Son of a Gun

25 Jan

Am I a nice person? Hmmm after Saturday, I am not so sure.

Let me paint you a picture:


Saturday 23rd January saw me auditioning for a new production of ” Once On This Island” that is going to be put on by UTT ( the previous production of it that I was attached to never came off due to lack of funding). The new production has the same director as the last who called and asked me to come in and sing for a new role in it. New role? Umm what?

Now in the old production I was Agwe, God of Water, and I had a killer song in it called “Rain”. I really really really really like that song. However, this time around, he told me he wants a tenor to sing that song and wants my Baritone voice for the role of Papa Ge, Sly demon of Death (which was a tenor part before).  Now, as much as the name of the character doesn’t interest me, I still welcomed the challenge to try something new and I actually had some ideas on how I wanted the character to sound already. I was really excited about this new challenge.

Fast forward to audition day and I get there and I see some old cast members mulling around as well.  I am happy to see familiar faces and so I
engaged everyone in a few rounds of conversation.  During one of these conversations, I told a guy named Andrew that I was excited about trying out for the role of Papa Ge even though I really love the song that Agwe sings. Then he said something that made a switch click in my head.

Andrew: Oh yeah I know he wants you to sing that. He has me trying out for Agwe

Me: What? How come? Oh that’s right you have a tenor type voice.

Andrew: Well yes and no. Since last February I told the director that if he was ever doing the show again I wanted a bump up to a God instead of being one of the peasants. And I told him that I wanted to play Agwe.


Me: (laughs half-heartedly) Really?

Andrew: Yeah and he told me it was ok. (Breathe Stefan, Breathe)

Me: So you ready to dazzle them with the song?

Andrew: Yeah, kinda, right now I can’t seem to be remember the words. You know them right?

Me: (Unclench your fist Stefan, unclench it…He will see it!!!) Yeah I know it like the back if my hand.

Andrew: Ok cool. I will check you in awhile just to run through the words ok?

Me: Yeah sure. (WTH!!! What you mean u don’t remember the words? Are you insane? How could you treat the song like that???? This is
sooooo wrong!!!)


At this point in time, the rest of the scenery ceases to exist for me. Right then and there I was in a dark room alone, screaming at the top of my lungs at what I considered the injustice that was taking place. I get re-cast for him? How dare the director do that?   I needed to breathe.  I needed to chant (Mama say mama sah mama ma koo sah). I needed to hit Andrew with a cro bar!!

But that made no sense, it is an audition and therefore nothing is cast in stone.

Look, it is not that I thought that I had a better voice than Andrew (well I kinda did), I was just upset over being the only one that was recast into another slot. Well the guy who played Papa Ge before was nowhere to be seen during this audition but that wasn’t my problem. I was focusing on ME!!!  And why did ANDREW get to audition for MY part!!!! Not fair!!! (Stamps foot like 5 year old)

After awhile I let this feeling go and said to myself:

“Stefan, embrace change. Go in there and give them a killer performance of the Papa Ge song. Make sure you get the part!!!!”

And so I did.

I auditioned two spots earlier than Andrew and as such, I did something in hindsight that…Well let me just tell you:

First they ran scales with me and for the life of me I still can’t understand why all of a sudden I felt tone deaf and there were some notes that just seemed odd.  (I blame this on my tunnel vision as I just wanted to sing the song and get it over with).  Anyway, we get to the song and I sing it not too shabbily Then the room fills with silence and I am just standing there. They are looking at me and just mulling around a bit. Then I said:

Me: Was that enough? Cause if you want, I can sing Agwe’s song for you as well?

Musical Director lady: Ah yes please do, I would be very interested in hearing that.


At this point the Director (who told me about the part) shoots me an evil look, but I didn’t care. I wanted everyone in that room to know that I could sing the Agwe role. And so I did and the musical director and some others on the panel just started to smile when I was done. The Director smiled as well but he knew what he was smiling about. I’m sure a few choice words came to his mind to tell me as well.

As I left the room, there is Andrew standing outside the door with his mouth open. I stroll up to him and said:

“Boy, after singing the Papa Gee song they asked me if I knew Agwe’s, so I just obliged. But anyway Good luck”

I lied. I knew it affected him.  And I was not sorry about it. (Well now I am but at the time I felt good).

I did not stay around for his performance as I had to run to the car to get a change of clothing for the “movement” audition in half hour’s time. That in itself was a disaster. It wasn’t filled with complicated dance moves or anything but I kinda screwed it up when all of a sudden the Dance instructor signaled Andrew, two others and I to do the dance by ourselves.  What I remembered before and was doing perfectly fine in a larger group turned to pot in this smaller group and I just looked as if I was having a stroke. (Lord I hope it doesn’t count for much in the audition!)

 When we left the room, I asked Andrew how his audition went and he told me that they asked him to sing the Papa Ge song as well. (snicker snicker).

Callbacks are on Saturday 30th January and only then will I know my fate.

So………was I really wrong to do what I did?

The truth is……(bows head in shame) I had planned to do it in rehearsals later on if the person (at the time I didn’t know who it would’ve been) who had the Agwe part didn’t sing it well. I was going to be that nasty person. But I heard a lot of really good voices on Saturday so who knows what may happen, especially when karma is poised to bite me in the ass for being sneaky.

So, can I be forgiven or redeemed?



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5 responses to “Son of a Gun

  1. Jeunille

    January 25, 2010 at 16:20 move actually.

  2. Colin

    February 4, 2010 at 10:44

    I hope you remember this misadventure when you\’re accepting your Golden Globe Award. LOL

  3. kieron

    February 26, 2010 at 21:01

    Ha! this is a audition! forgiven.

  4. Stacey Leigh

    May 13, 2011 at 16:41

    it’s an audition… if he aint come prepared to sing all the parts he could sing, more fool him! So hear nuh… I now reading this and is May 2011… yuh get de part? And how karma bite yuh in de ass?

    • Stefan

      May 13, 2011 at 19:04

      I got the part but the show never happened…


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