I’ve Committed Murder (And I Think I Got Away)

16 Mar

You guys heard me talk about my pigeon problem right? Well yesterday it reached to new heights. Over the past week I’ve been forced to leave my stereo on rather loudly while i’m at work as this kept them out of the apartment. Hmmm well so i thought.
A few days ago i saw some twigs in my kitchen but thought nothing of it. I just swept them into a corner and told myself " Marilyn will clean that up on Saturday". Yes, yes I have a housekeeper and I don’t care who thinks that I am lazy. Anyway she only comes once a fortnight.  any how…I paid it no mind and just went on my merry way.
Yesterday afternoon I come home and the house is still noisy. So on arrival I shut off the stereo and proceed to my room for a little nap before going to the gym. I hear the rustling of feathers but when i go and inspect EVERY room. I hear nothing. Hmmmm i guess I scared them away.  Oh Yuh tink so???? Not so at all. Apparently two pigeons were nesting ontop a very high cupboard in the kitchen (right where I swept up the twigs). So after chasing them away I realise that more twigs fell from where they were. So in a furious state I go and get the broom as i was going to clean on top the cupboard (Marilyn cannot reach there so I needed to bring the dirt to a lower level).
At this point, I am really pissed atthe situation and that my landlady has done nothing about it. I didn’t ask for roommates and  if she is subletting my apt to someone else, the least she could do is inform of a rent reduction. Yuh do think so????
So i climb up on a chair with the broom in hand and begin to do a blind sweep of the top of the cupboard. (I am not tall enough even on the chair to see the top of this area but I was working with rage). I see twigs start falling in abundance. Rage building…… So I sweep a few more times and then I let the rest I tihnk I have gathered in a corner fall to the ground. Then I saw it. Eggs….yup three small eggs laying on the ground. Broken. Rage dissipates… I feel awful.
I am still upset that these pigeons decided to make a nest  in my apartment but I didn’t think that eggs would be involved. I cleaned up the mess and put it into a bag to be thrown out with the trash.
I didn’t go to the gym last night. I was filled with serious guilt. Still am to a certain extent. When I got up this morning, one pigeon was already in my apartment and it made a point of flapping around alot. It must have been devasted at the loss of its young ones.  I am thinking that when I get home this afternoon that my apartment will be covered in bird shit because of my heinous crime.
What do you think? Should I turn myself into the police? The TSPCA? Huh what should I do to get rid of my guilt?
Suggestions welcome.
BTW: No rent for landlady at the end of this month for sure. 
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