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It Ends Tonight

Yes folks another year has come and gone and I still remain cynical, slightly bitter with a dash of sweetness and an all-round snob. It is amazing that throughout this year with all the war, murders/deaths, pregnancies(underage and all), fights, underage lap dances with Akon and sex videos (hey Kim Kardashian…hmmm.thanks), all I ever found to complain about was customer service.. Hmm guess I have my priorities in order.


At the end of 2007, I know have two less bar/restaurants that I think I can go to without the risk of the waiters spitting in my food, but then again, their food and service sucked big time anyway.  It is not that I was rude but that I don’t appreciate getting shoddy service then expect me to leave a tip. 


J. Malones in is the main culprit with this. Yes I’m naming names. There is a hobbit type girl there who along with her tall equally slow male counterpart seem to dislike me in some way. If they happen to be my servers I have to literally call them to get my drink refilled. How hard is it to keep grapefruit juice coming? I mean you see plates of food all around me but u don’t think I deserve to get a refill?


Anyway, it culminated one night in me just turning to her apart she rolled her eyes at me just one time too often that night and I said…” Look just do yuh job and get me the bill!!!”. She looked at me in disgust and proceeded to ignore me after that. I told the people I was with to get up and leave since she wasn’t coming with the bill. They all walked out leaving me there and as soon as I was about to do so myself..lo and behold..the bill came.  Hmmm I wonder why……


Why the attitude if you are just serving wings and burgers? Come now…..

Wait, please don’t leave with the impression that I am rude to all servers…Oh Hell NO!!! I respect that profession. I just can’t stand bad service and the attitude that you are doing me a favor by serving me. Sigh…. I only get that in Trinidad…no wait…Barbados too….sigh… only MY people.


Anyway, I digressed a bit.


This year has been filled with a lot of great moments though some have left me a bit down. Let me recap a few:


1.      Facebook aka Crackbook aka Macobook became a serious addiction. Still is but I can control it more or less. Please I just checked it because msn messenger told me I had a message.

2.      Kaieteur Falls Guyana – I am not an adventurous type person but I’m so glad I went to these falls. Guyana is an AMAZING country.

3.      BARCELONA!!!!! – Nuff said

4.      Did a radio ad for Bmobile ICC Cricket (….Stacey I’m stumped”)

5.      Filmed scenes for an upcoming TV show in Trinidad (“The Reef”). Hope I don’t get cut out of it…LOL. I hope I don’t suck as an actor in it.

6.      Attempted to join a choir twice but work prevented that on both occasions.

7.      Stacey Leigh got married this year and to someone I think appreciates her a great deal. Here’s to a long happy life with Chris and to many more trips to Nandos and Pizza Papagone should I be there or not…LOL….I miss Nandos..


8.      Got braces. The space in my top front teeth was widening. So I needed to torture myself in my old age by not being able to bite into stuff for two years. I have to cut up my food like a baby. I get full faster now but to even eat a peanut butter sandwich I have to break it up. I can’t bite into it at all. How sad is that?

9.      Still am an amateur at love. Had my heart ripped apart on return from my vacation and in that split second I scolded a friend for no reason now she isn’t even talking to me….Jeu —Ah REAL Sorry. It was real bad timing when you saw me.

10.  Got rid of some excess baggage. I lost over 20 pounds during this year. Now comes the final ten. Hopefully I will be less than 200 lbs by the end of 2008. Actually I WILL be less than 200 lbs…

11.  Didn’t go to church as often. Actually, very little. Will surely fix that in the New Year.

12.  Reconnected with a very good old friend that I used the corniest line on in the middle of town once… I told her “I didn’t mean to turn you on” She stopped crying at that point and just laughed at me……She’s all grown up now and a mommy and devoted wife and has not lost an ounce of her humor and magic that could  brighten anyone’s day. 



This year also wasn’t even good for me music-wise. I take comfort in music. I relish finding that new artiste or hearing a new song that just takes you to another world.  I bought only 52 CDs this year (75 CDs last year) and within that mix there are so many disappointments. Kelly Clarkson and Melissa Etheridge’s albums left me wondering why, while Jill Scott, Amy Winehouse and Beverly Knight renewed my faith. Seal and Prince, well the jury is still out on those albums.


My Top Albums for 2007

  • Voice: The Best of Beverly Knight
  • Jill Scott: The Real Thing: Words & Sounds Vol 3
  • Amy Winehouse: Back To Black
  • Chrisette Michele: I Am
  • Happy Feet Soundtrack
  • Kes The Band : Lion


Songs for 2007

·        Lion –Kes The Band

·        Raizon – Reach

·        Chrisette Michele – Best Of Me

·        Joss Stone – Bruised But Not Broken

·        Mutya Buena – Wonderful (Thanks Matt for this one)

·        Beverly Knight – Keep This Fire Burning

·        Macy Gray – Finally Made Me Happy

·        Kelly Clarkson – Be Still

·        John Lennon – Just Like Startin’ Over




The Year in Movies feared a bit better. Elizabeth: The Golden Age wasn’t as terrific as I thought given that I had seen a better Helen Mirren version of it on HBO but Cate Blanchett can act her way out of a paper bag for my part. Spiderman 3 bored me to no end while Happy Feet and Hairspray had me tapping my toes when I least expected it.  It also turns out that Will Smith can really act and that Denzel is a better bad guy than a good guy. Sleeper Hits for me were Hott Fuzz, Pan’s Labyrinth, 300, Superbad, Knocked up and Bounrne Ultimatum.

