A Little More Homework (Reprise)

10 Jun

 In other news, well my writing class has ended and well it didn’t end of such a good note.


After weeks of the teacher feeding us tonnes of info, he wanted us to take on class and write out at least the basic outline for our screenplay. Now I have no problem with this and I welcomed the chance for some constructive criticism at this first attempt. What we got was a barrage of insults and threats from the teacher with the crowning comment: “ Boy allyuh lucky I don’t keep a knife here”


No I am not kidding.


People started to read out their taglines and synopses for their various screenplays and he just started to attack them about not paying attention in class. Now if this wasn’t the first time he was critiquing us or if this wasn’t the first time he was reviewing stuff with us, I would understand. But it was the first time anyone had written or even spoke on their actual writing.


Not to sound elitist in anyway (just pointing out facts) but the motley crew of aspiring writers in this class tended towards those who may not have paid much attention to creative writing or English as a language at any level of academia.  If most of this class got passed “A” levels I would be shocked. I know for a fact that Mr. Hyphenated name took a year off after CXC to “rest” (I kid you not). 


Certain words used in class were always met with raised hands asking for a definition. The word “Pantheon” was a prime example. So, it shocked me to realize that this guy thought he was teaching a bunch of T.S. Eliots or something, the way he was ripping their work apart and not understanding why their synopsis of the movie was filled lots of irrelevant facts.


When he came to me and I read mine out, he told me in a nice way that I needed a little more work on my tagline but that my synopsis was fine. (Steups!!) He real lucky he said that. Because I had a few choice curse words ready and waiting for him.  I left that class early citing a previous engagement. He told me that the final class would be the following week.  I never went back. If I need that type of abuse I think I’ll just sit with my relatives and let them just talk.


What started out as a really positive experience turned sour really quickly.  Oh well, you live and learn.


So what’s my next project? Well I recently started back playing tennis. I got a really good coach who runs me ragged on the court.  I always leave the court heaving and almost on the verge of passing out.  Once he sees a sign of steady breathing returning to me, he calls me back for another round. So I get like a one or two minute rest period. I am enjoying it so far but afterwards, I am no good to myself.  I just head home, have a shower and lie on my bed praying for the pain to subside.


I want to start swimming lessons but that adventure is for another time when I actually have a fitness level.


SONGS (In Heavy Rotation)

  • Know Better – Elliot Yamin (I like the lyrics)
  • Hurt So Bad – Kina (I just rediscovered this gem or song)
  • The Man Who Can’t Be Moved – The Script (such a well written song)
  • Use Somebody – Kings of Leon (addictive)
  • Heartless – Kris Allen (Kanye West Cover –American Idol)
  • Belief – Gavin DeGraw
  • Dirty Diana – Alexis Grace (American Idol)
  • Another One- Chrisette Michelle (This CD is BRILLIANT!!)
  • Blame It On Me – Chrisette Michelle
  • All I Ever Wanted – Kelly Clarkson (Hey I like her)
  • FeelGood Lies – No Angels (throwback to my days in Germany)
  • That’s Not My Name – The Ting Tings (for the days when I think I have rhythm)
  • Angles On The Moon – Thriving Ivory (I saw it too many times on VH1)
  • Stay – Sugarland (based upon their 2009 Grammy Performance. Love it)
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One response to “A Little More Homework (Reprise)

  1. Matthew

    June 27, 2009 at 03:59

    lyrics of \’blame it on me\’…devastating…love the Script…dont\’t like Yamin…but will check out that song….will look for the Kina…buy Laura Izabor…you would love it!


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