Flirt (Part 2)

11 May

Cleaner: Steforrn excuse, can I aks you someting?

Me: Sure. What’s up?

Cleaner: Why yuh does torture meh so?

Me: (Laughs loudly) Wah?

Cleaner: Yuh see. Why you laughing at me? I serious. Yuh does torture meh.

Me: What do I do to torture you?

Cleaner: Yuh does stand up in de corridor and watch me pass and if I dont tell you Good morning you doh take yuh eyes off me

Me: Dat’s because you suppsoed to have manners and say hello  to people when you see them

Cleaner: (Holds head) Why you so? I trying to conduct myself proper in de people workplace and you making joke.

Me: No, whenever i pass people in the corridor i greet them. Is something wrong with that?

Cleaner: No but is how yuh does watch meh. Like yuh up to no good

Me: (laughs again) up to no good. I  am just being nice but you always playing “stush”

Cleaner: I can’t play “stush”. I am not of your calibra

Me: What? You not of my caliber?

Cleaner: Yes, daz why when I ask you if we could go for a drink sometime you tell me no. You shame to be seen with me.

Me: Go and ask anyone on this floor if i hang out with them outside of work. Go ask. They will tell all tell you NO.

Cleaner: Daz not de point. Yuh yuh doh think i good enuff for you and daz why u don’t want to have a drink with me

Me: Did you listen to anything I say just now? I don’t lime with people I work with?

Cleaner: Well then I go leave this wuk and let’s see wah yuh excuse go be.

Me: You leaving yuh wul for me? Hmm I real special den.

Cleaner: Stefooorrrrrn why yuh so? Yuh know what ah mean!  Look just tell me yuh doh like meh.

Me: Huh? Why I telling you dat?

Cleaner: Cuz is de truth. Yuh torturing meh. You know how many times  i try and stop talk to you?

Me: What I do?

Cleaner: Nah i hadda protect myself from people like you who go break my heart.

Me: Eh? Break heart? I thought we just friends. How a friend could break yuh heart?

Cleaner: Cuz u shame to go out with me.

Me: Sigh.. Why you can’t see is not about you.

Cleaner: Look, just tell me yuh doh like meh and i go leave you alone.

Me: Well since you already make up yuh mind, there is no need for me to say it.

Cleaner: (stamping foot) Stefforrn!!! Why u can’t answer me straight?

Me: I just did. ButI not going to put words in my mouth to make you feel better. You hadda work it out yuhself

Cleaner: Ok I hear yuh. So I go keep asking yuh to go have a drink with me and one day you go say “Yes”

Me: Girl you mad yes, you only hearing what in yuh head and not what i saying?

Cleaner: Ok! Then let me stop talk to you then. Dat go be better

Me: (grins) Ok! but I still want a “Good Morning” when ah pass yuh eh?

Cleaner: (grins) Ok! Ah gone dey…..


And that is why, when I am assualted, people will say “It good for yuh!!”

How was your day?


Posted by on May 11, 2011 in Emotions, Relationships


3 responses to “Flirt (Part 2)

  1. Maurice R

    May 12, 2011 at 10:24

    You had me rollin with this one! Looking out for more interactions.

  2. Nolon

    May 13, 2011 at 13:00

    I can see the headline now… “Man tied up and molested by cleaner… and man enjoys it!”


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