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“The road to hell is paved with good intentions”


I have no idea who said this phrase but no truer words have been expressed over the last few centuries.


My intentions were to:






Here a look at my first intention:

·          Not to go to any fetes for the Carnival Season: – FAIL


Umm well I found myself at QRC Fete, CIC Fete and Bacchanal Wednesday on January 30th.. The last fete was the only one  that I had a really good time at and surprisingly Patrice Roberts actually performed well with Machel this time. Destra wasn’t bad at all though her back-up dancers were…….shall I say..”TIRED”.  They lacked the “WOW” factor or better yet they just were lacking. They could jiggle but you honestly didn’t want to see any part of their anatomy jiggling.  Guess Destra achieved her objective of still having everyone focus on her at the end of the day.


·          Not go to any fetes for the Carnival weekend: FAIL!!!

My first indication that this was going to fail was my appearance at an event on Saturday night called DAWN. Well it was more like Sunday morning than Saturday night.


I left home for DAWN at 2:30am and was feeling relatively okay about my trek into town to attend this event. I had promised my friend Cindy to go to it with her and some of her visiting friends from all over the world > (I swear the number of friends that Cindy has visiting every year, she should invest in a hotel. I have never met another person alive who entertains so many people on an annual basis and may actually be a strong contributor to our Tourist Arrival count in Trinidad).


Anyway, I got there a but before Cindy to discover that she and her friends would be located in the General audience area while I had a VIP ticket. Now don’t get too excited. My VIP ticket afforded me:

1.       Easier entrance into the party

2.       Enclosed section to theside of the stage

3.       Free drinks –well selected drinks


I asked for a a Vodka and Cranberrry.

Bartender : Dah is $30

Me: Excuse Me?

Bartender: Hear nah only Scotch and Rum free in the alcohol. The juices free

Me: Uhh ok let me get a Scotch and Coconut Water

Barterder: That is $5

Me: WHAT?? So coconut water not free

Bartender: Yuh mad or what we hadda make money here to

Me: (sigh) Let me get a Cranberry Juice

The Bartender proceeds to pour cranberry juice into the glass with scotch.


Me: umm fadda wha yuh doing? I just want Cranberry Juice

Bartender: But u tell me…….

Me: You ever hear of anybody drinking Scotch and Cranberry Juice?

Bartender: Well I don’t know if you trying new thing nah

Me: (sigh) Cranberry juice please.


For the rest of the night I opted for juice and stayed relatively far away from the bar.


Around 4:00am, my body told me that it was hungry and so I joined a line to get some food. (I had to leave VIP and go into the General area and stand in line with the “other” folks to wait on this food. There was a line but only people from VIP seemed to be in the line. Everyone else was just shouting orders at the people making food. All I wanted a macaroni salad. I realized that to wait on Chicken or Pork ribs would be a long while and I was REAL hungry.


The line was not moving.


So at 4:30 I was still in the same place waiting to order just a side dish and no one was caring. All of sudden it happened.  I started to feel faint.


Eh What you say? Yes, I started to feel weird. I don’t know if it was the combination of all the smoke from where they were grilling the chicken and pork but I was not feeling well. I abandoned my position in line and left the party and headed to my car. I figured I’d rather be passed out in my car than on the floor of this party for anyone to either rob me or take a pic of me in a stupid state and place it on the internet.


It was weird. I had never felt like this before. I got to my car and barely made it inside before passing out a bit.  I awoke to realize that I had locked the door to my car so I was safely in. It was 5:20am and I was feeling a bit better. What the hell happened? I still don’t know.


I got up and went back to the party just in time to see Shurwayne Winchester and Traffik perform (Between you and I , I should’ve just gone home). I took my digital camera with me this time as I was going to take some pics of the crowd and all the debauchery that could possibly happen at these events. 


Everything was going fine. Shurwayne was doing his best to work up the crowd and I was trying my best not to find his dancing style annoying.


SIDEBAR: – HONESTLY now. Doesn’t Shurwayne’s dance moves remind you of one of those guys from school who you know never got to go out much and so when they did they sort of danced funny? His dancing is like that to me. He has been performing for crowds for years now but he still looks as if he practiced those moves in the mirror last night. He just looks fake and uncomfortable in his skin. But that’s just my opinion. I may be wrong. (Somehow I doubt it)


Anyway, I was snapping away at all the things around me and it was fun. Then I heard the shout “WATER” but I was in mid-pose shooting this girl who was trying to look seductive for the camera when a crowd of people came running passed me and knocked the camera out of my hand. I did not see the camera for about 10 seconds and when I finally did see it …(sob) it had been stepped upon a few times. The camera refused to close now and the screen no longer works. I was devastated but I had no time to mourn as I was two seconds away from being hosed down with water. Quick thinking and also putting a fat girl in front of me prevented me from getting wet. She was happy about being soaked and thought we made some kind of connection because I grabbed her.


She kept winking at me for the rest of the morning and even came over to dance a couple times. I entertained her the first 3 times but as she got wetter and wetter and her clothing now showed way too many contours, I wasn’t having it again.  I really didn’t want to get wet. That is the only reason. Honestly.


I lasted until Bunji Garlin and the Asylum band finished around 9am. Bunji is good but he talks to damn much. He spent good quality music time lamenting over Faye-Ann’s loss at the Soca Monarch the night before. (Who Cares!!!!). He not only talked about it a few times but incorporated it into a few of his songs. He was trying my patience. I didn’t pay money to come here so he could have a therapy session at my expense. He was singing his wife’s praises and not singing….sigh… These artistes in Trinidad are getting to big for their britches.


I left the party soon after and headed to Hi-Lo. Yes folks…I am going mad. I made about $500 in groceries and discovered in aisle 4 that I really needed to pee. I managed to hold it in until I got home and that was 30 minutes later. It was weird maneuvering through the aisles of the supermarket while your body is ready to release a liquid.


I fell asleep at around 10:40am and awoke at 1pm. Why so little sleep? I don’t know. My body probably knew that there was no way I was going out again for the rest of the Carnival Season.




Monday Morning 3am.

My phone rings and it is Cindy’s mom telling me that Cindy has an extra costume for J’ouvert and wants me to come. In my drowsy state, I agreed and went back to bed. Cindy knew very well that if she had called me that hour there would’ve been a long steups and a big fat “NO”. How nice of her to play the “mother card”.


Two text messages later, I am in my car in traffic (Police road block) heading to play J’ouvert with Mudder’s International.


Sigh….when will I ever learn???

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