Miles To Go

05 Nov

Here is a recap of my travel from St. Kitts back to Trinidad yesterday. My assistant booked me to return to Trinidad on LIAT (Note to self: Need to get her performance appraisal reviewed).


My flight Itinerary looked like this:


ARRIVE – St. Kitts (SKB) to Trinidad (POS)

Wednesday, 04 Nov 2009


Flight LI 503                  Depart St Kitts at 8:20am.          Arrive: Antigua at 8:50am

Flight LI 521                  Depart Antigua at 9:20am.          Arrive Barbados at 10:50am

Flight LI 727                  Depart Barbados at 11:45am.      Arrive Trinidad at 1:35pm*


* – There is a stop in Grenada to drop off passengers that I was unaware of but everyone else seemed to know about.


So it will take me roughly FIVE (5) hours to get from St. Kitts to Trinidad.  It could take less but apparently no Caribbean Airlines flights were available back to Trinidad from Antigua that early in the morning.  I also didn’t want to spend another waking minute in St. Kitts. Ten days on a workshop for securities licensing followed by a six and half (6 ½) hour exam. I have had enough of this island!!!!!


So let’s begin:



Alarm goes off. I turn on TV to VH1 while I get ready.



Realize that suitcase is mad heavy due to the Herculaneum binder of info from the workshop.



In Hotel Lobby confirming no additional charges on my hotel bill. (I paid it the night before.)



At airport, no on else in line. Attendant looks at scale and declares I have US$40 for her due to being 4 lbs over-weight. Actually

She said:          You wah remove anyting from insidah dey?

Me:                   Why?

She:                 Yuh 4 lbs overweight. Dat is 40 US Dollars.(rolling her eyes)

Me:                   Ok I’ll pay it. I’m not taking anything out of the bag.

She                  Ok but if they stop you in Antigua that is not my fault.

Me:                   I’m paying you so you tag my bags all the way to Trinidad

She:                 Oh is dat where yuh going? I taught it was to St. Lucia. Leh meh change it.



On my way up to the Departure Gate, a woman stops me let me know that I need to go pay Departure Tax of US$22.00. Jeez US$62 in less than ten minutes.



I walk to the Emigration desk (as it says in front of the officer). She looks at me and tells me to go get something to drink as she needs to go to the bathroom.



She returns and processes me. I pass through scanner after this and get felt up by female officer there even though I did not beep while going through the machine. (I am just too sexy for my own good)



Call to assemble is announced for the flight. Already?  How strange!!!  Woman who searched me just waved at me. (Why did I look up?)



Call to board flight is announced. (Huh I thought the flight leaves at 8:20am?)



On flight (Mia Mottley is on board too)



We take off



We arrive in Antigua



Still in the “Intransit line” as the sweaty LIAT guy is talking on his phone and trying to check-in passengers.



In departure lounge in Antigua. I buy a Jamaican Patty and some juice. Apparently Kenny Anthony was also on my flight. No crazy woman singing “Party in the USA” like the first time I was there



On board flight to Barbados. I spot a pasty looking white lady eyeing the seat next to me but for some reason she sits in the opposite aisle.



Granny next to me still can’t put on her belt. Thank goodness she doesn’t smell. The white lady is revealed to be a Russian and on her way to Guyana to meet her new fiancé that she met online.


Russian lady spoke all the way to Barbados. ALL THE WAY. Non-stop Chatter. I slept and got up and she was still talking. She even asked for coffee, a small juice packet and two packs of Ovaltine biscuits when refreshments were served. (hmm somebody is hungry) She had most of the people around her asking her questions about her new fiancé and why is she traveling so far to meet him. She said she was happy to do it because she felt a connection to him. I just got the impression that she was a prostitute going to a new job assignment. Why would someone pay for you to travel on LIAT to Guyana when there are more direct ways to get there? One would only do that if one is avoiding certain check-points. Hmmm but then again I am suspicious of most people. Lord she is still talking. Apparently her friends told her not to go to a third world country or she would be sold into slavery. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Her English is very good. Me no think she travel from Russia recently.



Plane arrives in Barbados. We have to disembark and enter the LIAT In-transit Terminal. Here we are met with another round of scanners and metal detectors. Umm why do we need to go through this process again when we just left another country where we were searched before we could enter the Departure Lounge? I am confused at this process totally.


Russian lady sits alone trying to make eye contact with me to talk, but my Ipod is in my ear and my laptop is open. There will be no conversation being had at this point.  I am so not a sociable animal anymore.


A fat guy who was on my flight comes over and asks me if I am going to Grenada as well and if I can help him with some stuff he has to carry.  …………… Silence ………  He just walks away. WTH!!!!



Wait a minute did he say Grenada!!!! So this is not a direct flight from Barbados



Spoke with Airline Ground Rep. Son of a BITCH!!! We really do stop in Grenada first!!1



I board the plane to realize that it is the same one I just got off of with the same flight attendant. I asked her why I couldn’t have just stayed on.


“Sir, this is not Caribbean Airlines!!!”


She answered my  question with that.



 I don’t have a window seat and the guy next to me is holding his T&T arrival form as if it is an exam sheet. Jeez he is so gonna ask me to help him fill it out.


Arrive in Grenada. Fat guy comes off and gives me a last nod. Ipod is still in so I pretend I didn’t notice his greeting as I am staring into blank space.



“Yuh have a pen ah cyan borrow?”


“you heading to Treenidad right?”

“That’s why I’m still on the flight”

“Oh ok”



While in flight. He has only written his name in the last ten minutes and keeps putting the paper close to his face. It is coming. I can feel it.



Flight attendant distributes Arrival forms throughout the cabin. I get mine and finish it in no time. He took an extra form from the attendant.


“Here nah, de lighting bad and meh eyesight not good at all.”

“Yuh could help me fill this out?”

“Sure!!” (I say with a smile on my face)


He then pulls out a US Passport and my face changes?


He can’t read and he has a US Passport!!!!!!

Life is soooooooooo unfair.



Touchdown in Trinidad. I am so happy to be home. LIAT actually came in a little earlier than expected. Hmmm I know this is not a normal thing but I am grateful.


My fellow row passenger says goodbye and proceeds to immigration where he chats up the immigration officer.



After a long wait, the Customs Officer takes my form.

“You bringing back any fruits from St Kitts?”

“NO!!!” ( perplexed look on my face)

“Why were you there so long?”

“I was on a training course at the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank”

“Are you a Trini?”

“Umm Yes” (shows him passport but ready to cuss right now for that statement)

“Ok go ahead”



Purchased a CD:  “This is It” by Michael Jackson. Just to calm my nerves from the long day.





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2 responses to “Miles To Go

  1. kurt

    November 5, 2009 at 14:32

    I think the "Russian" may have been on call. lol

  2. Marsha

    November 5, 2009 at 20:20

    LIAT is the maxi taxi of the Caribbean… I don\’t think that they bother to list all the stops.


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