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High Flying, Adored

By now I think it is safe to assume or guess that wherever I go,  there must be some kind of drama or event that must take place otherwise Stefan would not be having fun. Correct?

Picture this :

Date:   December 17th 2010

Time: 2am

Place: Somewhere over the Atlantic,  aboard

CAL 425 from Port of Spain  to New York.


I am in my window seat in Row 24 that has is now vacant as the flight attendant has removed two teenage girls (who were travelling unattended) to the front of the aircraft.   I am watching episodes of Shameless (UK – Season 6) on my iPod and all of a sudden the lady in front of me starts waving her hand frantically to signal to one of the flight attendants that she requires assistance.

My first instinct as that the woman couldn’t wait to get her turkey snack so she was making up some excuse. Then I noticed that the man next to her we acting funny and she kept pulling on his ear and squeezing his jaw intermittently for some reason.

Sigh……the man was having some kind of attack and his wife was panicking.

So after the halt the serving of food so that every flight attendant nearby could take care of them, they announce over the intercom to see if there is a doctor on board the flight. Turns out, there was one on board and after a quick examination she determined he was okay. Unfortunately for us the main flight attendant wasn’t that convinced. At this point, we had a short window of opportunity to decide if to move forward with the flight or turn around.  The doctor voted to go forward. Guess which option they chose?

Yes folks, so after leaving Trinidad at 12:50am I find myself back on its tarmac around 3:45am. Nice! Just nice. Forget that someone had to get up early in New York to pick me up at the airport around 6 am and forget about the delay in arrival that this incident might cause. They did it anyway.

They got him off the plane and refueled the plane and we left after 4:20am and arrived close to 9am in New York which saw us meeting up with 4 other flight arrivals resulting in a longer processing time in JFK.

This, my friends was the start of my vacation.


This was the end of the vacation.  Picture this :

Date:   December 29th 2010

Time:   6:25pm

Place: Somewhere over the Atlantic (Near New York)

Aboard CAL 424 to Port of Spain

This flight was initially set to leave New York at 2pm. We only boarded the flight at 3:30pm and left New York some time after 5pm.

Was I upset?

Oh Hells No!! I was seated in First/Business Class on this flight. My seat was BIG, leather and very comfortable. The lady next to me was already snoring out some Aria and I was on my iPad playing Scrabble. All was well with the world.

Around the time I stated above, I decided that I needed to use the bathroom. So I got up and was making my way to the facilities at the front of the plane. The Head Flight attendant was busy doing something and our paths crossed.

Head Flight Attendant (HFA) – Can I help you sir?

Me: Err no I am just going to the bathroom

HFA – I’m sorry but you are going to have to use the one at the back of the plane.

Me : Are you serious?

HFA: Yes Sir

Me: I have to go way back there?

She nods…

Being the nice guy that I am (plus she was a hottie), I obliged.  I waited for two gentlemen to use the facilities and then I held my breath and entered.

On emerging from the facility, I see HFA there blocking my way. She then grabs both my hands and starts to place them on her forehead and then she kisses them. I am stunned and a tad bit uncomfortable with the level of affection being displayed at the back of the plane.

Me: Err is everything ok?

HFA: You are Mr Simmons in seat 2F?

Me: Yes

HFA: I am so sorry sir. I am so sorry.

Me: For…..?

HFA: I could’ve sworn I saw you come through the curtains to use the bathroom. That is why I made go to the back of the plane.

I pulled my hands away

Me: Oh…..So you decided not to ask for my seat number. Instead you just decided that I didn’t belong in  Business Class? Nice

HFA: Mr. Simmons, I am so so so so sorry.  Please do not be upset with me.

Suddenly a chorus of flight attendants started agreeing with her and telling me that she is too pretty for me to be upset with her.

Me: It’s ok. Mistakes can happen. Too bad they always happen to me.

With that I walked back to my seat with an evil grin on my face.

For the rest of the flight, there was no request my little heart could not desire that my new best friend (HFA) did not supply. Extra pillows, candy, food, gum , wine ….sigh (snicker)…I was content.

Alas, I still feel a little hurt over the incident but I loved her groveling for my forgiveness. Here’s to hoping I get to see her on another flight.

Let’s see what happens…..


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