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Observations over this Three-day Weekend(courtesy indian Arrival Day):


  • When people say “meet me for 8:00pm” on a Friday, they actually mean 9:45pm
  • “Shakers” seems to be dying a slow death on the Avenue
  • Some people can drink a bottle of wine in half an hour or less
  • Not all people from South can eat pepper (Go figure!)
  • Apparently a lot of people like Tyler Perry movies.
  • Crying in the midst of Shakers over some guy will not draw men to you.
  • People will say that you added no value to their life but continually have hour long conversations about you. (very funny)
  • Sara Bareilles is ah BOSS!!!
  • Lady Gaga’s New Album is fully explained by Track 7 : Scheiße
  • Playing “I’ve Never…….” at my age leads to a lot of unnecessary drinking.
  • Make Up Artists are sometimes the slowest people on a photo shoot
  • I’m still not convinced that males should be Make Up Artists (or maybe this one was just bad!)
  • I really love photography!
  • The gyros oppositeAdam Smith Squareare really good no matter what hour of the night you have them.
  • One cannot have an opinion on “shy” people without being attacked and being accused of psycho-analysing without a license.
  • I really need to learn how to cook something beyond stewed chicken and macaroni salad and steamed veggies
  • “Existential” is apparently a sexy word.
  • I’m getting really old
  • Going to bed at 3:00am to attend a 9:00am Rally, the same day, means you are going to be late.
  • Going to bed after 2:00am for a Call time of 8:00am means I need to say “No” to late night liming.
  • Shurwayne Winchester has the charisma of a paper bag (in MY opinion)
  • I no longer like large crowds of people
  • I need to stop walking everywhere with my Ipad. It’s starting to annoy people.
  • People still quit jobs despite not having an immediate replacement.
  • Not all rums are created equal.
  • I need to stay away from Bookstores…
  • I drank way too much this weekend.
  • Overproof Rum isn’t bad at all.
  • The New Adventures of Old Christine is priceless comedy.
  • I still love JANET JACKSON despite what ANYBODY says!!!
  • I’m over Farmville and Family Feud.
  • Marsha Ambrosius video called “Far Away” is ummm ….different.
  • Insomnia can be cured by warm bath and by reading a self help book.
  • Rehearsals where the producers provide meals is still a new concept to me, but me likey a lot!!!
  • Marketing departments that can only find a Sister Sledge song to convey a message to employees need to be fired or at least be brought into the new millennium.
  • Fruit Ninja kicks ASS!!!
  • My housekeeper rocks!
  • Game of Thrones Episode 7: WTH!!! I didn’t see that coming at all
  • How can one person use up so much clothes in a week?
  • If three strangers describing their “one night stand” all come up with the same name……errr yuh is a Ho! (which is not necessarily a bad thing.)
  • Expressing your disgust for people who urinate in showers is apparently not a crowd pleasing topic. Seems like a lot of people do it. Just NASTY!!!
  • I still have murder in my thoughts for two of my landlady’s dogs. I just can’t seem to work out how to get rid of trace evidence.
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Hold My Heart

This goes out to the un-reconciled, unknown and undiscovered people that…..well……’s either I didn’t understand them or they didn’t understand me….

In the end, we are better off without each other……



Thanks again for the words, Sara…..

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Flirt (The Conclusion?)

While driving into the building this morning I saw my “friend” walking through the first floor basement car park. She however took the elevator down to the second level where I normally park . She met me by the elevator as she said she had to ask me a question.(Another question?  Jeez this is getting annoying).


Cleaner: Steffoorrnnn Can I ask you something?

Me: Sigh…yes

Cleaner: How you always giving me man so?

Me: Eh?

Cleaner: You always telling me that you see me with other men.

Me: Eh? When  I say this?

Cleaner: Well I just wanted to tell you that YOU is the only man I want!!

Me: Oh Ho!! So your request yesterday to be just friends was a lie?

Cleaner: No I was being genuine

Me: I doubt that otherwise you wouldn’t come with this obvious line that you practise last night to tell me

Cleaner: Waaaaay boy you rel heartless. What kind of woman you take me for?

Me: One that obviously on games. My girlfriend was right about you all the time.

Cleaner: Right how?

Me:  That you were putting on an act just to try and impress me.  It’s nice to see the real you now

Cleaner: Look how you have me down nah. I innocent. Is allyuh men dat does hurt people.

Me: Hmmm yet somehow I feel like the one who get played.


Around this time, one of her co-workers starts walking towards us so that she can start mopping the floor near the elevator.


Cleaner: Why you can’t believe that i genuine.

Me: Because you here trying to feed me lyrics. Anyway I gone. BTW my answer to your request yesterday was going to be “No” anyway.


Her Co-worker looks at her while I wait on the elevator. She stands there with her mouth open staring at me.


Her Co-Worker: If dey say dog have tricks den I doh know what you have nah?

