Me Time

24 Aug

Last night I did something that I hadn’t done in ages. I stayed at home and just had some "me time". NO gym, no food, no liming at any pool hall, just me and my recently purchased stereo. Actually the day I bought it I only went out to purchase a portable CD player so that i can listen to stuff in my bedroom and voila!! A new surround sound stereo was bought….. Sigh…..impulse purchasing will be the death of me.  Anyway I digress….I started off the night by watching my new favorite movie "Happy Feet" , well I only watched the musical parts and felt really good about how this movie reminds me to find my heart song… know….the song that best describes you and what your life experience has been or is at this point.


I know some of you are reading this and probably saying:

– "What the hell is Simmons on about?"

– " Lord, Simmons forget to take his medication!"

– " Like meh boy cracking up finally"

– "I think he watching too much Dr. Phil and Oprah"  (Nah I don’t watch that crap)


Anyone who knows me well, knows that I LOVE Music. it is the only thing that I crave daily (well that and Caramel cone from Haagen Dazs , which the bastard discontinued but I will deal with that at another time).  Music just fills me up and helps me get through the days as I can always find a song to relate to whatever type of day I’m having. For the past few weeks, I’ve been having alot of "One Step Closer by Linkin Park" days so tonight was just really cool.


On my living room table I spread out my six CD folders of music and began to go through to find songs i wanted to listen to and just be in the groove for. What was eventually played was a bunch of CD singles that I had bought during my Hamburg/London days and I just started to jump around like a raving lunatic and sing throughout my corridor. My neighbours were probably cussing but I have melodic voice so they better understand that they were getting a free concert that some day they will have to pay big money for….Hahahahahaha


Random stuff came out and I had a real good time. I think I got more of a workout that night than I’ve had in months at the gym, but i guess the coconut ice cream I had during my mini concert sort of nullified all the exercise. Ok understand this..if u think that the dance moves were coordinated or rehearsed in any way….remember that this is me and i am clumsy as hell so picture a tall uncoordinated guy trying to do hip hop moves and u have me almost falling over myself like 20-30 times. Eventually i settled on what many call the "Whitney Houston" dance which is just moving your feet rhythmically from side to side while not exerting yourself.


I fell asleep around 11pm and got up around 5:30 feeling energized and ready to take on the day…..So here’s to a GREAT DAY everyone and to anyone who knows their Heart Song…well good for you…….


I believe that my Heart Song is "Somebody to Love" by Queen (well more the George Michael version but it’s all the same). No matter how many times I hear this song it still seems fresh to me even when Anne Hathaway butchered it in Ella Enchanted.


SONGS PLAYED LAST NIGHT (No particular order)

Go Gone – Estelle

Another Day – Lemar

I Need A Girl – Lemar

Dance (With U) – Lemar  (I was doing N’sync to this one. Think i bumped into the ironing board here)

Oh My Gosh – Basement Jaxx

I Believe In a Thing called Love – The Darkness

Skin on Skin – Sarah Connor

Just a Little – Liberty X

Ich Kenne Nichts – Xavier Naidoo

Meine Name ist Mensch – Sohne Mannheims

Shick mir ‘Nen Engel – Overground (German boy band that probably no longer exists)

Feel Good Lies  – No Angels


Feeling really knackered, I ended the night by playing Eva Cassidy’s Songbird CD while I turned off all the lights in my apartment and settled into bed. I couldn’t have asked for a better night.


How was yours?

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One response to “Me Time

  1. Matthew

    August 28, 2007 at 02:01

     i remember you loved that Basement Jaxx song when we were in London….we all need some nights like that….just to be alone and really be ourselves..


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