Flirt (The Conclusion?)

26 May

While driving into the building this morning I saw my “friend” walking through the first floor basement car park. She however took the elevator down to the second level where I normally park . She met me by the elevator as she said she had to ask me a question.(Another question?  Jeez this is getting annoying).


Cleaner: Steffoorrnnn Can I ask you something?

Me: Sigh…yes

Cleaner: How you always giving me man so?

Me: Eh?

Cleaner: You always telling me that you see me with other men.

Me: Eh? When  I say this?

Cleaner: Well I just wanted to tell you that YOU is the only man I want!!

Me: Oh Ho!! So your request yesterday to be just friends was a lie?

Cleaner: No I was being genuine

Me: I doubt that otherwise you wouldn’t come with this obvious line that you practise last night to tell me

Cleaner: Waaaaay boy you rel heartless. What kind of woman you take me for?

Me: One that obviously on games. My girlfriend was right about you all the time.

Cleaner: Right how?

Me:  That you were putting on an act just to try and impress me.  It’s nice to see the real you now

Cleaner: Look how you have me down nah. I innocent. Is allyuh men dat does hurt people.

Me: Hmmm yet somehow I feel like the one who get played.


Around this time, one of her co-workers starts walking towards us so that she can start mopping the floor near the elevator.


Cleaner: Why you can’t believe that i genuine.

Me: Because you here trying to feed me lyrics. Anyway I gone. BTW my answer to your request yesterday was going to be “No” anyway.


Her Co-worker looks at her while I wait on the elevator. She stands there with her mouth open staring at me.


Her Co-Worker: If dey say dog have tricks den I doh know what you have nah?

I spin around with this comment and start to laugh, but the cleaner’s face has changed into one that is ready to “beat down” someone. The elevator arrives and I board it with these words.


Me: Have a good day ladies!

Cleaner: Steffoorrrrrnnnnn….

Sigh, this is all my fault. I let this go one for too long as I thought it was harmless. Now I am definitely not having  fun nor am I amused. Serves me right.


Posted by on May 26, 2011 in Emotions, Relationships


2 responses to “Flirt (The Conclusion?)

  1. Maurice R

    May 26, 2011 at 10:19

    Stefan am really enjoying this saga. Please keep posting!


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