Spinning Wheel

30 Jul

So in my new quest at fitness this year, I have embarked upon a novel idea…I’m going to do a Spin Class. Well it wasn’t my idea but that of my friend Rachael who wanted company to go to it. I thought to myself…."Stef boy,(that’s what I call me inside my head) yuh put back on all the weight yuh lost a year ago. It is obvious the "doubles" diet not working for you and your present/non-existent gym routine needs to change". So I decided to give it a try.


At first I was apprehensive about going as I detest organize cardio activity. Organized Cardio makes me feel inferior as I am not always able to keep up with the coordinated few and their kicks and arm movements. Then there are the people that you see everytime at these sessions that NEVER seem to lose a pound but seem to sweat buckets while working out. All the sweat seems to do is make life difficult for the next person to use that area to workout and well leave a lingering odor and Lysol still can’t remove.


In my quest to be a "new" man for 2008 (Yup I’m off to a very late start), I took up the challenge. I mean how hard can bike riding be? I do it for 10-15 minutes in the gym and it seems ok. What could go wrong?


Here’s a synopsis of workout:

4:20pm             Arrive at Spinners World

4:30pm             Woman with a Westmoorings accent announces the trainer is late so she will start class

4:35pm             Ok not off to a bad start.

4:40pm             Ok just hit my mouth on the top of the bike while trying to do push-ups and pedal

4:45pm             Trainer Arrives – his name is Christian (Another Westmoorings accent)


Jeez I need to take a class to understand these people or is it that I don’t understand “Spin Class Speak”?


4:50pm             Asked to pedal between 125 and 130 but I seem to be stuck on 115.

4:43pm             Keep the Rhythm. Umm I think I’m doing it.

4:55pm             Add Resistance? Oh turn this black knob

4:57pm             My row is being penalized. He is only making us do runs longer than the front

5:00pm             Add Resistance. Oh ok. Keep the Rhythm

5:01pm             Add Resistance… What De HELL!!! Again

5:02pm             Add Resistance…Ok I just put my hand in the area. I not changing it

5:05pm             Add Resistance… Steups!!! Ok swishing from side to side not bad but after adding resistance I cannot keep my speed above 100. This man mad yes

5:07pm             He just asked the class what they want to do now. Some eager beaver upfront yapping away and he is smiling at her suggestions. Oh Lord!!!!


I turn to Rachael and asked her the time length of the class.  Rachael is moving in and out of consciousness and uses her hands to spell out 45 minutes. Poor girl stopped moving about too much when


5:09pm             Oh Lord, these push up things again?

5:09pm             I think I just burst my lip

5:10pm             Did it again….I tasting blood now

5:10pm             How many of these push ups are we doing?

5:11pm             Keep the Rhythm? He mad I tired. My legs, my LEGS!!!!. My thighs are rubbing together. Balls hurt

5:12pm             Arms Curls? In Spin Class? What the hell did I sign up for?

5:12pm             Rachael is on her bike but there is barely any movement

5:13pm             The guy next to me just got off his bike and waddled to the bathroom

5:15pm             He is not coming back. 45 minutes are up and this man not showing signs of ending this class.

5:16pm             Add Resistance? Umm yuh was late. Time to end the class

5:16pm             Keep the Rhythm……Wait is he singing the song while we cycle?

5:17pm             Rachael is drinking water and smiling at me. Her legs have stopped moving.

5:17pm             Some idiot up front is not using his hands.. Steups..Spin FREAK!!!!!

5:18pm             Rachael’s head is on the bike.

5:19pm             Add Resistance. Ok Mr. Man…..I will deal with you in the car park afterwards

5:20pm             Remove Resistance? Can it be?

5:21pm             Ok we are slowing down

5:22pm             Ok I’m off the bike and trying not to fall over while we stretch.

5:22pm             Ok didn’t work. I fell over. Rachael is laughing at me

5:23pm.            Class has ended


My legs are not my own right now and I realized why I slipped. I left a pool of water under my bike. My jersey and shorts are soaked.  Thank goodness I brought a change of clothes.  Rachael is still laughing at me. It’s not funny anymore.


Next Class is Friday morning at 10am. It is a holiday on Friday. Should I go? My legs are not that bad this morning and I do feel a bit energized.


Too bad I had two Chicken Patties when I got home….Guess I should’ve had a salad.

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