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You Make Me Sick

I’m sick. I have the cold, serious shivers and my nose is really stuffy. I feel miserable.


Now don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those types of people that needs an army of people around them when they are sick. Nope I prefer to be left alone with meds, juices and oreo cookies. I lie in my living room under my blanket for long periods of time with limited commercial interruptions.


How did I get sick? Well on Friday there was a torrential downpour in the West and one of my friend’s apartments on St. Lucien Road got flooded. Well the entire compound she lives in was under at least a foot of water. Her living room as well as that of every neighbour was covered in mud. I rushed over to help and well along with my bucket and a mop I moved alot of mud and dirt out of her living room kitchen and washroom area. The next day, I was stuffy, sneezing and hungry as hell.


I have this phenomenon that goes on with me when I am sick. I get really really hungry whenever I sneeze. This cold has me sneezing alot and so it seems like every ten to fifteen minutes I am dying of hunger. As a child, whenever I came down with the cold and started to sneeze, my mother would quickly give me an entire bag of CRIX and tell me to make that do for my hunger. This was her preventative measure from me eating everything in sight. It didn’t always work though. A serious sneezing fit involves at least two bags of CRIX and a huge mug of juice. 


Oh sweet freedom this cold has been crankier than usual and it is not getting any better. Saturday was torture as I had a lot of stuff to do.


9am:                 At Barber in St. Augustine. Sneezing begins…

                        FOOD: V8 Splash and two muffins


10:30am:          Grand Bazaar: Pennywise

                        FOOD: Church’s Chicken Snack Pack (2 pieces of chicken, fries and a drink)

12 noon             Shian’s Roti – Goat Buss-up Shut (Bhaji and Bodi were my sides. Ok I had potato too)


1;30                  Long Circular Mall –I had to stay in my car for at least 15 minutes to let the sneezing subside

                        FOOD: Popcorn, tamarind Juice and two Tylenol Cold (Non Drowsy)


1:45pm             Passed out in car sleeping. Non drowsy cold tablets my ass


2:30                  Sweet Lime : Large Ox Tail Soup……Ok I only drank the soup.

                        Everything else tasted like crap


3:00pm             At a rehearsal for concert in which I’m singing back-up. (Yes I do “oohs” and “aahs”)

3:15pm             Small Cow Heel Soup – Cow Heel Soup King (This was heaven on earth)


4:30pm             Water Water Water Water


5:30pm             Bathroom Bathroom Bathroom Bathroom

5:35pm             Bathroom Bathroom


6:30pm             HOME;( almost needed to stop and urinate on highway. Bladder was full once again)




Panadol Multi-symptom


Redoxon Vitamin C Tablets


Vicks Vapor Rub all over my body

SLEEP came fully at 10:30pm.

Mattress in centre of living room floor with four pillows and my blanket  on it. DVDs all around me along with every remote control I would need. Fan in the distance warding off mosquitoes. Cell phones nearby. Body under covers and a 1.5 litre bottle of water on standby.




11:30am           Ian Chin called to ask if I wanted to go kayaking. He must be mad!!!


Stayed in my apt until 1:30pm when I was forced to pick my mom up and take her home.


2:15pm             TGIF : Barbecue Salad and 4 glasses of Passion Fruit Juice. One Cheescake (Leave me alone!!! I’m in pain)


3:30pm             At my mom’s. Fried Bake and peanut butter…That went down like the best meal EVER!!!!!!


4:30pm             Back home. Comtrex taken. Another Echinacea and more juice

4;45pm             Sleeping on toilet seat. Dribble woke me up. Don’t remember why I came into the bathroom


6:00pm             Back in front of TV with blanket etc

7:00pm –til        BLISS


SLEEP came at 11:30pm.


I doubt there will be any exercise happening on Monday. My sides hurt from all the sneezing I did. Do you think I got a workout because of the sneezing? Can excessive sneezing lead to abdominal formation? Hmmm I wonder……


If anyone has any remedies for this thing, please let me know. The concert is this Saturday and I would like to try and do it without sneezing.


I think the Spin classes combined with Friday’s clean up did me in.


And YES FOLKS. I am taking vitamins as well.


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