06 Feb

You guys know me well, right? Can I honestly be considered insensitive? Hmmmm Not really. At least I don’tthink so. I am a fair person. i let people walk all over me until i get tired of it and then they are gone. You know the classic" Enough rope to hang yourself" scenario. I try in all my endeavours to live peaceably with ALL men.  I go out of my way to avoid conflict. I will even analyse a situation to death and find the good in it than confront a person. So i find it weird when people describe me as "Cold" or "Insensitive". No, that’s a wrong analysis. I’m practical and accommodating.
Why do I make this point? Well there is a girl at the office who constantly rides my second to last nerve but today she sought to graduate to the last one. This is defintely not an enviable position and I am always mindful when people seem to be moving to the last nerve. I am not responsible for reactions when one decides to ride my last nerve.
She has been such a fake and mentally unstable person since joining the bank about a year ago and i do my best to avoid her. (We all know that you don’t make eye contact Vagrants and Crazy People). Within recent times she seems to have been given mandate from one of her personalities and now she triesto torment my soul.
When she first started, I would utter internally: "GO BACK TO YOUR BRIDGE TROLL!!. You have no Powers Here"
That seemed to work and provided me with some humor during the day.
For January month, (Yes my bad month), she seemed to add another level of dimentia in trying to speak with me or engage my attention. Given my depressed state,  I resolved to just referring to her as "Demon". No no no not to her face. That would be wrong. Isn’t the first rule of exorcism toknow the name of the demon you are dealing with? Well i knew thename of the host and was hoping that sooner or later another personalitywould slip and give me their names. No suck Luck.
Anyway, the reason i write this is that I called her this morning I as required some info her supervisor toldme that she may have had. I spoke briefly to her and she told me that she didn’t have need for the information  so she never got it. I said "OK" and thanked her. Endo f conversation.
Oh Yuh think so????
In two minutes she is standing in my office asking me why I did I need that information.
ME: Do I work for you?
Girl: No, but the use use of that information is irrelevant.
ME: And who determines that?
Girl: Well I was able to complete an assignment without it so it is irrelevant.
ME: OK? And why are you here again?
Girl: Because you are being difficult
ME: Excuse Me? (nervous laughter) How did I do that?
Girl: Why would you call for that information? It is not relevant to anything we do with that company.
ME: I’m sorry this conversation makes no sense and you are creeping me out.
Girl: Look whatever you are doing , you don’t need that information.
ME: Do you know what i am doing?
Girl: Yes, very little..while i work hard downstairs for less money.
ME: (Grin on my face) You are DUMB as BOARD, aren’t you? Please leave.
Girl: FINE!!!
(Err Can We Say Pointless Conversation????? My head hurts now!!!)
As she steps through my door i see my boss at the door and he asks me why was I so insensitive? I told him that I wasn’t and that she needed to take her medication before she approaches staff members in the morning. He laughed.
He knew why i needed the information and no one knows why 2 minutes out of my life was wasted in a pointless arguement. I walk out my door only to realise that most of the staff heard our little conversation and they were all grinning and kept repeating the line "Dumb As Board".
Apparently "Ms Schizophrenia 2006" tripped out after our brief telephone conversation and told all her co-workers that she was going to give me a piece of her mind. Hmmm  iwonder which voice in her head agreed to that.
Anyway, the HR woman is talking to her right now. What for? I don’t know. What I do know is this….I will probably be the one that will suffer and i am sure I will be recommended for some Sensitivity Seminar or something.
Know this. I’ll go to the seminar once that "Sybil/Frances Farmer" or "Legion" girl seeks professional help.
I’ll keep you updated.
It is 3:25pm as I update this and no one has spoken to me yet. SAFE!!!!
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