It’s Been While

17 Aug

Whoa! I can vaguely remember writing that last blog entry in June. Time has flown by so fast and I’ve found myself at the same time being really busy and being really bored. Go Figure! I am at that age where if you haven’t found your dream job or have the wife and kids you start thinking about what exciting thing you need to do, ’cause sitting home on my couch watching Tv while I’m doing the "Never Ending Quiz" on Facebook is not cutting it as me having a fulfilling life. Oh yeah I go to the gym too (Whoopee!!!).
I needed excitement. I wanted to be alive once more, but in a safe and controlled setting. So strong was the desire to do sometihing that after much haggling I let a co-worker talk me into going to see Kaieteur Falls in Guyana on the weekend of July 28-29th. I am not a nature person nor do i crave the outdoor fresh air or anything of the  sort. I am content with being in a room (once it’s air conditioned) and letting life pass me by ..well once there is a phone, Cable TV and internet. So for me to take this trip to Kaieteur Falls was a task at conditioning myself to be fun and "outdoorsy" (is that word?).
My co-worker Ian and I were already going to Guyana to see some clients on from July 26th so it was not going to put us out much to stay the weekend and go to the falls. BTW: Kaieteur Falls is the largest single drop water fall in the world. I was mildly amused by this fact. What was scaring the black off of me was the fact that we had to take a small plane (called an Islander) into the interior of Guyana (which is vast) to see this waterfall. My first question to Ian wa "Isn’t there a taxi we could take there?" , "Don’t any major airlines fly near there?". He laughed so hard at me and asked where was my spirit of adventure. I told him it was at home on a shelf marked "The Indiana Jones Collection".
I won’t get into how rude i ended up bieng to a flight attendant when we were departing Trinidad on Thursday and her sweet apology to me as a result  nor would i get into the fact that it took an hour for us to clear immigration in Guyana (and no one was detained). I will however mentioned that there were three power outages in the airport while we stood in line waiting to be processed and therefore the airconditions did not always come back on immediately. i think i lost weight during that wait. Plus the immigration officer taking a cool, sweet time to enter my passport info into her computer and chatting me up about where she wil be later on that night if i wanted to get a drink. Seeing as she had my passport, I flirted right back and told her I’ll be sure to link up with her later. she jokingly said that she knew what hotel I was staying at so she could "check" me later.  Sigh…the things i get myself into all in name of "customer service". 
Oh she did call the hotel but never passed by. I saw her at place called "Buddys" on Friday but she seemed to have a boyfriend present so I knew I was off  the hook. (Small blessings).
Anyway, We got up early Saturday morning and along with six other people we made our way to Kaieteur via the smallest plane I have ever been in. It took us two hours to get there because the pilot decided to fly around the bad weather. What I saw when we neared our destination had me dumbstruck…..The waterfall was beautiful and it looked amazing.  i was suddenly in love with nature. We landed the plane and began a nice trek through the bushes towards different vantage points of the falls. At each turn, the sound of the waterfall and it’s presence just blew me away. We even got to go to one of the banks of the waterfall and WHOA!! the view left me speechless. I LOVE NATURE!!! It is Amazing!! (Well once there is a beaten path and minimal chance of me encountering any animal that can see me as food, a threat etc….Hey i’ve seen all the discovery Channel programs).
We had lunch there (meal provided by the tour company) and then we boarded the flight and went to Orinduik Falls which borders Guyana and Brazil. These falls weren’t as high as Kaieteur but the looked more like rapids and we still very picturesque. Orinduik is an amerindian settlement area within the interior of Guyana and it was really nice to see the Amerindian huts and the indigenous people. However, Orinduik has mosquitoes the size of a plums and you don’t feel their bites, you only notice swollen red spots on your body afterwards.. I’ve never sprayed so much citronella on my body while at the same time trying to go into the water and take a dip. As soon as you come out of the water, a batallion seem to be waiting to pounce on your skin. I had a really good time.
So apart from the fact that the plane ride had me in constant communication with God everytime we hit a air pocket  and the plane shook slightly, i had a really good time. I am really appreciative of Ian for forcing me to go to the Falls. It was an experience that i will never forget. I don’t think I will do it again but I am happy i did it.
So many times we let fear of the unknown get the better of us and therefore miss out on wonderful opportunities. Hopefully, this is not the end of my quest for new adventures. i know there are certain places that i still need to visit like Barcelona, China, Australia and New Zealand but I don’t think I will be "roughing it"  in those countries. Hilton or Marriott should be sufficient. I don’t know about any Inn or Pension where you have to share a bathroom and toilet with the entire floor. I may have been born in a third world country but my standard of living does not dictate that I sleep exist in such conditions…..Please i have trouble going in a toilet if someone is trying to talk to me on the other side…so far less in a public place….LOL
So onwards to new adventures and exploring new worlds and meeting new people. Now if only i can get my neighbours from trying to hold me in conversation every time i step out to my car,  i can begin the journey of discovery…..

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2 responses to “It’s Been While

  1. Trini

    August 17, 2007 at 19:50

     Boy, thank you for posting this.  I lived through your adventures.  LOL.  I know for sure I won\’t be experiencing that in person even with coaxing from a sexy hottie.  LOL.  Not me at all!!!!!!

  2. Matthew

    August 18, 2007 at 02:03

    Guyana is probably the most naturally beautiful Caribbean country and the people are so nice even if, like your immigration officer, they seem to want to marry you after three days and move back to Barbados or TNT with you and have children. That is just the Guyanese way. 


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