and my feet get wet in the process. He then disappears for another ten minutes while I am left to entertain these girls.  All this time my burger hasn’t arrived so my blood sugar level is low.


When I enquire as to the readiness of my burger, I am told that they are out of burgers. I smile. My friend returns with one more young lady and I see the faces of the other two change immediately. I look at my other two friends and we arrive at the same decision right then and there.


I excuse myself and go to the bathroom to clean off jeans from the drink while my other two friends pay the tab and then we exit without the guy being aware that we left.  I ended up in Ruby Tuesday eating Honey Barbecue Chicken tenders and hating every minute of it.


We all parted ways not too long after and I went home and slept as I needed this week to end.


Nothing bad happened on the weekend as I stayed in for most of it.


So how was your first week of the New Year?

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