Know Better

11 Mar

A couple months ago I put a comment out into the universe that I was bored. I felt extremely restless and that I wanted something to do as I wasn’t able to quell the riot rising up within me. Well be careful what you wish for.


As I write this I am going over lines for a Staged Reading Dress Rehearsal that I am going to this afternoon from 6pm til…… Yes, folks I’m in a mini play at the Trinidad Theatre Workshop for the next two weekends and I’m happy.


I would be ecstatic but at the same time that I sometimes have rehearsal for this play, I have rehearsal for the musical, Once on This Island (OOTI), that comes off mid April into May.  You remember the audition I told you about where I was a little sneaky with?  Yeah well I got the part. So I’ve been busy. Well more like insanely busy.


My work day therefore never ends with me leaving the office and just going home and harvesting crops on Farmville. Oh no, when I leave the office, it is to either go to a rehearsal for “Boxes” or one for OOTI. Usually on weekdays, the rehearsal is normally only for OOTI. Those run from 7pm to 10pm and involve A LOT of dancing and movement that my body is so not accustomed to.  


Over the course of two weeks I have gone from a position where I could not reach my toes to where I can actually grab them. Well not for long,  but the classes are making me slightly limber. I have even had a Limbo class where my knees refused to bend very far and where the teacher seemed to take a liking to me and was determined for me to thrust. Needless to say, I was in serious pain the next morning and for a few mornings after that. But it’s still all fun.


Weekends? Hahahahaha! These no longer belong to me. OOTI rehearsals usually run from 11-4 or 12-5 and then” Boxes” starts at 6 -10 on both days.  I normally just crash when I get home and pray for snow so that I can get a day off to recuperate. .


While OOTI is more movement at this point, Boxes seems to want me to pile dialogue on me as if I am an experienced thespian. I went from being a main character in one scene to being a main character in three. To top that off, one scene is 14 (FOURTEEN) pages long and guess who has dialogue on EVERY FREAKING page? So out of a play with eight(8) scenes, I am one of the main characters in 3 and minor characters in another 2. Just not fair is it. As much as I welcome the challenge, I am basically spent at the end of the day and so learning lines is proving to be very tedious. Nothing is sticking.


Oh well tonight is a Dress Rehearsal and tomorrow and  Saturday are actual shows, so my ass better get it together by then. Will update you in due course. 


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One response to “Know Better

  1. kieron

    March 14, 2010 at 00:40

    What U complaining for? LOL U handled all charactors well I must say!…. keep it up… looking forward to the dancing at OOTI.. 😐 this one would be interesting


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