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I take this opportunity to say goodbye to a friend. A Really good friend. Someone whom I met in London in September 2004 and who has been there for me ever since. Their death came as a huge blow to me and it is for this reason that I’ve been unable to write or even think about all the stuff that has been happening around me. As I write this, i am finding it really hard to come terms with the loss. It still hurts when i think about it and when i realise that there were things that i needed from them that I was unable to get before they died. Now i am going to have to try and rebuild my life without them. I am going sooo going to miss my 20GB Ipod…..(sob) (sob).   Three months of photos, my thesis, An excel file listing every CD i own and some porn that just can’t be on my laptop. LOL GONE! They’re all gone. (Mameeee!!!!)
I noticed that something was wrong when on a flight home from Jamaica a coupel of weeks ago, it started jumping song for no reason. i ignored it. I just kept charging it and checking for updates online. Nothing new popped up. Then it happened. I was in the gym and was about to get on the treadmill when i pressed turned it on and………..(gulp) nothing happened. i stopped the machine and stood there for a while trying all the techniques i learnt while at the Apple Store in london. When i finally got it to reboot, an error message came up. Error? What the hell? Why is this folder with an exclamation mark appearing. i take good care of this machine. This machine is my LIFE!!!  I rushed home (forgetting my gym partner at the gym. Would go back for him an hour later). I plugged it into my laptop and began to try and extra files from it..but (sigh) it just wouldn’t let me get in. Then i heard it. The clicking. The sound of a motor running but which can’t seem to make a connection. I start to panic and did the only thing I knew how to do. I got down on my knees and prayed. I put the ipod near to my clasped hands and asked GOD for help in retreiving the files i had on the ipod. My music was safe on my external hard drive but I needed my photos which i had stored on the ipod for later transfer to my hard drive.  (sob sob)….Nothing….Nothing….
I called an IT friend who informed me that i would have to reformat the ipod and lose all my data. WHAAAT????? YUh MAD IN YUH ASSS OR WHAT???? I said calmly. But he was right. I needed to save my baby and sacrifice the other worldly things that was on it. So i went online and refomated it. Then it happened……sigh……(give me a minute)
My ipod never came back on and the clicking noise i heard stopped and no movement was ever heard again.
I left it overnight plugged into my laptop just in case it needed overnight charging or something but nothing occurred. I travelled with it to Barbados on Wednesday, hoping that a new place would somehow revive it. Well no, I actually forgot it wasn’t working and took it up like i normally do to block out the noise of passengers trying to talk to me. It did not work.
i hven’t been back to the gym since that day. I don’t know how to use the treadmill without having my music pounding in my head. It lets 20 minutes on that machine pass in no time at all.
So this is my goodbye. This means my ipod and I are no longer together. This is my goodbye……I can’t cry hard enough for you to hear me now.
I don’t know if i will buy another one. I’m just not ready to trust another. What if this one leaves me sooner? I don’t think my heart can take it.
So for now, Stefan is musicless. He has no voice, no song, no tune, no soundtrack to play……….I’m just here.
No flowers by request.
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September 4, 2004 to June 12, 2007
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