I spin around with this comment and start to laugh, but the cleaner’s face has changed into one that is ready to “beat down” someone. The elevator arrives and I board it with these words.


Me: Have a good day ladies!

Cleaner: Steffoorrrrrnnnnn….

Sigh, this is all my fault. I let this go one for too long as I thought it was harmless. Now I am definitely not having  fun nor am I amused. Serves me right.


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Flirt (Part 4)

I spent at least half an hour yesterday afternoon speaking with my “friend” from the office as she felt that over the past week I had been distant and wanted to know if someone had spoken to me about fraternising with “the people who clean the bank”.  I quickly informed her that no one could “speak” to me on the matter as I am an adult .  I did let her know that I had been really busy this past week and that it seemed that only if I acknowledged her, then would she acknowledge me. She informed me that she is somewhat embarrassed to “hail” me out in front of my co-workers to which I just laughed.

Anyway, the conversation was a tad bit long and went onto various topics like her love life,work, how she treats men etc…..It was a really a one-sided conversation as all i sought to do was provide advice on where she was going wrong in her approach to men and wanting to immediately let their presence consume her world and thereby losing whatever individualism she had before (no i did not use those words to her). Anyway, we parted ways and I started to pack my desk to head home.

About 15 minutes later, she passes with her supervisor and a few of her co-workers.
Supervisor: Ay Ay Look yuh future husband still here. (co workers start giggling and walk on)
Me: (Grin on my face . She starts to blush)
Supervisor: Here nah she say she real like yuh bad
Me: I know that already but she can’t handle me
Supervisor: Ah tell she so, she too soft in de head. she like a clothes pin for men
Cleaner: (screams into her hand and continues blushing)
Me: Nah her problem is she doesn’t know how to take care of herself. She thinks a man is the solution to her problems
Supervisor: I hear dat. man only good for one thing and is not paying Rent on time
Cleaner: Steffooorrrn u giving people the wrong impression of me
Supervisor: Hush girl yuh aint see big people talking here
Supervisor: yuh aint like she dat way? Yuh cyant geh she a lil chance?
Me: (looking at the cleaner) We cool just the way things are. Don’t you agree?
Cleaner: yeah i think so. plus he have a girlfriend
Supervisor: So wah…dat ever stop yuh before?
Cleaner: Eh Eh i not like de rest of them. Plus man doh treat me good so i done wid dem
Supervisor: So yuh going an rub up with woman now? Steups daz wah u want to say in front of Steforn?
Cleaner: (she starts to blush) no no no i just giving them a rest.
Me: (grinning) Anyway I gone
Cleaner: Ok….I changing meh hair next week just because u tell me u dont like this one.
Me: you changing yuh weave already? yuh just put this one in….u have money to waste yes
Cleaner: Well look how it coming out already
Me: you didn’t pay someone $200 to put that in? Yuh better ask for a refund (walking off)
Supervisor: Oh gyad oh….same ting i tell yuh…..daz a man for yuh……
Cleaner: Steffooorrrnnnnn yuh hurt meh feelings dere…..
Me: But yuh wasting money that you could be saving to buy a house or something.
Cleaner: ok Mr Man …u have a good afternoon ok
Me: Bye.

I leave them talking about her hair and all the other stuff.

Cut to this morning and there is a note on my desk. Not a post it note but note out of a notepad.  And it reads:

“Hi, this feels so childish but i guess it’s just my way of asking you for a great favour without the fear of the face to face rejection, so i know you are nor a people person, which by the way is so hard to believe as everyone just likes to be around you. i would like it very much if we could be just good friends maybe lime from time to time. I really like talking to you and this is not a date request just for us to be good friends. I like the way you understand me only thing is am not mad ok, maybe i think a little to much about what others would say if they saw you conversing with one of the cleaning staff and i wasn’t sure if you felt anyway about it also. i know you said you have a girlfriend and i will not cross the line of friendship, so give it some thought. Smile i lik to see your eyes light up.”


After reading this note, I now realise that this has gone too far and must be stopped.


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Caught Up In The Rapture!

It’s the end of the world as we know it.

It’s the end of the world as we know it.

It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine….fine



So, I wasn’t “raptured” on Saturday, and if you are reading this, then I guess you weren’t either.  


I must admit that I did not believe nor even react to the announcement earlier this month that the World would end, aka “The Rapture” would take place, on May 21, 2011 at 6pm (how specific can you get!!).  On first hearing it, I scoffed at the notion. I was raised on excessive amounts of Sunday School teachings so I knew that no man knows the hour nor day when God would return.  It did however raise an interesting question:


QUESTION: If God were to really announce his return, would we believe it?


In this age of Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Bieber, Ke$ha , Glee, Ipads, Droid Technology and self indulgent idiots who post half naked pics of themselves in bathrooms on Facebook, would we even know that something this significant was happening?


