19 Jun

I finally arrived home tired from a long week of business travelling (a blog or two to follow later on this). I open up my Facebook inbox and see this email….I swear I almost blacked out!

  • Marionettes album
    Dear Stefan.
    I just viewed your wonderful collection of Marionettes photos and I noticed that there were several images that I did but they were cropped tighter.I do not have a problem with that but the arrangement I have with Marionettes over the years is that any image used in any form must accompanied with the appropriate photo credit. This was an oversight on your part, so be so kind to correct.
    Russell Butch Limchoy


Well I was immediately confused. Not only were those pictures taken like in 2007/8 and have therefore been up on Facebook for YEARS but now he comes and claims that I crop his pics? WDMC (That means Why De Malicious Content?)

This is my response to him. Please be advised that it was edited only three times before sent out. The first draft contained too many expletives to even make sense to anyone but a Trini..

  • Who de hell are yu?
    I didnt use any of your images!!!! I took those images with my own camera and posted it on MY page. Marionettes asked me to link it to theirs. If you a have a problem with them them delete them from the marionettes page. I didnt crop any of your photos. I have the orginals on a hard drive so please bother someone else.

I await his response.


In the meantime, please take a look at the photos that he is bitching about. In hindsight they were very amateurish so I don’t see what he wants to get credit for….


And how was your night?
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Posted by on June 19, 2011 in Emotions, Entertainment, Photography


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