19 Nov

This is a short entry because I am too tired to write more.


Between all the related work stress and just being me, I try not to have any drama in my life, but there is one thing that seems to demand my attention and it always ends up costing me more than I am willing to part with.


When people ask me if I have any dependents/children (they ask this because they assume I am rolling in money and have no obligations), I always answer that I have four dependents:

They are:

1.       Mom

2.       Dad

3.   Two Sisters


My mom and one of my sisters are not that high maintenance at all and I don’t mind their requests but the other two seem to think they are entitled to what little funds I possess. Recently one sister wrote on my Facebook Wall: “Hello, how are you doing?” . I read this and immediately knew that she wanted something.  So my response to her was “What yuh want?”. She said that she was just saying hello and that I shouldn’t assume she has an ulterior motive. Ten days later the request for financing came. Sigh….. My Dad…well….his belief is that after his heavy investment in me while growing up that he should be able to collect dividends on a regular basis. No other sibling receives such demands. Sigh Family…..


Overall, I have learnt to budget for these dependents but there is another dependent that apparently is hurt that I don’t mention them and as a result these days has been seeking to be the number one reason I have for entry into bankruptcy. So here is my fifth dependent and my most expensive one:


MY CAR: My Renault Megane



The dealership has been bought over by another company, Lifestyle Motors, and with it the Service Department has become more efficient and there I no longer have to wait two weeks for an appointment. Good News eh?


Not really good news at all, because since my return form New York, my back brake pads needed changing and then the car sometimes prevents me from driving off so I have to manually reset the gears in order to drive. It is a NIGHTMARE. The latter problem still hasn’t been fixed but they have charged me nicely for the visits.


Then came yesterday.


I was driving home after work and singing to myself as I normally do when I started to hear noises coming from the front of the car. These noises got louder and then I heard a loud beep.


The beep lit up my dash board with the message : ENGINE OVERHEATING – STOP


As I was near to home I did not stop but started to drive slower so as not to cause too much damage. The beeping got louder and my frustration mounted.


I had taken this car to the dealership two weeks earlier so what was the problem now!!!!


I parked the car in the road overnight and got up at 5am and drove it slowly to the dealership this morning. I arrived at the dealership at 5:45am. Of course no one was there but I was happy that the car did not overheat while driving it.


The dealership opened at 7am and as I walked into the Service Department, I was greeted by the Service Manager:


  Service Manager: But ay ay, you in here AGAIN? You have nothing else to do?

  The song “Precious Jesus” was playing in my head. Then it stopped abruptly as i heard her statement.

  Me: Lady before I stab you here and get arrested on an assault charge, why don’t you just tell me good morning and book my car in.


SILENCE….….She stood there staring at me for what seemed like an hour……No expression at all.


She then turned to one of her people and told him to “take care” of me.


I really don’t care if she was upset but that was not the greeting I needed that morning.

I told him my list of problems and he promised to call by day’s end. Why do I feel as if I will be using public transportation to my apartment this evening? Hmm


To sell this car would mean a serious loss to me and therefore I may have to request a financial bailout plan like many US banks.


Colleagues have suggested that I either have the car stolen or just light it afire in an effort to get rid of it. I don’t even laugh at these jokes anymore. Firstly, no one steals a Renault, they wouldn’t know what to do with it. Plus most people don’t even know how to start the car.  Burning it is not even an option as there will be minimal damage and that will be easily repairable.


You see why I am stuck?


I love the car. I really do but it is sending me to the poor house with underwear only…..


Ok that’s it. Just needed to vent.


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