Would we even care if God decided that he wanted to give us all a chance to repent and fix our lives so he gave us a fixed deadline in which to do it? Would we do it? Would we take up the challenge or would we continue to be caught up in the drivel that sometimes consumes us.


I didn’t know the answer.


All I knew is that I sneered at the idea of “The Rapture” and just went about my life as usual. The thought did cross my mind to ask for forgiveness for some personal stuff I would have done but in my mind these weren’t major sins (as if sin has degrees or categories), so I felt I was in a good place to be “called up to meet HIM”.


Then as the 6:00pm deadline fast approached, various thoughts started to plague me:


I thought about people that I no longer speak to and whether I should tell them that I hold no grudge or animosity towards them. Then I realised that I didn’t, but I didn’t want those idiots thinking that I missed them or still acknowledged their existence.  Forgive me Father for being haughty!


I thought about people who owed me money and were delinquent in paying me back or even acknowledging that they owed me money.- That just made me want to say a prayer for “lost causes” and forgive myself for being stupid enough to loan them the money in the first place.  I realised that over the years I did wish harm or some sort of karmic fury on them but since I know it didn’t happen, I will leave it all to God. Forgive them Father. I finally have.


I thought about my family and my relative distance from them emotionally and how I should seek to correct it. – Then I realised that I saw no effort on their part to correct it either so it must work for them as well.  Forgive me Father for not wanting to fix this.


I thought about the people who can’t seem to keep my name out of their mouths and thoughts and those who don’t have a kind word to say about me. Then I realised that they all just want piece of this “hunk of burning love” and they hate that they can’t and will never get any of it.  Forgive me for my inflated ego


I thought about the secrets that I kept for people and for myself and whether I should tell some people the whole truth about some situations. Then I realised that I would be creating drama and possibly upsetting the lives of some married couples, friends, enemies and family. Nah, these can stay buried. It is truly amazing the things people confess to you when they are in crisis and how easily they forget about it.  Forgive me for thinking about using the info to my advantage.


I thought about my love of food and my weight. Then I realised Jesus wasn’t the one who had issues with my size or love of food.  It was me and all the negative images and people that I allowed to harass my soul. Forgive me for listening to idiots and not you


I thought about the unfulfilled life: the lack of children, the absence of a partner, the need for a home of my own, the unrealised musical career, the underutilization of my talents….I could go on but there’s no use. Choices are made, decisions are taken and life goes on.  The paths that I have chosen may not have always been the easy ones and I know some were chosen for me because I failed to make a decision fast enough but I’m glad. I have no regrets. Thank you Lord


I then asked God for forgiveness for anyone I may have intentionally or unintentionally hurt and also just to have mercy on this often confused and sometimes, weary soul.


Then 6:00pm came and nothing happened.


6:05pm –         Nothing.

6:06pm –         Wrote on Facebook : sigh….. I’m still here! So I guess work on Monday….

6: 10pm –        Called my Mom. She was still here. I thought for sure she would go….

6:15pm –         Wondered if Pastor Cuffie was still here?

6:25pm –         Tried to get some sleep and see if it happens then

11:50pm –       Nope nothing….Steups!!


I realise now that I have been granted a stay of execution and so I have time to make things right with my life and with those around me.


I slept all day Sunday…….




What I learned I rejected but I believe again

I will suffer the consequence of this inquisition

If I jump in this fountain, will I be forgiven?


We all had our reasons to be there

We all had a thing or two to learn

We all needed something to cling to

So we did


We all had delusions in our head

We all had our minds made up for us

We had to believe in something

So we did


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On my way home last night, Keri Hilson’s song  “Pretty Girl Rock” came on the radio and while grooving to it, I found that for me it was a little hard to relate to.   So here is my attempt at doing version of  this song…..


CHUBBY BOY ROCK   (to be sung to the tune of Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson)

Uh uh uh aahh uh uh
I can do the chubby boy rock rock
Rock to the chubby boy rock rock rock
Now what’s your name?

My name is Stefan, I have to mention
My big belly is a little bit scary
Girls wanna marry, but I’m little fussy
And you can stare but if you touch, then I’m a be merry

Got a little asthma. Yes I’m a snorer
I get Mad cause my food is late from the waiter
I can talk about it cause I know that I’m chubby
If you know it too, then fellas sing it with me

All eyes on me when I walk in,
No question that this boy’s packing.
Don’t hate me ‘cause there’s more to love.
Don’t hate me ‘cause there’s more to love.
My walk my talk the way I dress
It is my fault and I don’t trip
Don’t hate me ‘cause there’s more to love
Don’t hate me ‘cause there’s more to love


That’s as far as I got.


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While reminiscing with my friend Clint on a myriad of topics he brought up a clip from Sesame Street that he remembered which in the 21st Century takes on a whole new meaning……..

Tell me What you think

Sometimes age does not bring wisdom, but loss of innocence…

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