Observations over this Three-day Weekend(courtesy indian Arrival Day):


  • When people say “meet me for 8:00pm” on a Friday, they actually mean 9:45pm
  • “Shakers” seems to be dying a slow death on the Avenue
  • Some people can drink a bottle of wine in half an hour or less
  • Not all people from South can eat pepper (Go figure!)
  • Apparently a lot of people like Tyler Perry movies.
  • Crying in the midst of Shakers over some guy will not draw men to you.
  • People will say that you added no value to their life but continually have hour long conversations about you. (very funny)
  • Sara Bareilles is ah BOSS!!!
  • Lady Gaga’s New Album is fully explained by Track 7 : Scheiße
  • Playing “I’ve Never…….” at my age leads to a lot of unnecessary drinking.
  • Make Up Artists are sometimes the slowest people on a photo shoot
  • I’m still not convinced that males should be Make Up Artists (or maybe this one was just bad!)
  • I really love photography!
  • The gyros oppositeAdam Smith Squareare really good no matter what hour of the night you have them.
  • One cannot have an opinion on “shy” people without being attacked and being accused of psycho-analysing without a license.
  • I really need to learn how to cook something beyond stewed chicken and macaroni salad and steamed veggies
  • “Existential” is apparently a sexy word.
  • I’m getting really old
  • Going to bed at 3:00am to attend a 9:00am Rally, the same day, means you are going to be late.
  • Going to bed after 2:00am for a Call time of 8:00am means I need to say “No” to late night liming.
  • Shurwayne Winchester has the charisma of a paper bag (in MY opinion)
  • I no longer like large crowds of people
  • I need to stop walking everywhere with my Ipad. It’s starting to annoy people.
  • People still quit jobs despite not having an immediate replacement.
  • Not all rums are created equal.
  • I need to stay away from Bookstores…
  • I drank way too much this weekend.
  • Overproof Rum isn’t bad at all.
  • The New Adventures of Old Christine is priceless comedy.
  • I still love JANET JACKSON despite what ANYBODY says!!!
  • I’m over Farmville and Family Feud.
  • Marsha Ambrosius video called “Far Away” is ummm ….different.
  • Insomnia can be cured by warm bath and by reading a self help book.
  • Rehearsals where the producers provide meals is still a new concept to me, but me likey a lot!!!
  • Marketing departments that can only find a Sister Sledge song to convey a message to employees need to be fired or at least be brought into the new millennium.
  • Fruit Ninja kicks ASS!!!
  • My housekeeper rocks!
  • Game of Thrones Episode 7: WTH!!! I didn’t see that coming at all
  • How can one person use up so much clothes in a week?
  • If three strangers describing their “one night stand” all come up with the same name……errr yuh is a Ho! (which is not necessarily a bad thing.)
  • Expressing your disgust for people who urinate in showers is apparently not a crowd pleasing topic. Seems like a lot of people do it. Just NASTY!!!
  • I still have murder in my thoughts for two of my landlady’s dogs. I just can’t seem to work out how to get rid of trace evidence.

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