There were enough movies to roll my eyes over and some made me say one of my favorite phrases:   Well that is two hours of my life I will never get back


Here are some of those movies that sucked the life force out of me:

  • Smokin’ Aces
  • Ghost Rider
  • The Last Mimzy
  • Rush Hour 3
  • Georgia Rule
  • This Is England
  • The Ex
  • Delta Farce (didn’t even get past the first 5 minutes of this movie so my life force was spared)


Looking back on the year, I did have a lot of fun. I thank people like Cindy, Stacey Leigh, Ian Chin, Clint, Matt and Sheldon for bearing with me and challenging me to be better.  Coming down to the end of the year, I got really introspective and withdrew from most public life…ha ha ha ha ha ha (me thinks I’m a celebrity).


All that happened is that after my heartbreak and vacation, I realized that I’m 34 and still single and in no way settled in life. I have accomplished a lot more than most people but then again I’m not in competition with them. I’m in competition with ME and boy is it a tough fight!!! I find that nothing satisfies me anymore and I keep looking for the next adrenaline rush (it has been slow in coming). I don’t think it’s another mid-life crisis but decisions need to be made as to how long I am going to be a rolling stone.


Anyway, here’s to 2007. It has been good to me. I embrace all the challenges and adventures and overall good times that I know 2008 will bring. Here’s to love, life and good memories forever. Thank God for friends and family (the good and the bad).


I do promise to write more on this blog in the New Year now that my obsession with Facebook has been contained.



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This Christmas

I am not the biggest fan of Christmas. This is primarily because my track record for receiving moderately nice or thoughtful gifts have been like my grandmother’s teeth – few and very far between.


From the age of about 15 or so, Christmas became a chore. I would work to get the people in my life some measure of special presents within the limited income at the time and they……well, i would either receive nothing or get something from a 99cents store. 


I know all you Christmas lovers will be “hating” on me and write back and say it is about the spirit of "giving and not receiving". STEUPS!!!! What a load of bunk!!! This is normally said by either rich people or people who have just given other people really good gifts.


Over the years, it has not gotten any better. I now earn a decent income but with no bonus system in December for me, i have to budget very carefully to ensure I can live afterwards. The result…I get more jerseys from Detour than I care to count. Huh? Did Francis Fashions not even have a Christmas sale? Why must the t-shirt u give me have so many colours that even a color blind dog yelps at the sight of it? If I hear one more person laments that I am “hard to shop for” ,then DON’T get me an ugly t-shirt to make up for it.


Along with the bad gifts came a slew of chores: Painting of walls and rooms, cleaning the house all over, hanging up of curtains and decorations that I will have to take down in January. I never knew and still don’t know why these things were done around this time. I refuse to do them now.


Sigh i just try not to do Christmas or rather I try not expect too much out of it. One is always setting oneself up for Disappointment. I try you know. I really try not to get caught up in the hype. Then they start to play the music and then the movies…and all my efforts go to pot!!!


Here are some of my Christmas weaknesses:


1.       All I want for Christmas – Mariah Carey

This song makes me too happy and joyful that even during the year I play it sometimes. Curse it!!!


2.       Christmas Movies –

An instrument for the destruction of a cold heart. I run from these things on TV.  If little Tommy’s mom or dad can’t make it home for Christmas one more time I am going to scream.  Where is my Christmas miracle? Where is Santa to leave me what I want? The Nikon DSLR I want is not going to appear like that, is it? Bogus.  These stupid movies melt my interior and make me hug my family or call someone just to talk about happy things…


3.       Love Actually – The Movie and Soundtrack

This movie really rocks. I was in Hamburg when I first saw it.  I would never consciously go to a Xmas movie but it was a Sneak Preview at the Grindel. I left that movie wanting to have a Christmas like that and falling in love again with the song above.  I was blinking too much during the movie. No I didn’t cry…but Jeez when the guy went to Portugal to get the girl…….well something got in my eye and I had to blink a lot to try and get it out.


4.       Christmas parties

An obvious tool of the devil t make me care about my fellow human beings and cause me to want to partake in hugging and kissing festivities. If one more person wishes me Merry Christmas….well I’ll…..just say it back to them.


5.       Children

While I may be a cynic, how can one not love Christmas when children are running about happy looking for presents and just filled with so much joy over the event.

Excuse me……..

Ok I just threw up over that statement….hold… right back…


6.       FOOD

Sorrel, Peardrax, Pastelles, Black Cake, Ham Turkey, Sorrel,Stuffing, marshmallows, grapes, souse, Shepherd’s pie, Macaroni Pie,Sorrell, biscuits, Sweat Bread, Sorrell, Banana Bread, sorrell….slurp slurp….excuse me…..

Yes I can get most of these things all year round but their combination at this time makes one sentimental and caring….



So gentle folks, in this season of “Goodwill to all” , I prefer if everyone leaves me to my own devices so that I don’t get my hopes up for any kind of present that will turn out to be a dud.


The sad thing is that you always get the worst presents from the people that you value the most. So much for surrounding yourself with good people. Ah well these are the breaks…..


So before I go and buy the two Rotisserie Chickens that I am technically supposed to be baking for Christmas lunch this year ( do you believe my family is coming by me for Christmas lunch? Who say…Crix?), let me just wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous 2008.


Hope you survive the season.


Mrs. Blackman I miss you.

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