Flirt (Part 4)

I spent at least half an hour yesterday afternoon speaking with my “friend” from the office as she felt that over the past week I had been distant and wanted to know if someone had spoken to me about fraternising with “the people who clean the bank”.  I quickly informed her that no one could “speak” to me on the matter as I am an adult .  I did let her know that I had been really busy this past week and that it seemed that only if I acknowledged her, then would she acknowledge me. She informed me that she is somewhat embarrassed to “hail” me out in front of my co-workers to which I just laughed.

Anyway, the conversation was a tad bit long and went onto various topics like her love life,work, how she treats men etc…..It was a really a one-sided conversation as all i sought to do was provide advice on where she was going wrong in her approach to men and wanting to immediately let their presence consume her world and thereby losing whatever individualism she had before (no i did not use those words to her). Anyway, we parted ways and I started to pack my desk to head home.

About 15 minutes later, she passes with her supervisor and a few of her co-workers.
Supervisor: Ay Ay Look yuh future husband still here. (co workers start giggling and walk on)
Me: (Grin on my face . She starts to blush)
Supervisor: Here nah she say she real like yuh bad
Me: I know that already but she can’t handle me
Supervisor: Ah tell she so, she too soft in de head. she like a clothes pin for men
Cleaner: (screams into her hand and continues blushing)
Me: Nah her problem is she doesn’t know how to take care of herself. She thinks a man is the solution to her problems
Supervisor: I hear dat. man only good for one thing and is not paying Rent on time
Cleaner: Steffooorrrn u giving people the wrong impression of me
Supervisor: Hush girl yuh aint see big people talking here
Supervisor: yuh aint like she dat way? Yuh cyant geh she a lil chance?
Me: (looking at the cleaner) We cool just the way things are. Don’t you agree?
Cleaner: yeah i think so. plus he have a girlfriend
Supervisor: So wah…dat ever stop yuh before?
Cleaner: Eh Eh i not like de rest of them. Plus man doh treat me good so i done wid dem
Supervisor: So yuh going an rub up with woman now? Steups daz wah u want to say in front of Steforn?
Cleaner: (she starts to blush) no no no i just giving them a rest.
Me: (grinning) Anyway I gone
Cleaner: Ok….I changing meh hair next week just because u tell me u dont like this one.
Me: you changing yuh weave already? yuh just put this one in….u have money to waste yes
Cleaner: Well look how it coming out already
Me: you didn’t pay someone $200 to put that in? Yuh better ask for a refund (walking off)
Supervisor: Oh gyad oh….same ting i tell yuh…..daz a man for yuh……
Cleaner: Steffooorrrnnnnn yuh hurt meh feelings dere…..
Me: But yuh wasting money that you could be saving to buy a house or something.
Cleaner: ok Mr Man …u have a good afternoon ok
Me: Bye.

I leave them talking about her hair and all the other stuff.

Cut to this morning and there is a note on my desk. Not a post it note but note out of a notepad.  And it reads:

“Hi, this feels so childish but i guess it’s just my way of asking you for a great favour without the fear of the face to face rejection, so i know you are nor a people person, which by the way is so hard to believe as everyone just likes to be around you. i would like it very much if we could be just good friends maybe lime from time to time. I really like talking to you and this is not a date request just for us to be good friends. I like the way you understand me only thing is am not mad ok, maybe i think a little to much about what others would say if they saw you conversing with one of the cleaning staff and i wasn’t sure if you felt anyway about it also. i know you said you have a girlfriend and i will not cross the line of friendship, so give it some thought. Smile i lik to see your eyes light up.”


After reading this note, I now realise that this has gone too far and must be stopped.

2 thoughts on “Flirt (Part 4)

  1. Aww, yeah sometimes we don’t realized that things have gotten as far as they are at times. LOL, thanks for the blow by blow on the convo!

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